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Save Document Japan solidarity forum strengthens disaster risk reduction in educationUNESCO BKK6 Jun 2012
Save Document Japan's success in risk reduction highlighted on March 11 anniversaryUNISDR AP9 Mar 2012
Save Document Japan, Thailand agree to cooperate on disaster managementMainichi Daily news, the8 Mar 2012
Save Document Japan: Learn the lessons of earthquakes, for big ones will happen againYomiuri Shimbun17 Jan 2012
Save Document Japan: Talks look at the tragedy and hope sparked by disastersBangkok Post13 Dec 2011
Save Document Japan: Tsunami city ‘starts from zero’UNISDR Hyogo; UNISDR AP5 Nov 2013
Save Document Japan’s resilience lessonsProject Syndicate6 Mar 2012
Save Document Karachi, Pakistan: Flood-affected people training to reduce disaster riskNews Intl, the30 Apr 2012
Save Document Kenya-Somalia drought: 'Need to focus on whole cycle' say expertsIRIN4 Jul 2011
Save Document Kenya: Coping with hardship in pastoralist regionsIRIN18 Jan 2011
Save Document Kenya: Drought-resistant crops encouragedIRIN5 Aug 2009
Save Document Kenya: Late rains to worsen food securityIRIN18 Mar 2009
Save Document Kenya: Slum fires highlight urban preparedness gapIRIN15 Apr 2011
Save Document Kenyan MPs to champion rural women’s influence on climate policyTRF10 Jun 2013
Save Document Kiribati holds national hearings on climate changeABC19 Apr 2013
Save Document Kyrgyzstan: Unique, earthquake resistant housing projectDRC5 May 2011
Save Document La hausse de la population rend plus urgente l’adaptation au changement climatiqueTémoignages24 Aug 2011
Save Document Latin America: Lessons from JapanBuenos Aires Herald, NEFIR S.A.21 Feb 2012
Save Document Launch of the Australia-Indonesia Facility for Disaster Reduction (AIFDR)Jakarta Post, the17 Jul 2010
Save Document Launch of the UNDP human development report: migration, adaptation strategyUNDP5 Oct 2009
Save Document Launch of UK/India research collaboration on climate change impactsDECC, United Kingdom - gov28 Sep 2012
Save Document Le réchauffement, cause croissante de migrationsLe Monde29 Dec 2011
Save Document Leaders of Small Islands adopt climate change declaration at UNGAAOSIS28 Sep 2012
Save Document Les catastrophes naturelles affecteraient la santé mentale des victimesActu-Environnement, Cogiterra31 Aug 2011
Save Document Les îles polynésiennes françaises menacées par la montée des eauxMeteo France, France - gov13 Dec 2011
Save Document Les pays d’Asie et du Pacifique souffriront plus que les autres du réchauffement climatiqueDMT Développement20 Sep 2011
Save Document Lesotho: Food security goes from bad to worseIRIN26 Jun 2012
Save Document Lessons from the floodChina Dialogue11 Mar 2011
Save Document Lessons learnt about small and medium enterprises recovery from natural disastersScoop Media Ltd14 Jun 2012
Save Document Let's get real about climate changeTrócaire19 Jun 2012
Save Document Lingering hardship after Nigeria floodsIRIN14 Feb 2014
Save Document Linking grassroots effectively to the development processKrisoker Sor (Farmers' Voice)24 Jul 2013
Save Document Local communities plead for greater involvement in disaster risk reductionUN-DPI22 May 2013
Save Document Looking at the social and cultural limits to climate change adaptationTRF30 Jul 2010
Save Document Losses from disasters in East Asia and Pacific raise concerns for poverty reductionADPC; WB3 Jun 2013
Save Document Madagascar: Just add water, better seeds and new knowledgeIRIN22 May 2009
Save Document Mainstreaming matters - The case of Sri LankaRCC16 Jan 2013
Save Document Major bank to study Pacific climate change adaptationABC29 Nov 2010
Save Document Major role for communities in climate change adaptationBizCommunity.com11 Nov 2011
Save Document Make communities more disaster resilient: WHOWHO6 Jun 2012
Save Document Making cities resilient: from awareness to implementation - Special journal issue for freeCDR5 Mar 2013
Save Document Making cities resilient: Preparing Bangladesh - National disaster preparedness dayDaily Star, the29 Mar 2012
Save Document Making Paris resilient to floodsUNISDR EUR28 Jan 2014
Save Document Malawi: Shrinking lake threatens livelihoodsIRIN18 Sep 2012
Save Document Maldives to tackle displacement caused by climate changeIndia Blooms22 Jul 2011
Save Document Maldives: Multi-purpose safe shelter building completed and handed over to the communityUNDP Maldives10 Jun 2010
Save Document Maldives: Nationwide public awareness campaign launched to ensure lives are saved in the face of disasterUNDP Maldives26 Dec 2009
Save Document Mali conflict ups pressure on climate-stressed herdersTRF20 Mar 2013
Save Document Managing private and public adaptation to climate changeUniv of Southampton, the13 Jan 2012
Save Document Managing risk in a changing climate: Making the caseIRI12 Jul 2010

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