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Save Document Disaster risk: How poverty leads to catastropheAllianz17 Mar 2010
Save Document Disasters and the poorInquirer.net13 Dec 2012
Save Document Disasters displaced over 32 mln people in 2012, rising trend forecastTRF13 May 2013
Save Document Disasters fuel forced marriagesUNISDR11 Oct 2012
Save Document Disasters, displacement, and climate change: New evidence and common challenges facing the north and southBrookings Inst, the27 Jul 2015
Save Document Disasters, MDGs and development - all sides of the same coinTRF17 Sep 2010
Save Document Disasters: Learning from Japan's tsunamiIRIN9 Mar 2012
Save Document Djibouti: Gestion des risques et des catastrophes - Les femmes et les filles, une force méconnue de la résilienceLa Nation14 Oct 2012
Save Document Doha COP18: International Red Cross Red Crescent calls for further government commitment as climate negotiations come to a closeIFRC9 Dec 2012
Save Document Dominica: Office of Disaster Management observes international day of natural disaster reductionDominica News13 Oct 2011
Save Document Drama tackles disability and disasterUNISDR NY24 Oct 2013
Save Document DRR Day 2014 - Resilience is For LifePlan Intl14 Oct 2014
Save Document DRR interview feature: Urban risk management in NepalNRRC17 Jul 2013
Save Document Earth Day: Climate change and displacement across bordersBrookings-LSE Proj on Internal Displacement22 Apr 2015
Save Document East Africa region to tackle disaster risk reduction, common strategy, solutions to address urban sustainability soughtUNISDR AF12 Jul 2011
Save Document East Africa: Experts tap knowledge on climate change trends to boost farmingBDAfrica27 Dec 2011
Save Document East Africa: Freedom of movement to help pastoralist lifestylesIRIN30 Jun 2010
Save Document ECHO: Kenya, disasters in the Horn - governments must do moreECHO13 Sep 2010
Save Document Education and the Global Platform for Disaster Risk ReductionINEE28 May 2013
Save Document Egypt moves on slum resilienceUNISDR; UNISDR ROAS16 Mar 2015
Save Document El Perú indígena pide políticas de adaptación al cambio climáticoAgencia EFE26 Jul 2011
Save Document Emotional stress over flooding affects kids tooNJMG6 Oct 2011
Save Document Empower women and girls in fight against disastersUNISDR8 Mar 2012
Save Document Encuentro Cruz Roja Nicaragua y asociaciones de personas con discapacidad sobre gestión integral del riesgoIFRC11 Sep 2013
Save Document Enhancing climate resilience of the vulnerable communities and ecosystems in SomaliaUNDP21 Nov 2014
Save Document Equity takes centre stageIRIN30 May 2013
Save Document Eritrea: Bringing hope to drought-prone communitiesIFRC12 Jul 2010
Save Document ESCAP: Children and disaster experts discuss disaster preventionESCAP13 Oct 2011
Save Document Ethiopia: Climate change increasing poverty and vulnerabilityOxfam Intl22 Apr 2010
Save Document Ethiopia: From relief to DRM - a step forward to ensure developmentWalta Info Center2 Mar 2009
Save Document Ethiopia: Ministry holds 6th national conference on disaster risk management - highlights women and girlsWalta Info Center15 Oct 2012
Save Document Ethiopia: Poverty hampers climate change adaptation, says PMIRIN16 Jan 2009
Save Document EU Commissioner launches a joint initiative on climate change with Pacific Islands ForumEC22 Oct 2013
Save Document EU gears up for disability inclusive #WCDRRUNISDR EUR14 Jan 2015
Save Document EU Introduces 11 disaster preparedness projects in HaitiDH22 Aug 2011
Save Document EU-backed study to explore climate and migration linksClimate News Network; RTCC29 Dec 2014
Save Document EU-funded project targets everyday risks among women and children in EgyptEC6 Jan 2011
Save Document European Commission to strengthen disaster resilience in the Horn of AfricaEC31 Jul 2012
Save Document Expert views: Climate change is wild card in water security - SEI analystsTRF25 Jul 2012
Save Document Experts gathered in Nepal a week ago to ready for earthquakeTimes of India, the26 Apr 2015
Save Document Exposed: Why Vanuatu is the world's most 'at-risk' country for natural hazardsDW17 Mar 2015
Save Document Extreme hunger in east Africa and the Sahel: forewarned but not forearmedGuardian, the9 May 2012
Save Document FAO calls for increased support for mountain family farmingFAO Headquarters11 Dec 2013
Save Document FAO: Climate change threat to Africa, 'adaptation a priority'FAO Headquarters4 May 2010
Save Document Federated States of Micronesia reviews disaster risk management lessons from typhoonsSPC9 Jun 2015
Save Document FemLINKPacific PR: Stepping up for young women!Scoop Media Ltd13 Oct 2011
Save Document FH Bangladesh international day for disaster reductionFH13 Oct 2011
Save Document Fiji commits itself to making disability visible during times of crisis – Minister for Social WelfarePINA7 Oct 2013
Save Document Fiji: 'Disabled people out of disaster process'Fiji Times14 Jan 2012
Save Document Fiji: Children living with disability in disasters should be a priorityFSPI13 Oct 2013

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