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Save Document Maldives: Commentary - Adaptation starts hereMinivan News12 Dec 2010
Save Document Maldives: Women's rights key to tackling climate changeMinivan News22 Nov 2009
Save Document Managing disaster risk should be everybody's businessODI; TRF10 Jul 2014
Save Document Maroc: Une nouvelle stratégie de gestion des risques en préparationLe Matin29 Aug 2012
Save Document Mayors and children lead fight against climate change in the PhilippinesUNISDR13 Dec 2010
Save Document Mental health an overlooked casualty of disaster - part twoIPS15 Aug 2013
Save Document Mercy Corps and Rockefeller Foundation combat effects of climate change in Indonesian slumsMercy Corps2 Dec 2009
Save Document Message for the international day for disaster reduction by Margareta WahlströmUNISDR12 Oct 2011
Save Document Message from United Nations Secretary-General, Ban ki-Moon, on the international day for disaster reductionUNNC13 Oct 2010
Save Document México: 'Mujeres, las más vulnerables ante los desastres naturales' - Secretaria de protección civilElgolfo.info15 Feb 2012
Save Document México: El cambio climático empuja las migracionesIPS1 Sep 2011
Save Document México: La secretaría de protección civil celebrará día de reducción de riesgosImagen del Golfo11 Oct 2011
Save Document México: Niños interesados en la cultura de la prevenciónImagen del Golfo13 Oct 2011
Save Document México: Trabajan IEM y PC a favor de las mujeresMilenio Diario21 Sep 2011
Save Document Migration due to climate change demands attention - ADBADB7 Feb 2011
Save Document Migration spurred by climate change could displace millions – UN-backed studyUNNC10 Jun 2009
Save Document Migration worsening climate stresses on Tanzania's city dwellersTRF12 Sep 2013
Save Document Millions back 'Disability is not Inability' messageUNISDR28 Oct 2013
Save Document Millions of Asians exposed to big climate disasters - OxfamTRF6 Nov 2014
Save Document More than half in U.S. at greater risk in disastersUSA Today27 Sep 2014
Save Document Moving on from vulnerabilityCBM Intl22 Jun 2014
Save Document Mozambique: Living with floods in Gaza ProvinceUNICEF7 Mar 2011
Save Document Muslim Aid’s message on international day for disaster reductionMuslim Aid13 Oct 2011
Save Document Myanmar: A year on from cyclone Nargis - relief and recovery in a harsh environmentTearfund30 Apr 2009
Save Document Myanmar: International Day for Disaster Reduction 2014 observedMin of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, Myanmar - gov13 Oct 2014
Save Document Myanmar: Support to women is key to post-Nargis recovery and developmentUNIC Yangon12 Mar 2010
Save Document National disaster risk reduction should involve all stakeholders, clear mandatesUN-DPI20 May 2013
Save Document Nation’s youth gather in Washington for community preparedness roundtableFEMA, United States of America - gov6 Aug 2012
Save Document Neglected 'everyday' disasters fuel rising losses for poorestTRF22 May 2013
Save Document Negotiators split on how to deal with growing climate loss and damageTRF13 Nov 2013
Save Document Nepal to mark Disaster Reduction DayHimalayan Times9 Oct 2012
Save Document Nepal: 'Absence of local bodies challenging development'Republica16 Aug 2011
Save Document Nepal: Disasters hit hardest those who are least preparedRepublica13 Oct 2011
Save Document Nepal: International women’s day - Like a spearKantipur Publications7 Mar 2012
Save Document Nepal: Interview - 'Absence of local bodies challenging development'Republica16 Aug 2011
Save Document Nepal: Ministry of Environment launches an international conference of mountain countries on climate changeHimalayan Times5 Apr 2012
Save Document Nepal: Youths’ role in disaster risk reduction hailedKantipur Publications13 Oct 2011
Save Document Nepal: Youth‚ migration and climate changeHimalayan Times19 Dec 2013
Save Document New champion for Making Cities ResilientUNISDR AM9 Apr 2014
Save Document New Delhi, India: Disaster Reduction Day - 'School safety plans' award ceremonyNIDM, India - gov10 Oct 2012
Save Document New global disaster reduction strategy must include vulnerable peopleActionAid; TRF23 Nov 2014
Save Document New HFA to ensure women involved in disaster risk management says UNISDR / La UNISDR asevera que el nuevo MAH velará por la participación de las mujeres en la gestión del riesgo de desastresUNISDR8 Mar 2013
Save Document New learning tool helps children prepare for disastersPlan Intl3 May 2012
Save Document New Save the Children report examines vulnerabilities and adaptation measuresNew Nation2 Dec 2009
Save Document New York’s City council adds climate change panelsNew York Times22 Aug 2012
Save Document New Zealand: Better planning needed in Japan coastal rebuildVoxy17 Aug 2012
Save Document New Zealand: Disaster planning info designed for blindVoxy7 Feb 2011
Save Document New €100,000 risk award announced at close of 4th global platformUNISDR23 May 2013
Save Document NGOs urge the European Union to step up child-centric efforts to reduce disaster riskTRF21 Oct 2011
Save Document Nigeria: 2011 world disaster reduction day celebrationCDRCR12 Oct 2011

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