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Save Document Bangladesh: PM for upgrading early warning systemDaily Star, the3 Mar 2014
Save Document Bangladesh: Post-2015 agenda - Disaster risk managementFE5 Mar 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: President for concerted efforts to cut disaster riskBSS12 Oct 2014
Save Document Bangladesh: President plans urbanization to curb impact of disastersBSS12 Oct 2010
Save Document Bangladesh: President, PM for awareness to reduce disaster risksBSS12 Oct 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: Project for disaster reduction continues in GaibandhaFE29 Oct 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Projects focused on specific disasters under plan - MinisterUNB9 Dec 2014
Save Document Bangladesh: Proper policy and intervention for displaced peopleFE7 Sep 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Reconstructing now for better prevention in the futureTerre des Hommes7 Aug 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: Redefining development to alter and address disaster risksNew Age11 Sep 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Reducing risks of disastersPakistan Observer; Hurmat Group30 Mar 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: Relying on communities to make cities resilientNew Age24 Feb 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: Resilience academies to connect climate change research, policy and practiceIIED10 Sep 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: Risk of natural disaster confounds urbanitesFE27 Feb 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: Staving off disasters together - Op-edDT28 Jul 2014
Save Document Bangladesh: Sustainable land management to prevent 'natural hazards'New Nation19 Jul 2010
Save Document Bangladesh: The ill wind that blew Bainpara towards a more climate resilient futureGuardian, the23 Jan 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: Three years after cyclone AilaStar, the7 May 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: Thrust on community mobilisation for social welfareFE3 Aug 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Thrust on research to minimise losses of coastal disasterFE28 Dec 2010
Save Document Bangladesh: Towards a disaster resilient futureFE13 Oct 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: Training on disaster preparedness continues in GaibandhaNew Nation4 Jul 2010
Save Document Bangladesh: USD 33.8m World Bank grant for afforestationFE28 Feb 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: Voices from the field: Meet Rashedul, empowered and prepared in the event of a disasterCBM Intl10 Sep 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: Water and disasters in climate-changing conditions (part one)FE7 Mar 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: WB supported project helping Sidr affected peopleNews Today28 Mar 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: WDB reformation needed for climate change adaptation programme needsFE13 Feb 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: Why a disaster management act is vital' - Op-edIndependent Publications Ltd17 Aug 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Zonal mapping for landslide vulnerabilityDaily Star, the30 Jun 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: ‘Effective precautionary message can minimise disaster loss’News Today22 Jun 2011
Save Document Bangladeshi woman builds new life on higher groundWFP4 Mar 2009
Save Document BASIC countries call for commitment on climate changeChina Daily21 Nov 2012
Save Document BASIC says financing, adaptation pressing priorities for COP 17CRI online29 Nov 2011
Save Document Better infrastructure for 7.5 million urban residents in VietnamWB19 Dec 2014
Save Document Better preparedness to confront natural disasters in BangladeshTRF13 Oct 2011
Save Document Better science and communication needed to help vulnerable adapt to climate changeIIED1 Apr 2011
Save Document Better urban planning needed to dodge disastersIRIN9 Apr 2013
Save Document Better warning system could have saved lives in Philippines - expertsTRF12 Oct 2009
Save Document Beyond sandbagging and embankment repairing: Rethinking flood disaster management in OdishaOrissa Diary1 Jul 2013
Save Document Beyond the disaster: A call for Japanese leadership in international disaster response and reduction lawBrookings Inst, the22 Mar 2011
Save Document Bhutan calls for childrens' regional platform to 'safeguard against risk of disasters'Kuensel8 Nov 2010
Save Document Bhutan official praises Japanese aid in handling glacial outburst floodsJapan Times Ltd., the2 Aug 2013
Save Document Bhutan: Decentralising disaster managementKuensel19 May 2010
Save Document Bhutan: Early warning systems to be strengthenedKuensel6 Dec 2012
Save Document Bhutan: Getting the country readyKuensel15 Oct 2010
Save Document Bhutan: In harmony with the four elements - Managing calamities with an emphasis on the preservation of cultural heritageKuensel13 Dec 2010
Save Document Bhutan: Mock earthquake exercise in schoolsKuensel4 Sep 2008
Save Document Bhutan: Preparing for the worst earthquake before it hits eastern Himalayan regionBusiness Bhutan13 Oct 2012
Save Document Bhutan: Schools learn lessons from disasterKuensel3 Jun 2009
Save Document Bhutan: Ten years later landslide hotspots stabiliseKuensel16 Nov 2012

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