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Save Document Disability survey: 'Take my wisdom, not my dignity'UNISDR3 Sep 2013
Save Document Disability survey: Youngster calls for inclusive futureUNISDR Hyogo12 Nov 2013
Save Document Disaster assessment must for future projectsDaily News26 Jun 2009
Save Document Disaster by the numbersHarvard University5 Apr 2012
Save Document Disaster conference opens in BeijingIRIN31 May 2011
Save Document Disaster dice loaded against poorest countriesTRF6 Dec 2013
Save Document Disaster lessonsWashington Post6 Aug 2008
Save Document Disaster management course for imamsNew Delhi Television, NDTV Convergence Ltd.9 Sep 2007
Save Document Disaster management in IndiaEconomic Times, the12 Jul 2008
Save Document Disaster Mitigation Award 2009: Mr Amod Mani Dixit honoredNSET4 Nov 2009
Save Document Disaster preparedness saves lives - World BankVoxy27 Sep 2011
Save Document Disaster Preparedness: Learning from the story of Joseph in the Age of Ancient EgyptYTBI11 Jan 2011
Save Document Disaster reduction - Meet Kazol, ready for next disasterCBM Intl2 Oct 2013
Save Document Disaster risk education starts with the young in the PhilippinesIFRC24 Sep 2013
Save Document Disaster risk following economic development pathways in Thailand says UNISDR chiefUNISDR23 Jan 2012
Save Document Disaster risk in South AsiaSearchlight South Asia, Intellecap, Rockefeller Foundation21 Nov 2011
Save Document Disaster risk management takes root in IndonesiaJakarta Post, the12 Nov 2012
Save Document Disaster risk reduction for sustaining educationNew Age17 Dec 2011
Save Document Disaster risk reduction in Padang — not just earthquakesMercy Corps6 Oct 2009
Save Document Disaster risk reduction in the Arab worldIRIN20 Mar 2013
Save Document Disaster risk reduction in Union of Tyre municipalities - الحد من مخاطر الكوارث في إتحاد بلديات صورSawt Al Farah7 Sep 2012
Save Document Disaster risk reduction plan helps Pakistan familiesPlan Intl4 Aug 2010
Save Document Disaster risk reduction workshop in Palestine: new training announcedNNU29 Mar 2013
Save Document Disaster risk reduction, mitigation and response: Prime need of NepalPeople's Review Weekly8 Sep 2011
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: Are we doing enough?RedR UK23 Jul 2012
Save Document Disaster-hit Bangladesh plans climate change fundTRF9 Jul 2008
Save Document Disaster-preparedness drive in West SumatraIRIN31 Dec 2007
Save Document Disaster-prone villages in south Pakistan trained in early warningTRF2 Dec 2013
Save Document Disaster-Proof Japan endures 6.9 quakeTime30 Nov 2010
Save Document Disasters - predicting the fallout from disastersFT25 Apr 2011
Save Document Disasters and the poorInquirer.net13 Dec 2012
Save Document Disasters caused by human failures not nature, says OxfamOxfam Intl10 Apr 2008
Save Document Disasters costing $100 billion begin to lift insurance ratesBloomberg.com9 Jun 2011
Save Document Disasters displaced over 32 mln people in 2012, rising trend forecastTRF13 May 2013
Save Document Disasters fuel forced marriagesUNISDR11 Oct 2012
Save Document Disasters strike; Purdue experts have been busyJournal & Courier Media Group20 Apr 2011
Save Document Disasters: Be prepared regionallyTTR Weekly, Ross Publishing23 Apr 2012
Save Document Disasters: Learning from Japan's tsunamiIRIN9 Mar 2012
Save Document Disasters: Slow-onset disasters take tollIRIN7 Dec 2012
Save Document Divisions over radiation risk have been exposed after FukushimaFT11 Nov 2011
Save Document Do more, invest more in mitigating impact of natural disasters, Ban tells worldUNNC9 Oct 2008
Save Document Do natural disasters boost economic growth?CNN14 Jul 2011
Save Document Does Japan need assistance? - OpinionTRF26 Mar 2011
Save Document Doha climate gateway: The reactionGuardian, the10 Dec 2012
Save Document Don’t fail to prepare: UN-SPIDER celebrates the International Day for Disaster ReductionUNOOSA8 Oct 2012
Save Document Drawing in US, China and finance critical to climate deal - S. AfricaTRF13 May 2013
Save Document Drought drives rural Indian women into city sex tradeTRF3 Jul 2012
Save Document Drought may threaten much of globe within decades - NSFNSF19 Oct 2010
Save Document Droughts, flooding, disease: The reality of a Cambodia that has been hit by climate changePhnom Penh Post, the11 Apr 2014
Save Document Droughts, the ‘most devastating’ disasters, set to increase, warn climate change expertsUN-DPI22 May 2013

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