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Save Document IOM, Mozambican government prepare for national emergency simulationIOM29 Sep 2015
Save Document IOM: Malawians displaced by floods willing to return homeIOM22 May 2015
Save Document IPCC and UNISDR welcome new report as historic contribution to understanding disaster riskUNISDR18 Nov 2011
Save Document IPCC negotiates in climate challenged UgandaUNISDR17 Nov 2011
Save Document IRIN: Climate-change: 'User-friendlier weather data'IRIN3 Dec 2010
Save Document IRIN: How bad is the drought in Ethiopia?IRIN19 Nov 2015
Save Document Irrigation risks spreading invasive pests across AfricaAcclimatise11 Sep 2015
Save Document Is Ethiopia the future of DRR?UNISDR AF15 May 2014
Save Document Islamic Relief Worldwide: International Day for Disaster ReductionIslamic Relief Worldwide13 Oct 2014
Save Document Islamic Relief: As floods and drought worsen, short-sighted response is costing lives and squandering scarce aid moneyIslamic Relief Worldwide1 Oct 2012
Save Document ITU: Saving lives through early warningITU1 Sep 2014
Save Document Ivoirian floods highlight disaster preparedness shortcomingsIRIN4 Jul 2014
Save Document IWMI: Farmer-led irrigation schemes could transform food security in sub-Saharan Africa, South AsiaCGIAR; IWMI24 Aug 2012
Save Document Jack McConnell: 'disaster response, resilience and recovery' should be included in UN development goals - OpinionHolyrood2 Mar 2015
Save Document January floods mark the beginning of the disaster yearUNISDR6 Feb 2012
Save Document Jean-Pierre Nana: 'Cameroon doesn’t wait for disasters to take action' - InterviewCameroon Tribune23 Jul 2015
Save Document Just add trees: How greening concrete jungles will help us adapt to a warming worldCIFOR10 Sep 2012
Save Document Kariba Dam collapse fears and disaster preparedness in ZimbabweIRIN9 Apr 2014
Save Document Keeping it local to curb risk in CameroonUNISDR AF13 Oct 2015
Save Document Kenya better equipped to monitor disastersCapital FM News18 Jul 2013
Save Document Kenya can lead on climate change adaptationIRIN21 May 2014
Save Document Kenya drought to persist, says GAR reportNation Media Group12 Jun 2009
Save Document Kenya government steps up climate change counter strategiesASNS24 Sep 2012
Save Document Kenya government urged to avert El Nino disasterNation Media Group14 Oct 2009
Save Document Kenya PM: 'Schools should teach environment lessons'KBC16 Jun 2009
Save Document Kenya ramps up support for DRR legislationUNISDR AF20 Aug 2015
Save Document Kenya sets up new climate change centreASNS27 Aug 2008
Save Document Kenya's drought insurance helps Islamic herdersCornell Univ21 Apr 2014
Save Document Kenya's drought-hit herders lose out in cut-price land salesTRF13 Apr 2015
Save Document Kenya-Somalia drought: 'Need to focus on whole cycle' say expertsIRIN4 Jul 2011
Save Document Kenya: 'A picture of strength and perspective amidst drought' - CARETRF15 Aug 2011
Save Document Kenya: Act now to mitigate drought effects, say agenciesIRIN19 Jan 2011
Save Document Kenya: As extreme weather drives rustling, pastoralists turn to farmingTRF2 Apr 2013
Save Document Kenya: Bamboo project to expand rural housingIRIN28 May 2010
Save Document Kenya: Bringing pastoralists in from the coldIRIN21 Sep 2011
Save Document Kenya: Call to boost disaster preparedness in marginalized northIRIN13 Aug 2010
Save Document Kenya: Cholera highlights urban risk factorsUNISDR AF10 Jun 2015
Save Document Kenya: Climate change calamities are easy to predict, and manageTRF5 Apr 2012
Save Document Kenya: Climate change should be prioritized by the media as a critical concernPractical Action19 Dec 2011
Save Document Kenya: Coping with hardship in pastoralist regionsIRIN18 Jan 2011
Save Document Kenya: Covered for droughtIRIN29 Jan 2010
Save Document Kenya: Disasters continue to happen - IRINIRIN21 Sep 2011
Save Document Kenya: Drought planning urged in northeastIRIN5 Oct 2009
Save Document Kenya: Drought-resistant crops encouragedIRIN5 Aug 2009
Save Document Kenya: Govts urged to make cities saferNation Media Group13 Oct 2010
Save Document Kenya: In search of durable solutions for farmers to adapt to climate changeIPS29 Sep 2010
Save Document Kenya: Late rains to worsen food securityIRIN18 Mar 2009
Save Document Kenya: Mombasa draws up master plan to combat worsening floodingTRF16 Jun 2015
Save Document Kenya: Plea to donors over El NinoIRIN17 Sep 2009
Save Document Kenya: Plugging the gaps in disaster preparednessIRIN11 Feb 2010

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