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Save Document Orvieto aderisce alla campagna 'Città resilienti' di fronte ai rischi, ai disastri, alle emergenze naturaliOrvietosi15 Apr 2014
Save Document Oxfam call for investment in risk reductionUNISDR15 Feb 2012
Save Document Oxfam UK: 'Caribbean Cities Getting Ready' - call for papersOxfam GB18 Jun 2010
Save Document Oxfam: From loss to prevention in ArmeniaOxfam GB13 Oct 2010
Save Document Pakistan builds earthquake-resistant solar homesTRF12 Jun 2014
Save Document Pakistan hopes to build back better after floodsTRF13 Oct 2010
Save Document Pakistan President tells UNISDR he will champion disaster risk reductionUNISDR7 Oct 2011
Save Document Pakistan's challenge: How to lead in the wake of catastropheWashington Post2 Sep 2010
Save Document Pakistan's cities wake up to climate threatsTRF16 Jan 2012
Save Document Pakistan's post-flood bluesIRIN12 Jul 2011
Save Document Pakistan: 'Building back better' in quake zoneIRIN13 May 2010
Save Document Pakistan: 'Millions at risk from floods' - UNTRF22 Jun 2011
Save Document Pakistan: 'Waiting for Armageddon'Dawn Media Group5 Mar 2012
Save Document Pakistan: 'While Karachi remains at risk, its machinery is unprepared for climate change'Express Tribune, the25 Apr 2012
Save Document Pakistan: Climate change puts pressure on urbanisationDaily Star, the10 Jul 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Coping with disasters - Capital’s posh sectors most vulnerable to quakesExpress Tribune, the22 Aug 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Court summons officials to explain flood protection strategyNews Intl, the23 Feb 2012
Save Document Pakistan: Flood risk managementNation15 Nov 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Floodplain management solution to devastating flood lossesWWF-Pakistan10 Sep 2014
Save Document Pakistan: Govt takes measures to protect population at risk from floodsAPPC2 Jul 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Improving local disaster governance - OpinionDaily Times4 Jul 2014
Save Document Pakistan: IRIN - critiques of the 2005 quake reconstructionIRIN13 May 2010
Save Document Pakistan: NDMA for Rs 20bn allocation to prepare against disastersDaily Times8 Feb 2012
Save Document Pakistan: Planning for disaster risk reductionDawn Media Group23 Sep 2012
Save Document Pakistan: PM calls for completion of reconstruction in quake-affected areasAPPC12 Jul 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Preparing for the monsoonIRIN22 Jul 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Prime minister reviews state of flood control preparedness in countrySANA13 Mar 2012
Save Document Pakistan: Study finds Karachi vulnerable to climate change impactDawn Media Group6 Aug 2012
Save Document Pakistan: The forgotten peopleDawn Media Group23 Feb 2012
Save Document Pakistan: UN & NDMA launches 'Resilient Cities and One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals campaign'SANA9 Oct 2011
Save Document Pakistan: UN-HABITAT launches mass information campaign to promote DRR among communities nationwideOnePakistan.com19 Jan 2012
Save Document Palestine: 'Is your city prepared?'NNU3 Nov 2011
Save Document Palestine: An-Najah University and the Engineering Association conclude a training course in earthquake-proof buildings / الجامعة ونقابة المهندسين تختتمان دورة تدريبية في المباني المقاومة للزلازلNNU17 Jan 2012
Save Document Palestine: An-Najah University launches disaster risk mitigation project (SASPARM) funded by European UnionNNU26 Feb 2013
Save Document Palestine: Seismic monitoring and earth science studies station opensNNU23 Oct 2012
Save Document Palestine: The Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction Center at An-Najah participates in a seminar in Jericho / مركز التخطيط الحضري والحد من مخاطر الكوارث يشارك في ندوة بعنوان التخطيط الاستراتيجي للحد من مخاطر الكوارث في أريحاNNU11 Jan 2012
Save Document Palestine: Workshop on disaster risk reduction in Hebron calls for 'practical steps'NNU4 Jan 2011
Save Document Pamela Cox appointed as new World Bank Vice President for East Asia and the PacificWB3 Jan 2012
Save Document Panamá y Naciones Unidas lanzan campaña mundial para prevenir desastresGrupo EPASA29 May 2013
Save Document Panama: UNISDR y AMUPA suscriben marco de colaboración para la reducción del riesgo de desastresAlcaldía de Panamá, Panama - gov18 Jan 2013
Save Document PanGeo case history from Rome, ItalyCGG NPA20 Mar 2014
Save Document PanGeo enabling access to geological information in support of global monitoring for environment and securityCGG NPA1 Nov 2012
Save Document Partnership research project to address the challenges of urban housing reconstruction after disastersHFHI3 Apr 2013
Save Document Pérou: La capitale se prépare à un tremblement de terre géantLe Monde1 Jun 2012
Save Document Peru govt launches program on strengthening disaster risk reductionAndina23 Oct 2013
Save Document Peru launches cities campaignUNISDR AM25 May 2012
Save Document Perú y Chile establecen alianza estratégica ante emergencias y catástrofesINDECI, Peru - gov15 Mar 2012
Save Document Perú: 1,156 municipalidades cumplen meta de gestión de riesgos de desastresAndina13 Oct 2011
Save Document Perú: Demandan al gobierno regional cumplir con el mantenimiento de vías del VRAEInfo Region4 Oct 2011
Save Document Peru: El distrito de Los Olivos en Lima es lanzado como 'ciudad resiliente' por su alcaldeLos Olivos, Peru - gov24 May 2014

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