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Save Document "Youth Awareness of Disaster Reduction" project works at grassroots level in BurundiYSDR3 Sep 2007
Save Document 'A new drumbeat in the Sahel' - Groundswell InternationalGroundswell Intl27 Mar 2012
Save Document 'Anticipate risk' says UN as millions face severe drought and floodingUNISDR28 Jun 2011
Save Document 'Be prepared!' a call from UNESCO on international day of disaster reductionUNESCO11 Oct 2010
Save Document 'Climate information improves'Zambia Daily Mail17 Apr 2013
Save Document 'Climate shifts linked to rise in animal diseases in people'TRF2 Jul 2013
Save Document 'Crowdsourcing a better world'New York Times28 Mar 2011
Save Document 'How prepared is Sierra Leone for natural disasters?'Cocorioko1 Nov 2010
Save Document 'In Niger, more than 6 million people face food shortages' - OxfamOxfam Intl12 Mar 2012
Save Document 'Invest today for a safer tomorrow' says President Zuma - UNISDRUNISDR AF2 Dec 2011
Save Document 'Microfinance can help rural communities adapt to climate change' - expertIPS27 Jun 2011
Save Document 'Not adapting to climate change means massive failure for Egypt’s economy' - expertAl-Masry Al-Youm20 Jul 2011
Save Document 'Sand dams' bank water for dry season in semi-arid KenyaTRF20 Aug 2014
Save Document 'Saving lives is amazingly simple' - Norwegian ministerBangkok Post13 Feb 2011
Save Document 'Somaliland needs own plan for climate change'IRIN7 May 2010
Save Document 'Sound the alarm: East Africa is defenceless'EastAfrican, the; Nation Media Group Limited18 Sep 2011
Save Document 'Sunny and dry' - an unwelcome forecast for Southern AfricaIRIN25 Sep 2008
Save Document 'Tanzania's disaster management need improvement' - ExpertIPP15 Jul 2014
Save Document 'Uganda ill-prepared for a major earthquake'IRIN5 Jul 2013
Save Document 'Wake up Ghana; We could go the way of Haiti' - expertGhananews1 May 2010
Save Document 'Zimbabwe ill-prepared for climate change challenges' - expertsTRF12 Apr 2012
Save Document 2007 UN Sasakawa Award selects two laureatesUNISDR5 Oct 2007
Save Document 200th anniversary of Tambora eruption a reminder of volcanic perilsUC Berkeley31 Mar 2015
Save Document 2012 Flood disaster, worst in 40 Years - Red CrossDTN5 Aug 2013
Save Document 2nd Africa regional platform: Participants accept recommendations to the 2009 global platformUNISDR AF11 May 2009
Save Document 3 Pacific cyclones, a hurricane off Africa: what's going on?NGS1 Sep 2015
Save Document 42 million displaced by sudden natural hazards in 2010 - studyIDMC; NRC6 Jun 2011
Save Document 5th Africa Regional Platform for DRR opens in AbujaUNISDR AF13 May 2014
Save Document 6 of the world's most extensive climate adaptation plansInside Climate News20 Jun 2013
Save Document 74 parliaments, one message: Reduce disaster riskUNISDR8 Oct 2013
Save Document 800,000 Zambians to benefit from climate projectZambia Daily Mail19 Dec 2013
Save Document A better life - without damaging the planetToday, Mediacorp Press Ltd.9 Feb 2012
Save Document A landmark first for Africa: Seychelles uses contingent credit for disastersWB15 Oct 2014
Save Document A long road ahead on risk-sensitive development in MadagascarIIASA11 Feb 2015
Save Document A model for improving climate services in AfricaIRI5 Mar 2012
Save Document A Nigerian IreneBusinessDay Media Ltd30 Aug 2011
Save Document A unified approach to climate change and hungerIRIN24 Apr 2013
Save Document ActionAid joins international community in marking International day for disaster reductionActionAid - UK12 Oct 2010
Save Document Activists have high hopes for Kenya's climate bill, second time roundTRF10 Sep 2013
Save Document Adaptation decision-making shifts to locals in KenyaTRF15 Jul 2013
Save Document Adaptation Fund Board approves $50.7 million in grant funding, including one direct access project in JamaicaAFB3 Jul 2012
Save Document Adaptation Fund Board approves financing for two projectsAFB20 Sep 2010
Save Document Adaptation gaps mean African farmers fork out more money for reduced harvestsIPS14 Aug 2014
Save Document Adapting to climate change brings stability to war torn countriesRTCC23 Aug 2013
Save Document Adapting to climate change key in building climate-resilient communitiesITInews7 Dec 2011
Save Document Addis Ababa declaration supports stronger climate services for AfricaWMO3 Oct 2012
Save Document Addressing the political deficit in climate adaptationAl Jazeera19 May 2014
Save Document AfDB approves climate resilience plans in Niger and MozambiqueAfDB24 Oct 2012
Save Document AfDB marks 'World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought' with positive balance sheet in water initiativesAfDB17 Jun 2010
Save Document AfDB renews support of climate change resilience with additional resources from Least Developed Countries FundAfDB13 May 2013

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