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Save Document #Road2Sendai: Educating children on disaster risk reduction in HaitiECHO14 Mar 2015
Save Document $6M awarded for quake early warning researchNBCU29 Nov 2011
Save Document '2010 among the six most loss-intensive years since 1980' - Munich ReMunich Re3 Feb 2011
Save Document 'AlClima': Convocatoria para identificar buenas prácticas de adaptación y mitigación al cambio climático en ColombiaCDKN25 Sep 2014
Save Document 'Be prepared!' a call from UNESCO on international day of disaster reductionUNESCO11 Oct 2010
Save Document 'Better warning system for disasters is coming - eventually' - APMAPM15 Mar 2011
Save Document 'Building codes saves lives' – UNISDRUNISDR28 Feb 2011
Save Document 'Canada needs a water strategy' - editorialPostmedia Network Inc.9 Jul 2011
Save Document 'Canadian businesses not climate-ready' report saysNRT, Canada - gov27 Apr 2012
Save Document 'Catástrofes naturales dejan 2,500 muertos en México'La Crónica de Hoy8 Aug 2011
Save Document 'Central America cannot continue to rebuild disaster risk'UNISDR AM11 May 2012
Save Document 'Cities are failing children,' UNICEF warnsUNICEF28 Feb 2012
Save Document 'Con hechos, América Central combate el cambio climático'Milenio Diario1 Nov 2011
Save Document 'Crowdsourcing a better world'New York Times28 Mar 2011
Save Document 'Cuba ready for climate change…but its Caribbean neighbours not yet' - officialGleaner, the10 Dec 2010
Save Document 'Finding the fingerprints of climate change in storm damage -- a very long detective story'New York Times4 Jan 2011
Save Document 'Getting disaster risk reduction funding right': Margareta Wahlström responds to new report from GHAGHA23 Mar 2012
Save Document 'Global databank could warn of natural hazards' - expertGuardian, the9 May 2011
Save Document 'Haiti may be primed for another quake'ABC24 Oct 2010
Save Document 'Hay que reducir de los riesgos' - Diputado argentino Gabriel FuksADN Ciudad30 May 2014
Save Document 'Honduras vulnerable to natural hazards' - IDBInsideCostaRica10 Nov 2010
Save Document 'How to stop buildings becoming killers in disasters'TRF19 Mar 2010
Save Document 'Landslides are Canada's top deadly natural disaster, scientist says'Ottawa Citizen14 May 2010
Save Document 'Looking through the window of opportunity and seeing gender equality'WB28 Nov 2011
Save Document 'Lurching from one disaster to the next'IPS30 Oct 2010
Save Document 'Natural hazards: Breaking the cycle' - The GuardianGuardian, the25 Mar 2011
Save Document 'Natural' disasters and responsible development should not be mutually exclusiveKansas City Star18 Jan 2010
Save Document 'Natural' disasters expert: Dominican authorities prioritize response over preventionDominican Today4 Jun 2009
Save Document 'Natural' disasters: Lessons, learning and challengesUANL31 Jul 2009
Save Document 'Poverty causes disasters and disasters cause poverty' - CARECI9 May 2011
Save Document 'Reforming the international humanitarian system' - Sir John HolmesKing's College21 Jan 2012
Save Document 'The cause of the disaster in Haiti is social' - expertDARA3 Nov 2010
Save Document 'Unprecedented disasters are threatening economic recovery' UNESCAPESCAP29 Jun 2011
Save Document 'US Senate aims to cut Sandy aid bill down to $24 bln' - ReutersTRF20 Dec 2012
Save Document 'We will succeed in these negotiations'DW22 Oct 2014
Save Document 20-year review shows 90% of disasters are weather-related: US, China, India, Philippines and Indonesia record the mostUNISDR23 Nov 2015
Save Document 2007 UN Sasakawa Award selects two laureatesUNISDR5 Oct 2007
Save Document 200th anniversary of Tambora eruption a reminder of volcanic perilsUC Berkeley31 Mar 2015
Save Document 2011 a year of unprecedented losses - MunichReMunich Re12 Jul 2011
Save Document 2011 hurricane season demonstrates the power of a single stormIBHS2 Dec 2011
Save Document 2013 Floods 'a turning point' says UNISDRUNISDR25 Jun 2013
Save Document 3 Pacific cyclones, a hurricane off Africa: what's going on?NGS1 Sep 2015
Save Document 40 per cent drop in climate change adaptation funding must prompt action at key meetings next weekOxfam Intl4 Apr 2013
Save Document 42 million displaced by sudden natural hazards in 2010 - studyIDMC; NRC6 Jun 2011
Save Document 500 global investors to gather at United Nations summit on climate changeCeres13 Jan 2014
Save Document 6 of the world's most extensive climate adaptation plansInside Climate News20 Jun 2013
Save Document 60% urban areas exposed to natural disasters: UNLive-Mint/Hindustan Times, HT Media Ltd.7 Apr 2012
Save Document 6th Caribbean conference on comprehensive disaster management (CDM) comes to Port of SpainODPM, Trinidad and Tobago - gov3 Nov 2011
Save Document 74 parliaments, one message: Reduce disaster riskUNISDR8 Oct 2013
Save Document 8 tribes that are way ahead of the climate-adaptation curveICTMN15 Oct 2013

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