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Save Document COP 19: Pastoralism to suffer most over rise in global heatASNS13 Nov 2013
Save Document Cop15: Donors want World Bank to manage Bangladesh climate fundUNFCCC13 Dec 2009
Save Document COP18 in Doha: Loss and damageDaily Star, the22 Nov 2012
Save Document Copenhagen: What could be the Bangladesh strategy?Daily Star, the9 Dec 2009
Save Document Countries top 'natural' disaster ranking – France, Italy, USA at 'high risk'Maplecroft26 May 2010
Save Document Crab risk reduction in Bangladesh!UNISDR AP27 Nov 2014
Save Document Davos Conference: Finding way out or legalising carbon emission? - OpinionDaily Star, the29 Aug 2012
Save Document Dhaka needs climate-smart policies and investments to scale up its resilience to floods in a changing climateWB23 Nov 2015
Save Document Dhaka schools prepared for earthquake and fireUNDP Bangladesh14 Oct 2012
Save Document Disaster dice loaded against poorest countriesTRF6 Dec 2013
Save Document Disaster insurance - A strong partner in disaster managementFE31 Mar 2012
Save Document Disaster reduction - Meet Kazol, ready for next disasterCBM2 Oct 2013
Save Document Disaster risk in South AsiaSearchlight South Asia, Intellecap, Rockefeller Foundation21 Nov 2011
Save Document Disaster risk reduction for sustaining educationNew Age17 Dec 2011
Save Document Disaster-hit Bangladesh plans climate change fundTRF9 Jul 2008
Save Document Disasters: Slow-onset disasters take tollIRIN7 Dec 2012
Save Document Do more, invest more in mitigating impact of natural disasters, Ban tells worldUNNC9 Oct 2008
Save Document Does Japan need assistance? - OpinionTRF26 Mar 2011
Save Document Early warning systems offer best hope for disaster preventionFinancial6 May 2011
Save Document Earthquake hits as CADRE opens in BangladeshADPC19 Sep 2011
Save Document Earthquake: A warningDaily Star, the23 Sep 2011
Save Document Earthquake: A warning to the poor governanceFE8 Oct 2011
Save Document Education: A launch pad for disaster resilienceUNISDR13 Aug 2012
Save Document El cambio climático amenaza el HimalayaABC Periódico Electrónico15 Nov 2011
Save Document ESCAP expresses solidarity with flood victims in Thailand and South-East AsiaESCAP18 Oct 2011
Save Document ESCAP Trust Fund for Tsunami, Disaster and Climate Preparedness - Call for proposalsESCAP16 Dec 2013
Save Document ESCAP trust fund for tsunami, disaster and climate preparedness, 7th call for proposalsESCAP14 Dec 2011
Save Document ESCAP Trust Fund for Tsunami, Disaster and Climate Preparedness: Call for proposalsESCAP31 Jan 2014
Save Document ESCAP Trust Fund for Tsunami, Disaster and Climate Preparedness: Call for proposalsESCAP28 Jul 2015
Save Document Extended deadline: ESCAP Trust Fund for Tsunami, Disaster and Climate Preparedness - Call for proposalsESCAP16 May 2014
Save Document FH Bangladesh international day for disaster reductionFH13 Oct 2011
Save Document Film: Climate change and migration in Bangladesh – Living on the goCDKN18 Jun 2014
Save Document Finland supports ICIMOD to establish a regional flood information system in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan regionICIMOD22 Dec 2009
Save Document Flood warning system still inadequateNew Age13 Jul 2012
Save Document Floods becoming more dangerous, more costly, says World BankUNISDR27 Apr 2012
Save Document Floods, heat, migration: How extreme weather will transform citiesCNN23 Dec 2011
Save Document Focus on migration: Disaster plans should minimise relocationsTRF9 Jul 2013
Save Document Focusing on women in post disaster initiativesNew Age29 Jul 2011
Save Document Food: Price shock hotspotsIRIN6 Aug 2012
Save Document Friendship signs MOU with Cyclone Preparedness Programme of the Ministry of Disaster Management & ReliefCMDRR Forum1 May 2014
Save Document From mobile solar to low-risk homes, climate action is underway - UNTRF6 Nov 2013
Save Document German Red Cross: Disaster risk reduction in seven particularly vulnerable communities on the coast of Hatiya island, Noakhali district, BangladeshGRC10 May 2012
Save Document GFDRR: 'Invest in preparedness and prevention'ABC3 Mar 2010
Save Document Global Climate Risk Index 2010: reflecting most severely affected countries over almost two decadesGermanwatch8 Dec 2009
Save Document Global Resilience Challenge unveils winning solutions to toughest development challengesRockefeller Fndn; USAID, United States of America - gov27 Sep 2015
Save Document Governments must get serious about ‘Loss and Damage’ caused by climate change inactionWWF29 Nov 2012
Save Document GROWing REECALL for resilient communityOxfam GB13 Jul 2012
Save Document Hackathons challenge Asia’s tech-savvy innovators to strengthen disaster resilienceGFDRR; WB3 Feb 2014
Save Document Haiyan tale scoops film awardUNISDR AP26 Jun 2014
Save Document Helping small farmers adapt to climate change could pay for itself - ReportTRF13 Nov 2013

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