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Save Document La prévention des catastrophes naturelles en débat au forum d’El MoudjahidEl Moudjahid13 Oct 2011
Save Document Lack of cash ‘foiling African disaster risk reduction’SciDevNet27 Feb 2014
Save Document Land Rover supports multi-country initiative - 'high priority on risk reduction'IFRC25 Aug 2010
Save Document Launching of awareness campaign on gendered impact of climate changeMauritius - gov5 Jul 2012
Save Document Le Japon veut prévenir les catastrophes naturelles au CamerounJournal du Cameroun5 Jun 2012
Save Document Le Maroc plaide à Genève pour une résilience inclusiveLe Matin19 Nov 2014
Save Document Le Senegal est pionnier d'un project Panafricain de gestion des risques et de reduction de la dependence sur l'aide exterieureAU; WFP14 Jul 2012
Save Document Le Sénégal se dote d’un programme national de prévention des risques majeurs et de gestion des catastrophesUbyrisk Consultants28 Sep 2011
Save Document Leaders express hope for climate action at UNFCCC COP18IISD2 Oct 2012
Save Document Least Developed Countries climate adaptation fund gets $200m boostRTCC24 Jun 2013
Save Document Lesotho: A village tries new ideas to beat climate changeIRIN20 Oct 2008
Save Document Lesotho: Food security goes from bad to worseIRIN26 Jun 2012
Save Document Lesotho: MPs to participate in parliamentarian climate change conferenceLENA30 Jul 2009
Save Document Let's get real about climate changeTrócaire19 Jun 2012
Save Document Liberia: Peace and stability hold key to future development visionUNICEF; UNDP Liberia; UNISDR; PBSO28 Nov 2012
Save Document Liberia: Deliberations on nation-wide capacity needs assessmentInformer, the30 Jul 2009
Save Document Liberia: Strengthening national capacity in risk reductionLiberian Journal, the17 May 2010
Save Document Libya: Celebrating World Environment Day 2012 with tree plantingUNICEF5 Jun 2012
Save Document Lingering hardship after Nigeria floodsIRIN14 Feb 2014
Save Document Local and regional leaders meet in Rabat to discuss 21st century agenda for citiesUNISDR ROAS25 Sep 2013
Save Document Local communities plead for greater involvement in disaster risk reductionUN-DPI22 May 2013
Save Document Local data key to resilienceUNISDR14 Jul 2014
Save Document Locust invasion threatens underfunded MadagascarIRIN13 Feb 2013
Save Document Madagascar: 'Rebuilding footpaths and dirt roads to restart economic life'TRF19 Mar 2012
Save Document Madagascar: Bracing for storm seasonIRIN17 Nov 2008
Save Document Madagascar: Cyclone expected in high population areasIRIN13 Feb 2012
Save Document Madagascar: early recovery to mitigate emergency responseIRIN18 Jul 2008
Save Document Madagascar: Investments in preparedness worthwhileIRIN22 Jan 2009
Save Document Madagascar: Just add water, better seeds and new knowledgeIRIN22 May 2009
Save Document Madagascar: Locust swarms threaten agriculture - early action criticalFAO Headquarters12 Aug 2010
Save Document Madagascar: violence of cyclone Ivan overwhelms careful preparationsIRIN20 Feb 2008
Save Document Major role for communities in climate change adaptationBizCommunity.com11 Nov 2011
Save Document Major support from World Bank to rehabilitate Malawi’s flood damaged infrastructure and livelihoodsWB7 May 2015
Save Document Malawi drafting national climate change policyNyasa Times13 Aug 2012
Save Document Malawi launches a national platform for disaster risk managementMalawi - gov28 Feb 2013
Save Document Malawi needs significant amount of money to recover from floods - ChilimaMANA, Malawi - gov26 May 2015
Save Document Malawi remains vulnerable to natural hazards, says officialAPA21 Oct 2009
Save Document Malawi showcases agricultural success at CancunNPL16 Dec 2010
Save Document Malawi traditional leaders step up to help fight forest firesTRF3 Jan 2012
Save Document Malawi, Vietnam and Zambia: Farmers struggle to adopt climate-smart methodsFAO Headquarters14 Aug 2013
Save Document Malawi: Building resilience, weaning people off aidIRIN25 Feb 2009
Save Document Malawi: Christian Aid highlights importance of disaster preparednessMANA, Malawi - gov13 Apr 2015
Save Document Malawi: Development unsustainable if not risk informed – UNDP ASGUNDP Malawi1 Apr 2015
Save Document Malawi: DoDMA exploring indigenous knowledge on disastersMANA, Malawi - gov19 May 2015
Save Document Malawi: Facing disasterTRF27 Oct 2009
Save Document Malawi: Government and partners embark on post disaster needs assessmentMANA, Malawi - gov18 Feb 2015
Save Document Malawi: Government says disaster strategy will coordinate disaster risk managementMANA, Malawi - gov25 Mar 2015
Save Document Malawi: Mutharika applauds China as Beijing pledges continued supportMANA, Malawi - gov11 May 2015
Save Document Malawi: President Mutharika wants disaster policy to be adoptedNyasa Times28 Jan 2015
Save Document Malawi: Shrinking lake threatens livelihoodsIRIN18 Sep 2012

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