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Save Document Nigeria: NEMA takes DRR and early warning to public serviceNEMA, Nigeria - gov19 Nov 2009
Save Document Nigeria: NEMA takes risk reduction campaign to schoolsTide Newspaper, Rivers State Newspaper Corporation26 Mar 2012
Save Document Nigeria: NEMA tasks Nigerians on disaster preventionDaily Trust5 Jul 2009
Save Document Nigeria: NEMA to execute framework on hyogo educationNation, the25 Oct 2011
Save Document Nigeria: NEMA to sustain collaboration with University for awareness on DRRIndependant Newspapers Ltd6 Mar 2011
Save Document Nigeria: NEMA trains 65 to combat disasterVanguard Media Ltd.26 Nov 2009
Save Document Nigeria: NEMA trains 800 secondary school students in risk managementNatl Mirror, Global Media Mirror Ltd21 Feb 2012
Save Document Nigeria: NEMA warns of climate-induced disasterTHISDAY12 Jul 2009
Save Document Nigeria: NEMA warns South-South to prepare for climate-related hazardsVanguard Media Ltd.18 Jul 2011
Save Document Nigeria: NGO tasks government on disaster reduction strategiesNigerian Tribune22 Oct 2012
Save Document Nigeria: Ogun takes disaster management to schoolsNation, the2 Jul 2012
Save Document Nigeria: Oyo govt trains 300 youths in disaster managementNigerian Tribune28 Nov 2011
Save Document Nigeria: Oyo State Government to implement disaster risk reduction policyDaily Trust24 Feb 2008
Save Document Nigeria: Pupils to debate climate changeDaily Trust10 Jun 2009
Save Document Nigeria: reducing disaster risks in the countryDaily Champion9 Feb 2010
Save Document Nigeria: South-South vulnerable to disaster, says NEMANigerian Compass26 Jan 2011
Save Document Nigeria: Taskforce begins reclamation of benin moatBNCL6 Sep 2011
Save Document Nigeria: The pains of weather forecasting in the countryDaily Trust15 Mar 2012
Save Document Nigeria: UNICEF plans grassroots disaster resilient programmes14 May 2012
Save Document Nigeria: Why children must be saved from conflicts and disastersLeadership Newspaper Group Ltd19 Dec 2011
Save Document Nigeria: World Bank to support flood management, and rebuilding of infrastructure in the city of IbadanWB17 Jun 2014
Save Document Nigeria: World Bank urges govt to develop framework on climate changeDaily Trust3 Nov 2011
Save Document Nigerian govt to develop framework for climate serviceGuardian Newspapers Ltd.13 Feb 2013
Save Document Nigerians urged to insure properties against effects of climate changeLeadership Newspaper Group Ltd5 Jan 2012
Save Document Nigeria’s National Emergency Management supports Gambia on disaster and emergency managementNEMA, Nigeria - gov23 Apr 2012
Save Document Northern Kenyans adopt nocturnal life to escape extreme heatTRF30 Oct 2014
Save Document Océan Indien : Un projet de prévention des risques naturelsLe Quotidien4 Oct 2010
Save Document One year on: Building resilience in the Horn of AfricaRTCC3 Aug 2012
Save Document Opinion: '1 million dead in 30 seconds'Chicago Tribune25 Aug 2011
Save Document Opinion: 'Bad governance failed Haitians'BDAfrica21 Jan 2010
Save Document Oroukia and the Red Cross create an oasis of hope in the SahelIFRC4 Oct 2012
Save Document Oxfam and WFP announce R4 partnership for resilient livelihoods in a changing climateOxfam Intl4 Dec 2010
Save Document Oxfam calls for climate insurance for West African pastoralistsTRF1 Dec 2010
Save Document Oxfam: 'Thousands of lives and millions of pounds lost due to late response to food crisis in East Africa'Oxfam Intl18 Jan 2012
Save Document Oxfam: Climate change is pushing Malawi further into poverty - women are hit worstOxfam Intl17 Jun 2009
Save Document Oxfam: Extreme weather endangers food security worldwideOxfam Intl28 Nov 2011
Save Document Oxfam: In pictures - women fighting climate changeOxfam Intl8 Dec 2010
Save Document Persistent flooding: Nigeria launches web-based early warning systemAfriquejet.com3 Aug 2011
Save Document Pioneering study shows evidence of loss & damage today from the front lines of climate change: Vulnerable communities beyond adaptation?UNU27 Nov 2012
Save Document Plan Cameroon intensifies strategies for disaster risk reductionAll Africa19 Oct 2011
Save Document Plan International calls for better integration of the needs of adolescent girls in climate change and disaster risk reductionPlan Intl18 Jul 2011
Save Document Plan Sudan: 'the changes we have made'Sudan Vision Daily15 Apr 2013
Save Document Pour une meilleure planification des risquesSudQuotidien, Groupe Sud Comm20 Jun 2012
Save Document PPRD South contribution to reduce risk of disasters in the MediterraneanPPRD South2 Mar 2011
Save Document PPRD South offers technical assistance to partner countriesPPRD South28 May 2010
Save Document PPRD South organises a threefold event on 'earthquakes'PPRD South; Natl Civil Protection Dept, Italy - gov17 Nov 2010
Save Document PPRD South: Workshop addresses GIS for civil protection in EuropeNatl Civil Protection Dept, Italy - gov4 Mar 2010
Save Document PPRD: Good governance in disaster risk reduction helps reduce lossesPPRD South8 Feb 2012
Save Document Practical Action: Aftermath at DurbanPractical Action11 Dec 2011
Save Document Préparation et réponse aux catastrophes : Le Burkina s’assure de son dispositif14 Jul 2014

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