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Save Document Climate change: How rivers will behaveIRIN14 Nov 2011
Save Document Climate Change: In the Arab world, building fridges to live in an ovenIRIN5 Dec 2012
Save Document Climate change: In the twilight zone - A personal account of DohaIRIN12 Dec 2012
Save Document Climate change: New urgency to rethink dam projectsIRIN26 Sep 2012
Save Document Climate change: South Africa has much to loseAP24 Nov 2011
Save Document Climate change: Staple food crops do not want global warmingIRIN5 Dec 2010
Save Document Climate change: UN agencies working in unison would do betterIRIN9 Dec 2010
Save Document Climate compatible development: Voices for changeCDKN13 May 2014
Save Document Climate Conversations - Helping women gain a voice on climate changeTRF3 Aug 2012
Save Document Climate Conversations - Rwanda fund to test international appetite for financing climate adaptationIIED12 Mar 2013
Save Document Climate conversations: Developing water-efficient maize for AfricaTRF23 Jan 2012
Save Document Climate deal leaves questions on green fund and tech transferSciDevNet12 Dec 2011
Save Document Climate Innovation Center launched to jumpstart clean-tech and climate-smart agriculture ventures in EthiopiaWB27 Mar 2014
Save Document Climate migrants risk more harm in new surroundingsUNISDR21 Aug 2012
Save Document Climate resilience at Africa's grassrootsASNS8 Feb 2009
Save Document Climate services action kicks off in AfricaWMO13 Feb 2014
Save Document Climate threat to Africa’s resilienceUNISDR AF16 May 2014
Save Document Climate-hit Zimbabwe farmers opt for traditional crop varietiesTRF13 Sep 2013
Save Document Climate-smart Kenyan crop hits a setback – hungry birdsTRF7 Aug 2013
Save Document Cloture à dakar de la sixième consultation régionale sur la gestion des catastrophes en Afrique de l'ouestOCHA ROWCA14 Sep 2012
Save Document CODO ReportCODO20 Sep 2008
Save Document Coffee farmers in Kenya to use text based crop warning systemIICD2 May 2012
Save Document Comment La Réunion fait face aux cyclonesLe Monde3 Jan 2013
Save Document Commercial farms, climate shifts dry Tanzanian river basinTRF7 Jun 2013
Save Document Communiqué: Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in NigeriaNEMA, Nigeria - gov21 Jul 2011
Save Document Community dams aim to build water security in arid KenyaTRF3 Jun 2013
Save Document Community managed disaster risk reduction programme evaluationCORDAID18 Feb 2010
Save Document Community radio brings forecasts to Kenya's most climate vulnerableTRF9 Apr 2015
Save Document Community radio helps Cameroonians track climate changeTRF3 Feb 2013
Save Document Community resilience tops Davos agendaUNISDR EUR29 Aug 2012
Save Document Community-based adaptation in Morocco: Successful community engagement for increased resilience and better livelihoodsGEF2 May 2012
Save Document Community-based adaptation to climate change in Africa project launchedZimbabwean17 Aug 2010
Save Document Concern: 'Will help arrive in time for the Sahel?'Concern Worldwide27 Feb 2012
Save Document Congo conflict masks deadly volcano threatTRF5 Jun 2013
Save Document Congo, RD: Education sur les risques volcaniques dans les VirungaUNOPS10 Aug 2012
Save Document COP 17 talks 'will help the poor and vulnerable'IOL5 Dec 2011
Save Document COP 17: Call for greater input by business and civil societyBusiness Day, BDFM Publishers (Pty) Ltd.5 Dec 2011
Save Document COP 17: Green Climate Fund 'not enough'Business Day, BDFM Publishers (Pty) Ltd.6 Dec 2011
Save Document COP 17: Threat to Africa tops South Africa's agendaEast Coast Radio, Kagiso Media22 Nov 2011
Save Document COP 19: Pastoralism to suffer most over rise in global heatASNS13 Nov 2013
Save Document COP-17: Cities are leading the way in climate actionsBusiness Day, BDFM Publishers (Pty) Ltd.8 Dec 2011
Save Document COP16 from a disaster risk reduction (DRR) perspective: AfricaUNISDR; UNISDR AF6 Dec 2010
Save Document COP17 panel discussion highlights Cape Town being first city in S Africa granted role model status by UNISDRCity of Cape Town, South Africa - gov1 Dec 2011
Save Document COP17/CMP7 President: Adaptation Framework is being constructedUNFCCC30 Nov 2011
Save Document COP17: For Nigeria climate change adaptation not mitigation is prioritySEM30 Nov 2011
Save Document COP19: The importance of adaptation finance for those most affected by climate changeRTCC14 Nov 2013
Save Document COP20: 'Climate change and sustainable development are part of the same challenge'- SeychellesSeychelles - gov10 Dec 2014
Save Document Coping with drought in East Africa: Project launched to prevent recurring crisesOrder of Malta25 Jul 2012
Save Document Coral reef restoration can save lives, livelihoodsIRIN24 Jun 2014
Save Document Côte d'Ivoire: Des experts recommandent une synergie d'actions pour réduire les risques de catastrophes naturellesAfriquinfos31 May 2012

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