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Save Document On Chernobyl anniversary, Ban urges sustained support for affected communitiesUNNC26 Apr 2012
Save Document On International Disaster Reduction Day, UN focuses on safety of persons with disabilitiesUNNC13 Oct 2013
Save Document Only plastic between Haiti homeless and brewing stormsTRF25 Feb 2010
Save Document ONU dice que un 80% de latinoamerica está expuesta a sufrir un desastreCaracol Radio19 Jan 2013
Save Document Opinion: Number of climate refugees overstatedSMH10 Dec 2010
Save Document Overwhelming support in Asia for a new international agreement on disaster risk reductionUNISDR AP25 Oct 2012
Save Document Oxfam: Climate funds bypass hardest hit, new fund neededONZ7 Oct 2010
Save Document Oxfam: Extreme weather endangers food security worldwideOxfam Intl28 Nov 2011
Save Document Oxfam: Funding call for Myanmar recovery two years after Cyclone NargisOxfam Intl2 May 2010
Save Document Oxfam: In pictures - women fighting climate changeOxfam Intl8 Dec 2010
Save Document Oxfam: Lazy labelling threatens effective disaster risk reductionOxfam Intl13 Oct 2011
Save Document Pacific environment leader warns: ‘We will be the first to go under’UNISDR - Pacific16 Jul 2013
Save Document Pakistan among worst-hit countries by climate change - Committee on Climate ChangePakistan Today8 Apr 2013
Save Document Pakistan celebrates the international day for disaster reductionPDMA, Pakistan - gov12 Oct 2011
Save Document Pakistan's post-flood bluesIRIN12 Jul 2011
Save Document Pakistan: 'While Karachi remains at risk, its machinery is unprepared for climate change'Express Tribune, the25 Apr 2012
Save Document Pakistan: Awareness key to coping with climate change - SpeakersExpress Tribune, the31 Jan 2013
Save Document Pakistan: Children in 2005 quake zone still lack schoolsIRIN11 Oct 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Flood risk - Provincial Disaster Management Authority to assess vulnerability of communitiesBusiness Recorder9 May 2012
Save Document Pakistan: Hailstorm takes residents by surpriseNews Intl, the15 Mar 2013
Save Document Pakistan: Increased EU funding for double humanitarian crisisEC27 Sep 2012
Save Document Pakistan: International Disaster Risk Reduction Day observedNews Intl, the9 Oct 2013
Save Document Pakistan: National plan of action for the disabled to include DRRNews Intl, the20 Jan 2010
Save Document Pakistan: Rural poor more vulnerable to climate changeNews Intl, the22 Nov 2009
Save Document Pakistan: The flood, and the responseIRIN19 Aug 2010
Save Document Pakistan: The forgotten peopleDawn Media Group23 Feb 2012
Save Document Pakistan: Villagers hit by 2010 flood feel abandoned by govtNews Intl, the18 Aug 2011
Save Document Panamá: Se entregó carta de la niñez de reducción de riesgo de desastres a ministros de educaciónPlan Intl17 Oct 2011
Save Document Papua New Guinea: International day for disaster reduction, making children and youth partners in disaster risk reduction (DRR)SPC7 Nov 2011
Save Document Partnership research project to address the challenges of urban housing reconstruction after disastersHFHI3 Apr 2013
Save Document People with disabilities fight for their rights in disastersTRF24 May 2013
Save Document People with disabilities ‘contributors to resilience, not victims’UNISDR NY2 Aug 2013
Save Document People with disabilities: A power for change not a burdenUNISDR AP20 Sep 2013
Save Document Personas con discapacidad tras inundaciones en PanamáUNISDR - AM9 Oct 2013
Save Document Perú está mejor preparado para atender emergencias por heladasAndina24 May 2012
Save Document Perú: El cambio climático no tiene compasión con los más pobresEl comercio11 Aug 2011
Save Document Perú: Feria informativa sensibiliza sobre gestión del riesgo de desastres y ACCPREDES13 Oct 2013
Save Document Perú: Publican ley de reasentamiento poblacional para zonas de muy alto riesgo no mitigableGaceta Jurídica29 May 2012
Save Document Peru: Taller para prevenir desastres en VESDiario Correo6 Mar 2013
Save Document Peru: UN-HABITAT supports grassroots projectsUN-HABITAT19 Jul 2010
Save Document Phililppines: Youth Summit in Llorente develops children, youth as partners in disaster risk reductionPIA28 Aug 2011
Save Document Philippines floods: Sustainability serves as the centerpiece of Save the Children’s relief strategyTRF21 Aug 2013
Save Document Philippines plea: 'Stop this climate madness'UNISDR AP11 Nov 2013
Save Document Philippines poor bear brunt of disastersUNISDR AP14 Nov 2013
Save Document Philippines rockets up list of countries most vulnerable to disasterGuardian, the14 Nov 2013
Save Document Philippines storm disaster underscores need for bold climate action - NegotiatorsTRF11 Nov 2013
Save Document Philippines: 'It pays to be prepared' - World VisionManila Bulletin, the31 Mar 2011
Save Document Philippines: Albay implements reforms for disaster risk reductionPIA30 Dec 2010
Save Document Philippines: BJMP-Maasin City imparts disaster preparedness to jail residentsPIA10 Mar 2014
Save Document Philippines: Brain, talent and skill for disaster risk reductionSanfran, Philippines - gov31 Jul 2012

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