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Save Document President of Ethiopia backs unified approach to help poor adaptIDS28 Mar 2011
Save Document Prévention des catastrophes naturelles et gestion des risques : le Togo en 'Gilet de sauvetage' !Full News18 Feb 2014
Save Document Primary school supports innovative approach to flood risk management in KampalaUN-HABITAT23 Aug 2012
Save Document Protecting our environment from natural and man-made disastersPPRD South14 Feb 2013
Save Document Protection civile au CamerounJournal du Cameroun1 Mar 2010
Save Document Quels nuages au-dessus de l'Afrique de l'Ouest ?Meteo France, France - gov11 Jul 2012
Save Document Red Cross to launch historic Zambezi River Basin InitiativeIFRC25 Jun 2009
Save Document Red Cross updates risk-reduction plans as Nyiragongo stirsIFRC26 May 2009
Save Document Reduce flood risk or watch development wash awayTRF1 Jul 2013
Save Document Reporting why disasters happen in AfricaUNISDR AF12 Feb 2013
Save Document Request for applications invited for Kenya arid lands disaster risk reduction-WASH programUSAID, United States of America - gov20 Jul 2012
Save Document Resilience, flexibility key to African climate adaptation – ResearchersTRF6 Sep 2013
Save Document Resilient schools are safe schoolsArup ID21 Feb 2013
Save Document Reverting to pastoralism, East Africa's herders innovate to cope with droughtTRF11 Apr 2012
Save Document Rio+20 and thereafter — Is Ghana prepared?Ghana - gov8 Jun 2012
Save Document Rio+20: Slum-dweller powerIRIN19 Jun 2012
Save Document Risk reduction and economic developmentUNISDR AP5 Nov 2012
Save Document Risk reduction culture in NigeriaPunch, The21 Feb 2010
Save Document Risk reduction in Kenya: a new dawn at “Borehole 11”IFRC19 Jun 2009
Save Document Risk reduction index in West AfricaDARA17 Dec 2013
Save Document Road to Rio - On the front line of climate change: Five cities battling floods, heat and stormsCNN19 Jun 2013
Save Document Rural Kenya harvests water from fogTRF9 Sep 2013
Save Document Rural Zimbabweans struggle to cope with floodingTRF14 Mar 2013
Save Document Rwanda to join international disaster campaignAll Africa8 Oct 2011
Save Document Rwanda: 'Doing well' with climate change adaptationLegalbrief Today1 Sep 2010
Save Document Rwanda: Anglophone African countries discuss climate change adaptationRwanda Focus30 Jul 2013
Save Document Rwanda: Cell phones to enhance communication on disastersNew Times Publications Sarl, the7 May 2012
Save Document Rwanda: Disaster week draws attention to women and girlsRwanda Focus8 Oct 2012
Save Document Rwanda: Govt supports proposed regional disaster management complexAll Africa21 Nov 2011
Save Document Rwanda: Preparing for disasterNew York Times2 Oct 2012
Save Document Rwanda: Preparing for disaster is key to developmentUNDP - Rwanda28 Aug 2012
Save Document Rwanda: Rains wreak havocIRIN6 Oct 2008
Save Document Rwanda: Red Cross calls for more fundingNew Times Publications Sarl, the10 May 2012
Save Document Rwanda: Universities advised to offer training in disaster managementNew Times Publications Sarl, the14 Nov 2012
Save Document Rwanda: Water rationing warning as drought bitesIRIN3 Jul 2009
Save Document Rwanda: Youth encouraged to lead disaster prevention effortsNew Times Publications Sarl, the14 Oct 2011
Save Document Rwandan Red Cross:, an 'imihigo' for risk reductionIFRC17 Jun 2009
Save Document Sahel priority region in World Bank talks, says GeorgievaEuropolitics19 Apr 2012
Save Document Sahel: Donors learning funding lessons - slowlyIRIN6 Feb 2012
Save Document Sahel: Looming disaster that's hard to see - Australian Red CrossSMH18 Apr 2012
Save Document Saint Louis and Mexico City feature in new BBC 'Earth Reporters' seriesBBC6 May 2011
Save Document Satellites help locate water in NigerESA19 Jan 2009
Save Document Saving the forests with indigenous knowledgeIPS9 Dec 2011
Save Document Scientists help African farmers battle pests in warming climateTRF30 Jul 2013
Save Document Scotland announces 'climate justice' fund for world's poorestGuardian, the6 Jun 2012
Save Document SDC Switzerland: Women in action in disaster aid and humanitarian reconstructionSDC, Switzerland - gov8 Mar 2010
Save Document SDGs open way for ‘resilient development’UNISDR NY15 Jan 2014
Save Document Sénégal : Où en est le plan de réduction des risques de catastrophes?SudQuotidien, Groupe Sud Comm31 Aug 2012
Save Document Senegal among the first countries to access Climate Change Adaptation FundUNECA3 Dec 2010
Save Document Senegal and Burkina Faso: Building safer housesIFRC13 Oct 2009

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