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Save Document New report calls for attention to abrupt impacts from climate change, emphasizes need for early warning systemNatl Academies3 Dec 2013
Save Document New report finds human-caused climate change increased severity of 2013 heat waves in Asia, Europe and AustraliaNOAA, United States of America - gov29 Sep 2014
Save Document New report reveals the ten US areas facing the highest climate-related risk of water shortagesAcclimatise3 Sep 2013
Save Document New report shows how climate change is affecting the USUNEP/DEWA/GRID19 Jun 2009
Save Document New seismic model will refine hazard analysis at US nuclear plantsNRC, United States of America - gov31 Jan 2012
Save Document New study asks: is flood insurance viable in Canada?CNW17 Sep 2013
Save Document New US-Japan collaborations bring Big Data approaches to disaster responseNSF30 Mar 2015
Save Document New York City climate change adaptation plan way of futureUCS11 Jun 2013
Save Document New York City climate change report calls for more research and planning effortsWiley2 Mar 2015
Save Document New York City to test wireless emergency alert systemCBS14 Dec 2011
Save Document New York, US: Governor Cuomo signs Community Risk and Resiliency ActGovernor of NY State, United States of America - gov22 Sep 2014
Save Document New York’s City council adds climate change panelsNew York Times22 Aug 2012
Save Document Nicaragua perfecciona planes contra desastresSINAPRED, Nicaragua - gov4 Jun 2013
Save Document Nicaragua to get disaster mitigation aid from RussiaPL27 Jan 2012
Save Document Nicaragua to improve DRM and climate change adaptation with IDB assistanceIDB1 Oct 2010
Save Document Nicaragua, Russia sign agreement on cooperation for natural hazardsItar-Tass11 Nov 2009
Save Document Nicaragua: Adaptación al cambio climático debe ocupar al paísEl Nuevo Diario1 Sep 2011
Save Document Nicaragua: autoridades departamentales son capacitadosSINAPRED, Nicaragua - gov23 Feb 2009
Save Document Nicaragua: capacitan a jóvenes isleños en gestión de riesgosSINAPRED, Nicaragua - gov12 May 2009
Save Document Nicaragua: Presentan campaña mundial para la resiliencia: 'Mi ciudad se está preparando'UNDP - Nicaragua17 May 2013
Save Document Nicaragua: Simulacro de un sismo de la misma magnitud de 1972El Nuevo Diario7 Dec 2008
Save Document No lack of solutions at Rio+20UNCSD17 Jun 2012
Save Document NOAA and partners launch new community-based lightning awareness and safety programNOAA, United States of America - gov20 Jun 2011
Save Document NOAA hurricane outlook indicates an above-normal Atlantic seasonNOAA, United States of America - gov19 May 2011
Save Document NOAA predicts busy hurricane season and calls for preparednessNOAA, United States of America - gov27 May 2010
Save Document NOAA sea grant initiates $1.2 million community climate change adaptation initiativeNOAA, United States of America - gov9 Sep 2010
Save Document NOAA: Atlantic hurricane season sets recordsNOAA, United States of America - gov26 Nov 2008
Save Document NOAA: Below-normal Atlantic hurricane season is likely this yearNOAA, United States of America - gov27 May 2015
Save Document NOAA: Slow Atlantic hurricane season coming to a closeNOAA, United States of America - gov25 Nov 2013
Save Document NOAA: ‘Nuisance flooding’ an increasing problem as coastal sea levels riseNOAA, United States of America - gov28 Jul 2014
Save Document NRRC interview feature: DRR and learning from HaitiNRRC23 Apr 2013
Save Document NSF awards grant for a Caribbean GPS natural hazards observational networkNSF5 Oct 2010
Save Document NSF awards grants for study of water sustainability and climateNSF6 Oct 2010
Save Document NYC plans to adapt to climate changeEnviron Leader2 Jun 2010
Save Document NYC: Preparing for disaster by betting against itNew York Times12 Feb 2014
Save Document NYT on Haiti: 'Building safer schools in poor, shaky places'New York Times23 Jan 2010
Save Document NYT: A postcard to the Pacific Northwest - 'prepare'New York Times13 Mar 2011
Save Document NYT: As glaciers melt, science seeks data on rising seasNew York Times13 Nov 2010
Save Document NYT: For 7.8 million Californians, an earthquake drillNew York Times21 Oct 2010
Save Document NYT: Quake-prone cities strive to get ahead of disasterNew York Times24 Feb 2010
Save Document NYT: The varied cost of catastrophe - opinionNew York Times29 Mar 2011
Save Document NYT: Where to live to avoid a natural hazardNew York Times30 Apr 2011
Save Document OAS and PADF receive donation of $ 3 million for home repair in HaitiOAS12 Jul 2011
Save Document OAS and UNISDR, united in support of the Sendai FrameworkUNISDR AM2 Sep 2015
Save Document Oaxaca, primera ciudad de México en adherirse al programa Municipio SeguroCiudadanía Express26 Jul 2011
Save Document Obama plan offers help to U.S. cities on climate's front linesTRF25 Jun 2013
Save Document Ocean impact map reveals human reach globalScientific American, a Division of Nature America, Inc.15 Feb 2008
Save Document ODPM CEO represents the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago at the Fourth Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in GenevaODPM, Trinidad and Tobago - gov20 May 2013
Save Document OECD and Mexico: Financing adaptation to climate changeWWC15 Mar 2012
Save Document OECS: Stakeholders design harmonized disaster risk reduction protocolSKNVibes, Inc.30 Jan 2012

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