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Save Document Call to save lives and protect investments from war and disastersUNISDR13 Mar 2013
Save Document Cambodian students set to hit the world stage at major disaster summitTRF10 May 2013
Save Document Can disaster risk reduction lessons be learned from China?IRIN29 Apr 2013
Save Document Canada turns its back on international drought treatyUNCCD29 Mar 2013
Save Document Caribbean region needs a tsunami warning centreTRF30 Aug 2013
Save Document Caribbean's vulnerability to disaster a development deficit, says officialCaribbean Net News18 Jun 2010
Save Document CARICOM: 'Resolve and resilience in the face of risk' - Ambassador Irwin LaRocqueCARICOM16 Apr 2012
Save Document Caucasus region facing climate change problemsFinancial24 Apr 2012
Save Document Cayman Islands: Youth focus of risk reductionCaymanian Compass13 Oct 2011
Save Document Centroamérica debe reducir la pobreza para adaptarse al cambio climáticoEl Espectador5 Oct 2011
Save Document Centroamérica establecerá protocolos comunes para evitar daños al patrimonioABC Periódico Electrónico25 Oct 2011
Save Document Challenging inequality is at heart of climate adaptationIIED23 Apr 2013
Save Document Changing climate puts development goals at riskIOL7 Dec 2011
Save Document Children's creativity will help us bounce back from disasterTES, TSL Education Limited7 Oct 2011
Save Document Chile: Se reactivan los voraces incendios en ValparaísoBBC13 Apr 2014
Save Document China and Africa step up cooperation on drought risk reductionUNISDR26 Sep 2011
Save Document China: Catastrophe insurance scheme on the way, but huge risks may deter insurers from taking partSCMP4 Dec 2013
Save Document China: Early warning, survival skills emphasized as new keys to disaster reliefGlobal Times, the24 Oct 2012
Save Document China: New programme in Salween-Mekong basin targets women’s adaptation to climate changeICIMOD29 Mar 2012
Save Document China: Sichuan earthquake - The psychosocial recovery of children three months onTRF29 Jul 2013
Save Document China’s first disaster reduction themed animated film ‘Today, Tomorrow’ now in cinemasWenhui Daily14 May 2012
Save Document Chinese government sees its own reflection in water crisisTRF23 Sep 2013
Save Document Civil society organisations laud government, Care International for climate actionsDiplo7 Jul 2012
Save Document Climate and drought lessons from Ancient EgyptUSGS, United States of America - gov; Penn16 Aug 2012
Save Document Climate challenge to Samoa tourismABC9 Aug 2011
Save Document Climate change adaptation policy shift could help the poorIRIN7 Oct 2010
Save Document Climate change adaptation project to increase resilience of children and communitiesAusAid, Australia - gov; Inst for Sustainable Futures; Plan Intl; SCI2 Oct 2012
Save Document Climate change and risk management conference focuses on Uruguay's vulnerabilitiesIOM14 Sep 2010
Save Document Climate change could crush East Africa’s agricultural economy – ReportRTCC23 Dec 2013
Save Document Climate change declared public enemy No. 1UNISDR6 Jun 2013
Save Document Climate change in Bangladesh: Preventive measuresNew Nation8 Jun 2009
Save Document Climate change is a challenge for sustainable developmentWB15 Jan 2014
Save Document Climate change report warns of dramatically warmer world this centuryWB18 Nov 2012
Save Document Climate change taking hold, summit hearsAustralian, the26 Jun 2012
Save Document Climate change threatens Bangladesh's MDG achievements - ExpertsTRF22 Jul 2013
Save Document Climate change: For the people, by the peopleIRIN8 Dec 2011
Save Document Climate Change: In the Arab world, building fridges to live in an ovenIRIN5 Dec 2012
Save Document Climate change: Is Latin America prepared for temperatures to rise 4 degrees?WB19 Nov 2012
Save Document Climate crisis already causing unprecedented damage to world economy - ReportDARA26 Sep 2012
Save Document Climate migrants risk more harm in new surroundingsUNISDR21 Aug 2012
Save Document Climate resilience at Africa's grassrootsASNS8 Feb 2009
Save Document Climate resilient cities: A role for the mediaIIED27 Sep 2013
Save Document Climate shifts cut short girls' education in northeast IndiaTRF23 Jul 2013
Save Document Climate talks: 'We must not allow Cancún to turn into Can'tCun' - Bolivian officialGuardian, the30 Nov 2010
Save Document CLIMATE-ADAPT: A new tool for climate adaptation policy-makingEC23 Mar 2012
Save Document Climate-hit Zimbabwe farmers opt for traditional crop varietiesTRF13 Sep 2013
Save Document Climate-induced migration creates perils, possibilitiesIRIN20 Jan 2014
Save Document Climate-linked migration poses growing humanitarian threat - studyADB13 Mar 2012
Save Document Closing the gaps: Commission on Climate Change and Development issues final reportCCCD14 May 2009
Save Document Coastal cities to pay high price for climate changeTRF19 Aug 2013

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