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Save Document Philippines calls for climate 'loss and damage' mechanism as UN talks startTRF11 Nov 2013
Save Document Philippines delegation to third WCDRR welcomes Japan $4B fund for DRRPIA, Philippines - gov19 Mar 2015
Save Document Philippines Department of the Interior and Local Government launches disaster preparedness program for Local Government UnitsPIA, Philippines - gov13 Apr 2015
Save Document Philippines development plan must be climate change sensitivePIA, Philippines - gov9 Mar 2011
Save Document Philippines disaster authorities now using blackberries, laptops vs. quakes, tsunamis, stormsAllvoices20 Mar 2011
Save Document Philippines early warning system saves lives as thousands flee Typhoon BophaUNISDR AP5 Dec 2012
Save Document Philippines evaluates calamity preparednessPhilstar.com22 Mar 2011
Save Document Philippines floods: Sustainability serves as the centerpiece of Save the Children’s relief strategyTRF21 Aug 2013
Save Document Philippines Government, UNISDR to launch 2011 Global Assessment ReportUNISDR21 Jul 2011
Save Document Philippines launches $8.2 billion typhoon recovery planTRF19 Dec 2013
Save Document Philippines launches safe schools campaign post-HaiyanUNISDR AP21 Nov 2013
Save Document Philippines leads in UN disaster-safe schools initiativeUNISDR4 Mar 2014
Save Document Philippines legislator wants perks for supporting disaster readinessBusiness World26 Mar 2015
Save Document Philippines local governments receive grant from Spain for DRR projectInquirer.net22 Dec 2010
Save Document Philippines make New Year resolutions on climate changeMediaGlobal25 Jan 2011
Save Document Philippines must push for new global agreement on disaster risk reductionRappler12 Mar 2015
Save Document Philippines NDRRMC chief: A paradigm shift needed in dealing with disastersGMA9 Nov 2014
Save Document Philippines parliamentarians call for mainstreaming DRR, climate change adaptation in national budget legislationUNISDR AP18 Jul 2011
Save Document Philippines picked as ‘data node’ in Asia IT disaster management projectNewsbytes Philippines26 Feb 2011
Save Document Philippines plea: 'Stop this climate madness'UNISDR AP11 Nov 2013
Save Document Philippines poor bear brunt of disastersUNISDR AP14 Nov 2013
Save Document Philippines produces 3D flood hazard mapTRF25 Sep 2013
Save Document Philippines rockets up list of countries most vulnerable to disasterGuardian, the14 Nov 2013
Save Document Philippines storm disaster underscores need for bold climate action - NegotiatorsTRF11 Nov 2013
Save Document Philippines strengthen disaster preparedness through SMS technologyPIA, Philippines - gov15 Sep 2010
Save Document Philippines takes active part in meeting on disaster risk reductionManila Bulletin, the16 May 2011
Save Document Philippines takes disaster prevention measures for 44 high-risk provincesGMA7 Jul 2010
Save Document Philippines targets developing medium-term climate change action planPhilippines - gov11 Feb 2010
Save Document Philippines thanks UN for satellite imagery used to track storms, floodsInquirer.net29 Oct 2009
Save Document Philippines to host Asia-Europe Meeting on disaster risk reduction and managementPhilippines - gov21 May 2014
Save Document Philippines to lead global forum of vulnerable countriesIIED9 Dec 2014
Save Document Philippines to push for access to climate funds in Cancun talksGMA1 Dec 2010
Save Document Philippines to share 'Juan' disaster actions in Korea meetingInquirer.net26 Oct 2010
Save Document Philippines typhoon: Simulated storm surge maps pinpointed risk zonesWSJ7 Dec 2014
Save Document Philippines unveils dedicated disaster risk budget for 2014UNISDR AP30 Dec 2013
Save Document Philippines' Senator Loren Legarda appointed First 'champion' for disaster risk reductionUNISDR2 Dec 2008
Save Document Philippines, Japan sign agreements on six official development assistance projectsDFA, Philippines - gov25 Mar 2015
Save Document Philippines, Thailand agree to strengthen economic tiesBusiness World19 Jan 2012
Save Document Philippines: Haiyan Mayors meet on resilienceUNISDR AP10 Mar 2014
Save Document Philippines: Council endorses Mindanao projectBusiness World22 May 2012
Save Document Philippines: Public-private groups unite for Capiz disaster preparednessPIA, Philippines - gov17 Jul 2012
Save Document Philippines: #ZeroCasualty: Don't forget PWDs, elderlyRappler30 Oct 2014
Save Document Philippines: '8 of 9 Muntinlupa villages may sink into the ground' - officialPhilstar.com24 Mar 2011
Save Document Philippines: 'Climate change a threat to Filipino poor' - LegardaSenate of the Philippines, Philippines - gov1 Mar 2010
Save Document Philippines: 'Climate change proofing has to commence right now'PIA, Philippines - gov17 Sep 2010
Save Document Philippines: 'Containing radioactive rumours' - IRINIRIN15 Mar 2011
Save Document Philippines: 'Disaster and climate risk reduction is our most daunting task today!' Senator LegardaOffice of Sen Loren Legarda, Philippines - gov25 Nov 2010
Save Document Philippines: 'Disaster preparedness a continuing activity'PIA, Philippines - gov10 Jun 2010
Save Document Philippines: 'Duck, cover, hold' - Muntinlupa students toldPIA, Philippines - gov18 Feb 2011
Save Document Philippines: 'Factor climate change adaptation in housing programmes' - Vice-PresidentMindaNews22 May 2011

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