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Save Document Katastrophen: Menschen mit Behinderung sind doppelt so häufig OpferMalteser Intl16 May 2013
Save Document Kenya's drought-hit herders lose out in cut-price land salesTRF13 Apr 2015
Save Document Kenya: 'A picture of strength and perspective amidst drought' - CARETRF15 Aug 2011
Save Document Kenya: Drought-resistant crops encouragedIRIN5 Aug 2009
Save Document Kenya: Extreme weather tests pastoralist perceptionsIRIN15 Apr 2010
Save Document Kenya: Late rains to worsen food securityIRIN18 Mar 2009
Save Document Kenya: Understanding and responding to climate changeMin of Environ and Mineral Resources, Kenya - gov7 Jul 2009
Save Document Kenya: Using technology to counter floodsEast African Business Week Ltd.12 May 2012
Save Document Kenyan MPs to champion rural women’s influence on climate policyTRF10 Jun 2013
Save Document Kiribati's president seeks global 'partnership' to combat climate changeABC2 Sep 2014
Save Document La prévention des catastrophes naturelles en débat au forum d’El MoudjahidEl Moudjahid13 Oct 2011
Save Document Laos: Disaster reduction day raises public awarenessLao Red Cross18 Oct 2011
Save Document Las redes locales de gestión del riesgo se consolidan en VenezuelaCESAP27 Apr 2013
Save Document Launch of children’s disaster risk reduction platform in Bihar, IndiaAIDMI6 Dec 2012
Save Document Launch of the UNDP human development report: migration, adaptation strategyUNDP5 Oct 2009
Save Document Least developed countries call for immediate action on climate changeGBN30 Apr 2013
Save Document Lebanon: U.N. official supports new proposed disaster planning lawDaily Star, the19 Oct 2012
Save Document Lesotho: Food security goes from bad to worseIRIN26 Jun 2012
Save Document Lessons from the floodChina Dialogue11 Mar 2011
Save Document Lessons learned from 14 years of disastersHFHI25 Feb 2013
Save Document Let’s go beyond the death toll in disaster data collectionUNISDR NY27 Sep 2013
Save Document Liberia: Peace and stability hold key to future development visionUNICEF; UNDP Liberia; UNISDR; PBSO28 Nov 2012
Save Document Libya: Celebrating World Environment Day 2012 with tree plantingUNICEF5 Jun 2012
Save Document Lima COP to lay foundation for Paris 2015 agreementUNFCCC28 Nov 2014
Save Document Local communities plead for greater involvement in disaster risk reductionUN-DPI22 May 2013
Save Document Local governments come together to build safer communities in Sri LankaUNISDR AP5 Jul 2011
Save Document Long-term food production must factor in potential impacts of climate change: UN officialUNNC23 Apr 2014
Save Document Loren Legarda calls for increased protection of womenSun Star7 Mar 2015
Save Document Los más chicos celebraron Día Internacional de la Reducción de Riesgos de DesastresGob de Santa Fe, Argentina - gov15 Oct 2014
Save Document Maharashtra, India celebrates the International Day for Disaster ReductionMaharashtra - gov, India - gov14 Oct 2012
Save Document Major bank to study Pacific climate change adaptationABC29 Nov 2010
Save Document Maldives: Commentary - Adaptation starts hereMinivan News12 Dec 2010
Save Document Maldives: Women's rights key to tackling climate changeMinivan News22 Nov 2009
Save Document Managing disaster risk should be everybody's businessODI; TRF10 Jul 2014
Save Document Managing urban risk in AfricaUNISDR AF21 May 2015
Save Document Maroc: Une nouvelle stratégie de gestion des risques en préparationLe Matin29 Aug 2012
Save Document Mayors and children lead fight against climate change in the PhilippinesUNISDR13 Dec 2010
Save Document Meet the next generation of disaster respondersUSAID, United States of America - gov26 May 2015
Save Document Mega-disasters and urbanization spur spike in displacement: ReportTRF12 Mar 2015
Save Document Mental health an overlooked casualty of disaster - part twoIPS15 Aug 2013
Save Document Mercy Corps and Rockefeller Foundation combat effects of climate change in Indonesian slumsMercy Corps2 Dec 2009
Save Document Message for the international day for disaster reduction by Margareta WahlströmUNISDR12 Oct 2011
Save Document Message from United Nations Secretary-General, Ban ki-Moon, on the international day for disaster reductionUNNC13 Oct 2010
Save Document México: 'Mujeres, las más vulnerables ante los desastres naturales' - Secretaria de protección civilElgolfo.info15 Feb 2012
Save Document México: El cambio climático empuja las migracionesIPS1 Sep 2011
Save Document México: La secretaría de protección civil celebrará día de reducción de riesgosImagen del Golfo11 Oct 2011
Save Document México: Niños interesados en la cultura de la prevenciónImagen del Golfo13 Oct 2011
Save Document México: Trabajan IEM y PC a favor de las mujeresMilenio Diario21 Sep 2011
Save Document Migration due to climate change demands attention - ADBADB7 Feb 2011
Save Document Migration spurred by climate change could displace millions – UN-backed studyUNNC10 Jun 2009

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