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Save Document Malawi: Facing disasterTRF27 Oct 2009
Save Document Malawi: Shrinking lake threatens livelihoodsIRIN18 Sep 2012
Save Document Malawi: Waiting for disaster to happenNPL23 Jan 2012
Save Document Malawian farmers say: Adapt to climate change or dieNPR1 Jan 2014
Save Document Malawians rethink maize planting as climate driesTRF9 Apr 2013
Save Document Mali conflict ups pressure on climate-stressed herdersTRF20 Mar 2013
Save Document Mali war against Islamists halts climate adaptation projectsTRF30 Jan 2013
Save Document Mali-Niger: Locusts spawning disasterIRIN24 Jul 2012
Save Document Mali: Faking snow in the desert to boost rainIRIN14 Oct 2009
Save Document Mali: Locusts could spread in rebel-held northIRIN26 Jun 2012
Save Document Mali: When the world’s deserts floodIRIN10 Oct 2009
Save Document Maplecroft Global Risks Atlas 2012: 'No improvement in BRICs capacity to withstand shocks from global risks despite economic growth'Maplecroft20 Feb 2012
Save Document Maplecroft index identifies Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as world’s most water stressed countriesMaplecroft18 May 2011
Save Document Maplecroft: 'South Asia most at risk from climate change, Scandinavia safest'Maplecroft20 Oct 2010
Save Document Maplecroft’s 'Climate Change Risk Atlas 2010' highlights vulnerable nations and safe havensMaplecroft3 Sep 2010
Save Document Mapping the future of climate change in AfricaUniv of Texas1 Aug 2012
Save Document Maroc : Inondations meurtrières dans le SudJeune Afrique24 Nov 2014
Save Document Maroc : lancement d'un site web sur les risques majeursSec d'Etat auprès du Min de l'Energie, des Mines, de l'Eau et de l'Environ, Morocco - gov4 Jan 2010
Save Document Maroc: Création d'un observatoire sismique à AgadirLibération15 Sep 2011
Save Document Maroc: Une nouvelle stratégie de gestion des risques en préparationMatin, Le29 Aug 2012
Save Document Maroc: Une stratégie pour gérer les risquesL'Economiste16 Nov 2011
Save Document Mauritania’s trailblazer for women and resilience / Mauritanie, pionnier pour les femmes et la résilienceUNISDR AF13 Dec 2012
Save Document Mayors will talk climate finance ahead of UN Bonn climate talksICLEI - Local Gov for Sust19 May 2011
Save Document Mediterranean: Launch of PPRD South web portalPPRD South14 Apr 2010
Save Document MENA at risk of 'natural' disasters, says reportDNE18 Sep 2011
Save Document Mercy Corps and ITT champion fresh approaches to water-related DRRPR Newswire Association LLC.18 Aug 2011
Save Document Middle East: Call to reduce disaster riskArab News6 Apr 2009
Save Document Middle East: Experts urge governments to revise water policiesIRIN4 Feb 2010
Save Document Middle East: Ramping up disaster preparednessIRIN26 May 2011
Save Document Migration worsening climate stresses on Tanzania's city dwellersTRF12 Sep 2013
Save Document Mitigating the impacts of desertification and droughtYADI1 Feb 2013
Save Document Morocco to create National Platform for Disaster Risk ReductionUNISDR ROAS28 Feb 2012
Save Document Morocco: Desert oasis towns may disappearUNISDR ROAS3 Oct 2013
Save Document Motivating and supporting women’s role in civil protectionPPRD South23 Mar 2012
Save Document Mozambique to upgrade flood protection systemTRF6 Aug 2013
Save Document Mozambique: 'Climate change already here and getting worse'Bernama26 May 2009
Save Document Mozambique: 'The issue of natural disasters is very worrying'IRIN20 Oct 2008
Save Document Mozambique: After the floodsIRIN24 Mar 2010
Save Document Mozambique: Community theatre and radio drama for disaster managementIOM21 May 2009
Save Document Mozambique: Contingency plan for natural disastersAIM26 Nov 2008
Save Document Mozambique: Disaster Risk Reduction Radio - Call for case studies and resourcesCMFD Productions1 Nov 2010
Save Document Mozambique: Germany announces climate adaptation fundAll Africa15 Dec 2011
Save Document Mozambique: Le gouvernement réfléchit à une stratégie sur la réduction des risquesAfriquinfos19 Jun 2012
Save Document Mozambique: Living with floods in Gaza ProvinceUNICEF7 Mar 2011
Save Document Mozambique: UN representative calls for durable and sustainable solutions for those displaced by recent floodsOHCHR2 Jul 2008
Save Document Mozambique: Weather service key to flood disaster managementIPS20 Apr 2010
Save Document Mudslide alert issued in Central KenyaKBC13 Oct 2011
Save Document My city is getting ready, is yours?UNISDR27 May 2010
Save Document Namibia launches climate change policyAfrica News25 Nov 2011
Save Document Namibia receives funding for climate change adaptationTN15 Dec 2009

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