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Save Document Climate change: A fact of life for the world's hungryWFP6 Dec 2010
Save Document Climate change: Agriculture takes a backseat againIRIN5 Dec 2012
Save Document Climate change: Alleviating poverty helps developing countries adaptVOA2 Dec 2010
Save Document Climate change: Cassava key to food security, say scientistsIRIN20 Jun 2012
Save Document Climate change: Farmers and forecastsIRIN2 Apr 2012
Save Document Climate change: Farmers too hungry to adaptIRIN14 Sep 2012
Save Document Climate change: From research to strategy to policyIRIN7 Dec 2010
Save Document Climate change: How rivers will behaveIRIN14 Nov 2011
Save Document Climate change: Is Latin America prepared for temperatures to rise 4 degrees?WB19 Nov 2012
Save Document Climate change: major impacts on water for farming, warns FAO surveyFAO Headquarters9 Jun 2011
Save Document Climate change: New report outlines how Africa can adaptVOA29 Nov 2010
Save Document Climate change: New urgency to rethink dam projectsIRIN26 Sep 2012
Save Document Climate change: Staple food crops do not want global warmingIRIN5 Dec 2010
Save Document Climate change: Tackling the information voidIRIN9 Oct 2012
Save Document Climate change: UN agencies working in unison would do betterIRIN9 Dec 2010
Save Document Climate change: what do models predict for Europe?EEA7 May 2012
Save Document Climate conversations - A turn to old crop varieties for tough timesTRF7 Jun 2012
Save Document Climate Conversations - Helping women gain a voice on climate changeTRF3 Aug 2012
Save Document Climate conversations - Preparing for drought can pay off as climate impacts take holdTRF15 Aug 2011
Save Document Climate Conversations - Rwanda fund to test international appetite for financing climate adaptationIIED12 Mar 2013
Save Document Climate conversations: Developing water-efficient maize for AfricaTRF23 Jan 2012
Save Document Climate crisis already causing unprecedented damage to world economy - ReportDARA26 Sep 2012
Save Document Climate Innovation Center launched to jumpstart clean-tech and climate-smart agriculture ventures in EthiopiaWB27 Mar 2014
Save Document Climate migration complex, but planning can help - ExpertsTRF16 Jan 2014
Save Document Climate, food and farming research network call for proposalsCGIAR; University of Copenhagen15 Nov 2010
Save Document CLIMATE-ADAPT: A new tool for climate adaptation policy-makingEC23 Mar 2012
Save Document Climate-hit Zimbabwe farmers opt for traditional crop varietiesTRF13 Sep 2013
Save Document Climate-induced migration creates perils, possibilitiesIRIN20 Jan 2014
Save Document Climate-resilient traditional rice poised for comeback in Sri LankaTRF11 Oct 2013
Save Document Climate-smart agriculture: A worm's eye viewCIAT; TRF20 Jan 2014
Save Document Climate-smart farmers get tech savvy to save India's bread basketTRF16 Sep 2014
Save Document Climate-smart Kenyan crop hits a setback – hungry birdsTRF7 Aug 2013
Save Document Climate-threatened Solomon Islanders prepare for evacuationTRF25 Nov 2013
Save Document Climate: Why women are the agents of changeUNRIC6 Dec 2012
Save Document Coffee farmers in Kenya to use text based crop warning systemIICD2 May 2012
Save Document Colombia failing to put climate policy into action - ScientistsTRF15 May 2013
Save Document Colombia: agricultores, los primeros con un plan de adaptaciónEl Espectador1 Aug 2011
Save Document Colombia: Controversy brews over climate change adaptation projectIPS25 Jan 2013
Save Document Colorado, US: New report summarizes climate considerations on Navajo Nation landsUniv of Colorado9 Apr 2014
Save Document Combating food insecurity and displacement in drought-hit parts of AfghanistanIRIN22 Apr 2014
Save Document Commercial farms, climate shifts dry Tanzanian river basinTRF7 Jun 2013
Save Document Commissioner alert to consequences of famine and disasterIrish Times, the16 Feb 2012
Save Document Community dams aim to build water security in arid KenyaTRF3 Jun 2013
Save Document Community radio cutting disaster risk in coastal BangladeshTRF22 May 2012
Save Document Community radio helps Cameroonians track climate changeTRF3 Feb 2013
Save Document Community-based adaptation in Morocco: Successful community engagement for increased resilience and better livelihoodsGEF2 May 2012
Save Document Community-based adaptation to climate change makes economic senseCI; TRF29 Apr 2014
Save Document Concern: 'Will help arrive in time for the Sahel?'Concern Worldwide27 Feb 2012
Save Document Concerned scientists tell the UN: Hunger will never be eradicated without better rainwater managementSIWI31 Aug 2014
Save Document Cooperation key to drought prevention, UN officials stress at high-level meetingUNNC11 Mar 2013

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