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Save Document Ethiopia: Joint risk initiative expandsSwiss Re25 Sep 2009
Save Document Ethiopia: Late rains threaten food securityIRIN30 Mar 2012
Save Document Ethiopia: Taking the disaster out of droughtIRIN24 Nov 2010
Save Document Ethiopia: Working for better pastoralists livelihoodEthiopian Herald, the, Ethiopian News Agency27 Dec 2012
Save Document EU and FAO step up action against desertification in Africa, Caribbean and PacificFAO Headquarters22 Oct 2014
Save Document EU puts resilience at the heart of its work on fighting hunger and povertyEC3 Oct 2012
Save Document Europe must adapt to stay ahead of a changing climateEEA29 Apr 2013
Save Document European Commission to strengthen disaster resilience in the Horn of AfricaEC31 Jul 2012
Save Document Expert warns of food crisis in West and Central AfricaIOL3 Feb 2012
Save Document Experts mull global system to monitor water resourcesTRF16 Aug 2012
Save Document Extreme hunger in east Africa and the Sahel: forewarned but not forearmedGuardian, the9 May 2012
Save Document Faced with changing weather, Ethiopia gets better forecastsTRF18 Apr 2012
Save Document Faced with erratic weather, Pakistan farmers go organicTRF9 May 2014
Save Document FAO and Canada to help Philippine coconut farmers rehabilitate their livelihoods hit hard by Typhoon HaiyanFAO Headquarters8 Apr 2014
Save Document FAO calls for increased support for mountain family farmingFAO Headquarters11 Dec 2013
Save Document FAO Director-General and Haitian President urge increased investment in HaitiFAO Headquarters22 Nov 2012
Save Document FAO-EC project to promote climate-smart farmingFAO Headquarters16 Jan 2012
Save Document FAO: Agriculture bears major brunt of disaster impacts, new report saysFAO Headquarters17 Mar 2015
Save Document FAO: Agriculture key to Caribbean food security and coping with climate changeFAO Headquarters27 Feb 2015
Save Document FAO: Agriculture needs to become 'climate-smart'FAO Headquarters28 Oct 2010
Save Document FAO: Food security in the Pacific at risk due to climate changeFAO Headquarters26 Nov 2009
Save Document FAO: Genetic diversity a hidden tool in coping with climate changeFAO Headquarters19 Jan 2015
Save Document FAO: More financing for climate change adaptation in developing world agriculture neededFAO Headquarters3 Dec 2010
Save Document FAO: Vanuatu - Early reports suggest vast majority of crops destroyedUNICEF20 Mar 2015
Save Document Farmer urges measures to aid women battling climate changeCIFOR; TRF24 Dec 2013
Save Document Farmers experiment with old and new to adapt to climate changeTRF16 Oct 2014
Save Document Farmers in north Pakistan valley welcome warmer climate, experts fretTRF8 Oct 2013
Save Document Farmers urged to adopt practices to lessen impact of climate changeJamaica Observer, the8 Jan 2015
Save Document Fiji declares 15 day state of disasterUNISDR3 Feb 2012
Save Document Fiji: Climate change focusFiji Times17 Oct 2011
Save Document Fiji: Food security projects give remote island communities long-term disaster resilience - UNDPUNDP Asia-Pacific27 Mar 2015
Save Document Fiji: Leading community to be more resilient to future disastersJET, the15 Aug 2014
Save Document Flood-resilient streams protect mountain farms, villagers in north PakistanTRF16 Dec 2013
Save Document Flood-tolerant rice leads Guyana farm adaptation pushTRF23 Jan 2012
Save Document Flooding and food security in Trinidad and TobagoECSP21 Aug 2013
Save Document Flooding could worsen Pakistan's water shortage, experts warnTRF3 Nov 2014
Save Document Floods have halved Pakistan's economic growth - ExpertTRF9 Sep 2013
Save Document Food and the cityIRIN18 Dec 2013
Save Document Food security weakening 'on a scale we haven't seen' - expertTRF28 Jun 2013
Save Document Food security, a regional concern in the Pacific areaFiji Times25 Sep 2012
Save Document Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientistsGuardian, the26 Aug 2012
Save Document Food waste, climate change top agenda at FAO Near East ConferenceFAO Headquarters15 May 2012
Save Document Food, farming, and climate change: A look into Feed the Future in SenegalOxfam America25 Jul 2013
Save Document Food: How bad is the crisis?IRIN16 Aug 2012
Save Document Food: Price shock hotspotsIRIN6 Aug 2012
Save Document For more food and more resilience, turn to womenCGIAR; TRF5 Dec 2014
Save Document Forging fire resilience on Amazon forest fringes in PeruCIFOR10 Jan 2014
Save Document From Senegal to Sudan, does building resilience work?Guardian, the15 Nov 2012
Save Document From Texas to India to the Horn of Africa, concern about weather, water and cropsNGS6 Mar 2012
Save Document Frustrated Thais work on flood management in legislative vacuumTRF4 Jun 2014

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