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Save Document Cebu, Philippines: Teachers complete the basic life support and survival swimming courseSanfran, Philippines - gov4 Jun 2012
Save Document Celebrating World Water Day – ‘Water cooperation’ICIMOD22 Mar 2013
Save Document Central Asia and the Caucasus: Rescuers harmonizing actions at a regional conferenceKazakhstanskaya Pravda26 Jul 2014
Save Document Central Asia meets on HFA2UNISDR14 Mar 2013
Save Document Central Asia threatened by floods after a severe cold winterUNISDR28 Feb 2007
Save Document CEOs: 'We have resilience tools, let's use them'UNISDR AP22 Nov 2013
Save Document CEPT to develop guidelines for Indian cities to adapt to climate changeTimes of India, the17 Jan 2012
Save Document CGD: Twenty cities most vulnerable to storm surges, sea level riseIRIN1 Oct 2009
Save Document Challenging inequality is at heart of climate adaptationIIED23 Apr 2013
Save Document Change is needed in the humanitarian system’s response to disastersBritish Red Cross7 Feb 2012
Save Document Chennai launches 'Safer Chennai Campaign'UNISDR; UNISDR AP25 Aug 2010
Save Document Chernobyl scientists warn radiation can be unleashed by climate change-induced wildfiresIBTimes11 Feb 2015
Save Document Children and youth and disasters: Victims or 'agents of change'?Devex31 Mar 2015
Save Document Children ask to be heard on post-HFAUNISDR AP30 Jul 2012
Save Document Children make-up a quarter of Southeast Asian flood victimsSOS Children's Villages Canada27 Oct 2011
Save Document Children plead for involvement in disaster risk reductionUN-DPI22 May 2013
Save Document Children’s needs a priority after Philippine floodsUNISDR27 Dec 2011
Save Document Chile earthquake: Scientists defend tsunami false alarm1 Mar 2010
Save Document China : 'Authorities working on early warning system'China Daily3 Sep 2012
Save Document China and Africa step up cooperation on drought risk reductionUNISDR26 Sep 2011
Save Document China announce ten-point technology plan to tackle climate changeClimate Change Org, the16 Jul 2012
Save Document China backs cooperation on DRRUNISDR ONEA-GETI; UNISDR AP13 May 2014
Save Document China braces for more floods as rivers surge, downpours continueChinaview.cn, Xinhua26 Jul 2010
Save Document China celebrates the Hyogo Framework for ActionUNISDR AP4 Jul 2014
Save Document China dona 30.000 dólares a Cruz Roja de PerúPeople's Daily Online4 Nov 2011
Save Document China donates 483 mln USD to Nepal for post-quake rehabilitation, reconstructionChinaview.cn, Xinhua25 Jun 2015
Save Document China DRR expertise to help Asia Pacific regionPeople's Daily Online20 Apr 2009
Save Document China improves power network to better prepare against natural disastersChinaview.cn, Xinhua14 Oct 2008
Save Document China is spreading the use of insurance to cope with climate change damageE&E21 Apr 2014
Save Document China launches natural disaster monitoring satellitesChinaview.cn, Xinhua5 Sep 2008
Save Document China needs to upgrade tsunami mitigation capacityPeople's Daily Online20 Oct 2011
Save Document China officials saw landslide risks before disasterTRF10 Aug 2010
Save Document China outlines climate change adaptation plansRTCC10 Dec 2013
Save Document China ready to enhance cooperation with Japan on disaster reductionChinaview.cn, Xinhua24 Jul 2008
Save Document China Red Cross Society head visits Sri Lanka tsunami survivorsCNA21 Aug 2011
Save Document China Red Cross to spend 47.97 million USD in South Western quake zoneChinaview.cn, Xinhua19 Feb 2015
Save Document China reinforces school buildings after devastating Wenchuan earthquakePeople's Daily Online15 Apr 2010
Save Document China releases climate change reportAsian Scientist26 Nov 2012
Save Document China reports progress in natural hazard monitoringPeople's Daily Online10 Feb 2011
Save Document China says poorly prepared to fight impact of climate changeTRF9 Dec 2013
Save Document China shares experience of disaster reduction with neighborsChina Daily17 Nov 2011
Save Document China to build earthquake warning systemChinaview.cn, Xinhua20 Feb 2013
Save Document China to check all schools for quake resistanceTRF11 Jun 2008
Save Document China to draw up natural disaster 'risk map' to assist future urban planningChinaview.cn, Xinhua23 Sep 2010
Save Document China to improve river control, mountain flood preventionChinaview.cn, Xinhua15 Sep 2010
Save Document China to increase prevention efforts as a new round of storms are expectedChinaview.cn, Xinhua9 Jul 2010
Save Document China to launch 1st natural disaster monitoring satelliteChinaview.cn, Xinhua3 Sep 2008
Save Document China to make greater effort in disaster reductionChinaview.cn, Xinhua13 Oct 2010
Save Document China to provide 1 bln USD loan to Caribbean countriesChinaview.cn, Xinhua12 Sep 2011
Save Document China to spend $1.2 billion on quake-zone schoolsTRF2 Apr 2009

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