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Save Document Ireland: extreme weather here to stay, warns climatologistIrish Examiner.com18 Aug 2008
Save Document IRI: 'Democratizing' seasonal forecasts in Latin AmericaIRI10 Nov 2010
Save Document IRIN: Climate-change: 'User-friendlier weather data'IRIN3 Dec 2010
Save Document Is man or nature at fault for Queensland floods?Macquarie Univ19 Jan 2011
Save Document Is the threat of a natural hazards growing in Britain?Metro23 Nov 2010
Save Document Is the UK’s critical national infrastructure prepared for climate change?CCC4 Apr 2011
Save Document Islamic Relief: Guarding against natural disastersIslamic Relief Worldwide22 May 2013
Save Document Italia: Protezione Civile, facciamo il tagliando ai fabbricatiEdil Tecnico19 May 2012
Save Document Italia: Sisma - L'Aquila 6.3, Emilia 6 'Eventi molto diversi'La Repubblica21 May 2012
Save Document Italia: Terremoto, tremila controlli l'anno sulle nuove case - Progetti al setaccioMessaggero, Il30 May 2012
Save Document Italy quake highlights need to educate the public, says expertUNISDR21 May 2012
Save Document Italy scientists face trial over L'Aquila earthquakeBBC20 Sep 2011
Save Document Italy: Cluster quakes and new risksCorriere della Sera30 May 2012
Save Document Italy: L'Aquila earthquake - a year onNERC28 Jun 2010
Save Document Jamaica at risk of 'cascading' infrastructure damageGleaner, the28 Dec 2012
Save Document Jamaica develops disaster risk assessment systemJamaica Observer, the30 May 2010
Save Document Jamaica: $219 million allocated to disaster risk reduction projectJIS18 May 2012
Save Document Jamaica: 'Startling! - Critical services buildings fail earthquake tests'Jamaica Observer, the9 May 2013
Save Document Jamaica: 159 million for disaster risk reduction projectJIS6 Apr 2013
Save Document Jamaica: Climate change documents to be tabled in parliamentJIS8 Mar 2013
Save Document Jamaica: Disaster risk workshop to present results of country risk evaluationJIS23 Aug 2010
Save Document Jamaica: Govt launches study to reduce impact of natural hazardsJIS20 Jun 2011
Save Document Jamaica: Mangrove replanting project underway in Portland CottageJIS13 Mar 2013
Save Document Jamaica: ODPEM moves to bolster readiness for quakesJamaica Observer, the29 Jan 2012
Save Document Jamaica: ODPEM Seeks more investment in disaster managementJIS26 Aug 2010
Save Document Jamaica: Portmore vulnerable to natural hazards - MGD studyJamaica Observer, the28 Sep 2008
Save Document Jamaica: USD 2.3 million contract for community risk reduction projectJIS7 May 2010
Save Document Japan helps Viet Nam reduce landslidesVNA8 Nov 2011
Save Document Japan helps Vietnam prevent flood disasterVOV4 Nov 2010
Save Document Japan's disasters must prompt a radical rethink of citizens' quality of lifeJapan Times Ltd., the11 Mar 2012
Save Document Japan, Fukushima disaster: An early nuclear warning - Was it for naught?New York Times22 Jan 2013
Save Document Japan: 'Research cannot predict the worst' - expertUniv World News, Higher Education Web Publishing Ltd20 Mar 2011
Save Document Japan: 'Tokyo quake could register 7' - Government studyYomiuri Shimbun22 Feb 2012
Save Document Japan: Forensic disaster investigations get underwaySciDevNet9 Nov 2011
Save Document Japan: Hundreds of schools rest on active faultsTokyo Times20 Dec 2011
Save Document Japan: Increased chance of a large earthquake hitting Tokyo over the next 30 years - AIRCanadian Underwriter, Business Info Group16 Feb 2012
Save Document Japan: Supercomputer busy tackling disasters and long list of projectsAustralian, the17 Apr 2012
Save Document Japan: Tokyo prepares for long-overdue 'Big One'DW16 Jan 2013
Save Document Jordan sticks with HFA despite refugee crisisUNISDR ROAS18 Mar 2013
Save Document KBR to undertake climate change adaptation study for Pacific Island nationsKBR15 Nov 2010
Save Document Kenya: Climate change calamities are easy to predict, and manageTRF5 Apr 2012
Save Document Kenya: In search of durable solutions for farmers to adapt to climate changeIPS29 Sep 2010
Save Document Killer year caps deadly decade – reducing disaster impact is 'critical' says top UN disaster officialUNISDR24 Jan 2011
Save Document Kyrgyz Republic assesses over 3,000 schoolsUNISDR AP2 Jul 2014
Save Document La ONU reconoce los avances de A. Latina y el Caribe en mitigación de riesgoEl Nuevo Diario19 Jan 2013
Save Document La presidencia del consejo de ministros realiza talleres para fomentar inversión en gestión de desastresPeru - gov17 Jul 2013
Save Document LA Times: 'Haiti is a reminder of how we can help other quake-prone areas'Los Angeles Times8 Feb 2010
Save Document Laboratory avalanches reveal behaviour of ice flowsUniv of Nottingham14 Dec 2011
Save Document Lack of data on droughts hampers risk reduction efforts - UNSciDevNet4 Jul 2011
Save Document Lancement d'une campagne de mesures intensives pour mieux prévoir les évènements extrêmes du pourtour méditerranéenCNRS30 Aug 2012

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