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Save Document China officials saw landslide risks before disasterTRF10 Aug 2010
Save Document China outlines climate change adaptation plansRTCC10 Dec 2013
Save Document China ready to enhance cooperation with Japan on disaster reductionChinaview.cn, Xinhua24 Jul 2008
Save Document China Red Cross Society head visits Sri Lanka tsunami survivorsCNA21 Aug 2011
Save Document China Red Cross to spend 47.97 million USD in South Western quake zoneChinaview.cn, Xinhua19 Feb 2015
Save Document China reinforces school buildings after devastating Wenchuan earthquakePeople's Daily Online15 Apr 2010
Save Document China releases climate change reportAsian Scientist26 Nov 2012
Save Document China reports progress in natural hazard monitoringPeople's Daily Online10 Feb 2011
Save Document China says poorly prepared to fight impact of climate changeTRF9 Dec 2013
Save Document China shares experience of disaster reduction with neighborsChina Daily17 Nov 2011
Save Document China to build earthquake warning systemChinaview.cn, Xinhua20 Feb 2013
Save Document China to check all schools for quake resistanceTRF11 Jun 2008
Save Document China to draw up natural disaster 'risk map' to assist future urban planningChinaview.cn, Xinhua23 Sep 2010
Save Document China to improve river control, mountain flood preventionChinaview.cn, Xinhua15 Sep 2010
Save Document China to increase prevention efforts as a new round of storms are expectedChinaview.cn, Xinhua9 Jul 2010
Save Document China to launch 1st natural disaster monitoring satelliteChinaview.cn, Xinhua3 Sep 2008
Save Document China to make greater effort in disaster reductionChinaview.cn, Xinhua13 Oct 2010
Save Document China to provide 1 bln USD loan to Caribbean countriesChinaview.cn, Xinhua12 Sep 2011
Save Document China to spend $1.2 billion on quake-zone schoolsTRF2 Apr 2009
Save Document China told to reduce food production or face 'dire' water levelsGuardian, the28 Jun 2011
Save Document China ups disaster preparedness following devastating 2009 quakeChinaview.cn, Xinhua6 May 2011
Save Document China vice premier urges anti-seismic engineering innovationChinaview.cn, Xinhua13 Oct 2008
Save Document China's early warning system advances towards the worldPR Newswire Association LLC.17 Aug 2011
Save Document China's quake: why did so many schools collapse?csmonitor.com14 May 2008
Save Document China, Japan, S Korea to promote co-op on disaster managementChinaview.cn, Xinhua13 Dec 2008
Save Document China, Korea, Japan work on disaster dataUNISDR AP28 Mar 2014
Save Document China-Japan-Republic of Korea cooperation in the field of disaster management as wellChina Daily11 May 2012
Save Document China: vice premier urges better flood prevention during rainy seasonChinaview.cn, Xinhua25 May 2009
Save Document China: 'Beijing flood victims fume at official response'CNN26 Jul 2012
Save Document China: 'Cities urged to boost vital disaster preparation plans'China Daily22 Aug 2011
Save Document China: 'Cities, prepare for a rainy day' - OpinionChina Daily17 Aug 2012
Save Document China: 'Natural' disasters fuel demand for insurance coverChina Daily13 Jul 2009
Save Document China: 'Public still unprepared for natural hazards' - expertGlobal Times, the25 Apr 2010
Save Document China: Accounting for disastersGlobal Times, the5 May 2013
Save Document China: Application of earth-observation satellites to disaster monitoringSPIE17 Sep 2010
Save Document China: calls for new earthquake museumChina Daily13 Jun 2008
Save Document China: Catastrophe insurance in the worksChina Daily20 Apr 2010
Save Document China: Catastrophe insurance scheme on the way, but huge risks may deter insurers from taking partSCMP4 Dec 2013
Save Document China: Cities need disaster drills, better buildingsShanghai Daily11 Oct 2011
Save Document China: Communities should be at forefront of disaster reduction - expertsChinaview.cn, Xinhua12 May 2010
Save Document China: Coordinating disaster responseChina Daily1 May 2009
Save Document China: Dam building and deforestation, more than 'natural' causes behind the Gansu disasterAsiaNews10 Aug 2010
Save Document China: Detection system could save lives in earthquakesChina Daily12 May 2009
Save Document China: Disaster prone areas also some of the most inhabitedPeople's Daily Online1 Nov 2011
Save Document China: Early warning, survival skills emphasized as new keys to disaster reliefGlobal Times, the24 Oct 2012
Save Document China: Expert explains causes of Zhouqu mudslideChinaview.cn, Xinhua11 Aug 2010
Save Document China: Experts call to improve anti-flood measuresPeople's Daily Online20 Jul 2010
Save Document China: Extreme patterns speak of climate changeChina Daily31 Dec 2010
Save Document China: Flooding remains a concernChina Daily30 Jul 2012
Save Document China: Food security, rural environment top No.1 documentChinaview.cn, Xinhua20 Jan 2014

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