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Save Document Climate change poses major security threat to Pakistan, says militaryDawn Media Group15 Jan 2015
Save Document Climate change studies analyse risks and resilience in urban VietnamPhysOrg25 Oct 2013
Save Document Climate change threatens Bangladesh's MDG achievements - ExpertsTRF22 Jul 2013
Save Document Climate change threatens India's economy, food security - IPCCTRF31 Mar 2014
Save Document Climate change threatens to reverse Viet Nam success by dragging millions back into povertyOxfam GB20 Nov 2008
Save Document Climate change will reshape world ‘in our lifetimes’ – World Bank presidentTRF19 Jun 2013
Save Document Climate change: Community-based adaptation in actionIRIN26 Apr 2011
Save Document Climate Change: Coordinated bids to promote children's adaptation stressedDaily Star, the10 Feb 2009
Save Document Climate change: How rivers will behaveIRIN14 Nov 2011
Save Document Climate Change: In the Arab world, building fridges to live in an ovenIRIN5 Dec 2012
Save Document Climate change: In the twilight zone - A personal account of DohaIRIN12 Dec 2012
Save Document Climate change: Natural disasters made history in 2011IRIN27 Nov 2012
Save Document Climate change: Not all Himalayan glaciers are meltingIRIN27 Jan 2011
Save Document Climate change: Pakistan must invest in adaptation - OpinionNPG15 Oct 2014
Save Document Climate change: Role of Asia and the pacific key to global futureADB28 Nov 2011
Save Document Climate change: When the damage is doneIRIN23 Nov 2012
Save Document Climate change? Most Nepalis are unaware of it!Republica9 Nov 2012
Save Document Climate compatible development: Voices for changeCDKN13 May 2014
Save Document Climate Conversations - Helping women gain a voice on climate changeTRF3 Aug 2012
Save Document Climate conversations - How to make climate change projects bigger and better?TRF20 Apr 2011
Save Document Climate Conversations - Where is ASEAN in the climate change negotiations?TRF8 Jul 2011
Save Document Climate live: 2012 Petersberg climate dialogue opens in BerlinRTCC16 Jul 2012
Save Document Climate migration complex, but planning can help - ExpertsTRF16 Jan 2014
Save Document Climate policy key to fighting global warming: expertsCNA27 Sep 2012
Save Document Climate shifts boost private forecasting in IndiaTRF29 May 2013
Save Document Climate shifts cut short girls' education in northeast IndiaTRF23 Jul 2013
Save Document Climate-induced migration creates perils, possibilitiesIRIN20 Jan 2014
Save Document Climate-proofing tomorrow’s cities, todayWWF28 Sep 2011
Save Document Climate-resilient traditional rice poised for comeback in Sri LankaTRF11 Oct 2013
Save Document Climate-smart farmers get tech savvy to save India's bread basketTRF16 Sep 2014
Save Document Combating food insecurity and displacement in drought-hit parts of AfghanistanIRIN22 Apr 2014
Save Document Commissioner Georgieva discusses ways to step up support for the most vulnerable in Burma/MyanmarEC10 Sep 2011
Save Document Commissioner Georgieva: 'Disaster preparedness works – here is how'EC13 Oct 2011
Save Document Communities come first: charting a new direction for disaster risk reductionIFRC26 Oct 2012
Save Document Communities find solutions to tackling climate change in flood hit areas in BangladeshWB15 Dec 2014
Save Document Community empowerment key to disaster preparedness – OfficialMindaNews22 Oct 2014
Save Document Community managed disaster risk reduction programme evaluationCORDAID18 Feb 2010
Save Document Community participation sustains town's resiliencySanfran, Philippines - gov28 Apr 2013
Save Document Community radio cutting disaster risk in coastal BangladeshTRF22 May 2012
Save Document Community radios in coastal Bangladesh in addressing Cyclone MahasenBNNRC22 May 2013
Save Document Community resilience tops Davos agendaUNISDR EUR29 Aug 2012
Save Document Community resilience tops UN's disaster relief agendaIPS; TRF26 Jun 2014
Save Document Community-based adaptation to climate changeIRIN2 Mar 2009
Save Document Community-based adaptation to climate change makes economic senseCI; TRF29 Apr 2014
Save Document Conference on gender and disaster risk reduction in Beijing, China from 20-22 April 2009UNISDR17 Apr 2009
Save Document Coopération de la Suisse et de la Chine en matière de prévention des dangersSwitzerland - gov10 Nov 2008
Save Document Cooperatives take off in Japan's tsunami beltUNISDR AP7 Mar 2012
Save Document COP 18: Finance for climate action key to UN talksNature Conservancy4 Dec 2012
Save Document COP 19: Pastoralism to suffer most over rise in global heatASNS13 Nov 2013
Save Document Cop15: Donors want World Bank to manage Bangladesh climate fundUNFCCC13 Dec 2009

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