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Save Document Bangladesh and climate change: Time to change the narrative?RTCC7 Jul 2014
Save Document Bangladesh and India among worst affected by climate changeOxfam GB29 Apr 2009
Save Document Bangladesh and the Netherlands to share flood researchSciDevNet28 Jul 2011
Save Document Bangladesh constructs hundreds of new disaster resilient structures in cyclone prone districtsShanghai Daily25 Mar 2015
Save Document Bangladesh floods test disaster management improvementsIRIN2 Sep 2014
Save Document Bangladesh highlights shortage of cyclone shelters as UNISDR chief visitsUNISDR AP29 Mar 2012
Save Document Bangladesh hosts international conference on climate-change adaptationIIED16 Feb 2009
Save Document Bangladesh launched e-library on DRR and CCAMoDMR, Bangladesh - gov22 Oct 2014
Save Document Bangladesh offers lessons on climate change and disaster risks – BanUNNC14 Nov 2011
Save Document Bangladesh polders under threatIRIN27 Jun 2013
Save Document Bangladesh pushes adaptation strategy as climate fears growRTCC23 Apr 2013
Save Document Bangladesh schools battle water-loggingIRIN29 Oct 2013
Save Document Bangladesh takes global lead to deal with disaster risk reductionBSS10 Dec 2009
Save Document Bangladesh teaches disaster preparedness to reduce riskIRIN17 Jan 2014
Save Document Bangladesh to include DRR in education programmeNew Nation22 Jul 2010
Save Document Bangladesh to plant 100 mln trees to fight floods, cyclonesAFP24 May 2008
Save Document Bangladesh to slash its own climate adaptation fundTRF18 Jun 2014
Save Document Bangladesh to trial weather index-based crop insuranceTRF21 Aug 2012
Save Document Bangladesh tragedy underlines how deficient building codes can fuel disastersUNISDR25 Apr 2013
Save Document Bangladesh wins the Earth Care Award 2012GEF31 Aug 2012
Save Document Bangladesh's severe weather hotline faces test as tropical storm approachesTRF13 May 2013
Save Document Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar, India, Viet Nam at highest economic risk from natural hazards – Global studyMaplecroft15 Aug 2012
Save Document Bangladesh-China joint statement related to climate change and DRRDaily Star, the12 Jun 2014
Save Document Bangladesh: $140m World Bank loan for disaster prevention projectFE10 Jun 2014
Save Document Bangladesh: 'Development and disasters - Monkey and oily bamboo'FE24 May 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: 'Dhaka ill-prepared for quakes' - IRINIRIN22 Feb 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: 'Disaster preparedness at UP level in sorry state' - OpinionFE13 Mar 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: 'Everyday issues more a priority than natural disasters' - expertDaily Star, the27 Sep 2010
Save Document Bangladesh: 'Think before you eat and help save our environment!'CORDAID; CMDRR Forum5 Jun 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: A call for more investment in risk reductionDaily Star, the11 Jun 2010
Save Document Bangladesh: Addressing 'natural' disasterFE23 Aug 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Addressing school safetyDaily Star, the5 Jul 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Big earthquake risk, little preparedness, warn expertsDaily Star, the14 Sep 2010
Save Document Bangladesh: Bigger role for women in disaster preparednessIRIN20 Jul 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Build capacity to utilise climate fundsDaily Star, the23 Dec 2010
Save Document Bangladesh: Call for new disaster management instituteNew Nation3 Nov 2008
Save Document Bangladesh: Children most vulnerable group to disaster riskNew Nation9 Apr 2009
Save Document Bangladesh: Climate change - 'Time to take positive measures'FE8 Aug 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: Climate change and need for disaster risk reductionNew Age5 Feb 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Climate risk formidable challengeNews Today2 Oct 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Climate Vulnerable Forum declaration adoptedDARA14 Nov 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Collective efforts to reduce disaster risk stressedFE5 Oct 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Community involvement key to disaster preparednessIRIN18 Nov 2010
Save Document Bangladesh: Community mobilisation for holistic developmentFE25 Oct 2011
Save Document Bangladesh: Community radio role in disaster preparednessIRIN4 Jan 2013
Save Document Bangladesh: Community volunteers for urban risk reductionNew Age25 Jun 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: Community-driven attempts to build climate change resiliencyWB17 Jul 2014
Save Document Bangladesh: Concerted effort to improve disaster management system underscoredNew Nation26 Aug 2008
Save Document Bangladesh: Coping with river bank erosion: What should we focus on?Daily Star, the25 Sep 2014
Save Document Bangladesh: Cross regional learning on indigenous knowledge for DRRANI3 Mar 2010

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