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Save Document Coping with nature's destructive forcesHuffington Post21 Jun 2012
Save Document Côte d'Ivoire: Thousands evicted in preparation for rainsIRIN18 Jun 2010
Save Document Creative ingenuity stronger in 'developing world'King's College21 Jun 2012
Save Document CRID: 'There is still much work to do for sectorial mainstreaming of DRR' - Ricardo MenaCRID12 Oct 2011
Save Document CRPD committee issues statement on disability-inclusive DRRCBM Intl20 Oct 2014
Save Document Culminó una instancia de formación en reducción de riesgosNotife4 Mar 2012
Save Document Cultivating future leaders of education for sustainable development and disaster risk reduction in Asia-PacificUNESCO BKK4 Mar 2013
Save Document Cultural identity, climate change resilience & ICTsNICCD28 Sep 2011
Save Document Cyclone hits as evaluation team visits MadagascarUNISDR14 Feb 2012
Save Document Daily report of the Third Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction - Thursday 12 May 2011IISD12 May 2011
Save Document DARA: Humanitarian Response Index 2011 identifies lack of prevention-oriented strategiesDARA7 Mar 2012
Save Document DARA: State of the climate report - 'Inaction to kill 5 million – mostly children – by 2020'DARA3 Dec 2010
Save Document Day for Disaster Reduction - Inclusion saves lives!CBM Intl9 Oct 2013
Save Document Disability inclusion and disaster risk reduction at the UN HQCBM Intl28 Oct 2014
Save Document Disability inclusion in DRR summarised in blogs from GuayaquilCBM Intl30 May 2014
Save Document Disability survey: 'Take my wisdom, not my dignity'UNISDR3 Sep 2013
Save Document Disability survey: Youngster calls for inclusive futureUNISDR Hyogo12 Nov 2013
Save Document Disaster proofing the transport sector in VietnamWB16 May 2014
Save Document Disaster reduction - Meet Kazol, ready for next disasterCBM Intl2 Oct 2013
Save Document Disaster reduction critical to HIV/AIDS reductionUNISDR1 Dec 2011
Save Document Disaster reduction: five inclusive innovative NGOsCBM Intl18 Sep 2013
Save Document Disaster risk education starts with the young in the PhilippinesIFRC24 Sep 2013
Save Document Disaster risk is transforming African citiesUNISDR AF15 Feb 2013
Save Document Disaster risk management in Mexico and Colombia – a Contribution to developmentWB10 Jul 2012
Save Document Disaster risk must be part of new development goals - global forumTRF23 May 2013
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and cholera prevention in HaitiUNOPS17 Nov 2011
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and Rio+20NGS21 Jun 2012
Save Document Disaster risk reduction for sustaining educationNew Age17 Dec 2011
Save Document Disaster risk reduction in the Arab worldIRIN20 Mar 2013
Save Document Disaster risk reduction platform concludes with 14-point commitmentRepublica15 May 2011
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: Experiencing floods as a person with disability - VideoCBM Intl2 Jun 2014
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: From wheelchairs to typhoonsCBM Intl21 Nov 2014
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: Planning for disability inclusion - videoCBM Intl5 Jun 2014
Save Document Disaster risk: How poverty leads to catastropheAllianz17 Mar 2010
Save Document Disasters and the poorInquirer.net13 Dec 2012
Save Document Disasters displaced over 32 mln people in 2012, rising trend forecastTRF13 May 2013
Save Document Disasters fuel forced marriagesUNISDR11 Oct 2012
Save Document Disasters, MDGs and development - all sides of the same coinTRF17 Sep 2010
Save Document Disasters: Learning from Japan's tsunamiIRIN9 Mar 2012
Save Document Djibouti: Gestion des risques et des catastrophes - Les femmes et les filles, une force méconnue de la résilienceLa Nation14 Oct 2012
Save Document Doha COP18: International Red Cross Red Crescent calls for further government commitment as climate negotiations come to a closeIFRC9 Dec 2012
Save Document Dominica: Office of Disaster Management observes international day of natural disaster reductionDominica News13 Oct 2011
Save Document Drama tackles disability and disasterUNISDR NY24 Oct 2013
Save Document DRR Day 2014 - Resilience is For LifePlan Intl14 Oct 2014
Save Document DRR interview feature: Urban risk management in NepalNRRC17 Jul 2013
Save Document East Africa region to tackle disaster risk reduction, common strategy, solutions to address urban sustainability soughtUNISDR AF12 Jul 2011
Save Document East Africa: Experts tap knowledge on climate change trends to boost farmingBDAfrica27 Dec 2011
Save Document East Africa: Freedom of movement to help pastoralist lifestylesIRIN30 Jun 2010
Save Document ECHO: Kenya, disasters in the Horn - governments must do moreECHO13 Sep 2010
Save Document Education and the Global Platform for Disaster Risk ReductionINEE28 May 2013

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