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Save Document IFRC: Guidelines on community early warning systemsUNOOSA30 Jan 2013
Save Document IFRC: Weather extremes and disaster - betting with the oddsIFRC18 Nov 2011
Save Document Importancia de la información y predicción climática para el beneficio de la poblaciónSNGRD, Colombia - gov30 Jun 2009
Save Document Improving legal framework in Viet Nam helps address new challenges in disaster responseICRC; IFRC4 May 2010
Save Document Improving predictions of climate change and its impactsNSF22 Mar 2010
Save Document Improving prevention, response among top priorities, says Assembly PresidentUN-DPI12 Apr 2012
Save Document In times of dwindling resources, disaster risk reduction is an easy winUNISDR9 Mar 2011
Save Document Independent assessment on disaster risk reduction in Dominican Republic by UNISDR and partnersUNISDR; UNISDR AM19 Jul 2010
Save Document India faces worst urban flood risk, analysis suggestsTRF5 Mar 2015
Save Document India to join hands with US varsity for disaster managementTimes of India, the18 Nov 2011
Save Document India: 'Environmental assessment authority to be set up'Zee News15 Aug 2011
Save Document India: 'Kashmir must ban construction in marshes, high slopes'- Quake expertSify Technologies Ltd.15 Dec 2011
Save Document India: 29 villages to adapt to climate changeTimes of India, the5 Dec 2011
Save Document India: 5 Non-coastal districts most vulnerable to natural disasterExpressBuzz5 Jan 2015
Save Document India: 50 Metro stations at high risk - UN studyTimes of India, the25 Jun 2013
Save Document India: Cabinet approves World Bank funded integrated coastal zone management projectOne India25 Mar 2010
Save Document India: Central team to visit Kerala to assess disaster managementTimes of India, the20 Oct 2011
Save Document India: Child-centered participatory vulnerability and capacity assessment, villages of Leh and Kargil, LadakhAIDMI11 Dec 2011
Save Document India: Earthquakes at nuclear plant sites cannot be ruled out - NDMALive-Mint/Hindustan Times, HT Media Ltd.13 Nov 2011
Save Document India: Fire crisis - Only few hospitals in city preparedIBNLive, CNN-IBN14 Dec 2011
Save Document India: First session of national platform for disaster risk reductionPIB9 May 2013
Save Document India: Gaps remain in Chennai's plan to check disaster - expertsTimes of India, the8 Nov 2010
Save Document India: GIS for better planning for Gujarat coastal areasZee News24 Oct 2011
Save Document India: Himalaya 'tsunami' shows need for science in disaster plansTRF26 Jul 2013
Save Document India: Isro satellites to map 500 AMRUT citiesLive-Mint/Hindustan Times, HT Media Ltd.12 Aug 2015
Save Document India: NDMA forms panel for building safety normsTimes of India, the29 Sep 2011
Save Document India: Strengthening disaster preparednessExpressBuzz3 Feb 2009
Save Document India: Survey to mitigate natural hazardsTelegraph, the17 Apr 2011
Save Document India: Unlearning Cyclone Hudhud!TERI; TRF15 Oct 2014
Save Document India: View disaster management as a core development issue, says expertHindu, The28 Aug 2015
Save Document Indian city launches first-ever heat wave preparation and warning systemNRDC16 Apr 2015
Save Document Indian Ocean islands move to strengthen DRRUNISDR4 Dec 2013
Save Document Indian scientists' Seismic Hazard Microzonation method to mitigate impact of earthquakesThaindian news8 Jan 2010
Save Document Indonesia to put disaster mitigation on the mapJakarta Globe30 Dec 2010
Save Document Indonesia, Japan team up in earthquake, volcano disaster mitigation researchesJakarta Post, the22 Mar 2010
Save Document Indonesia, the 'disaster laboratory' - StudyBogor Agricultural University8 Jun 2015
Save Document Indonesia, US renew partnership on risk reductionJakarta Post, the17 Nov 2011
Save Document Indonesia: 'Jakarta needs to do risk study on crisis and disaster urgently'Gadjah Mada Univ14 Feb 2011
Save Document Indonesia: 'mapping and risk-reduction programs needed' researchers from LIPIJakarta Post, the12 Aug 2015
Save Document Indonesia: Bali at high risk of disastersIDEP31 Mar 2015
Save Document Indonesia: Buildings on shaky ground in event of another quake, says surveyIRIN19 Nov 2009
Save Document Indonesia: Community leaders trained to map hazardsUPC13 Dec 2010
Save Document Indonesia: Feeling better, doing worse?Jakarta Post, the26 Feb 2009
Save Document Indonesia: Govt helps farmers, fishermen deal with climate changeJakarta Post, the16 Dec 2011
Save Document Indonesia: Impact of climate change on JakartaJakarta Post, the10 Oct 2010
Save Document Indonesia: IT community competes in disaster management competitionGFDRR; WB7 Aug 2014
Save Document Indonesia: New disaster management software released worldwideGFDRR; WB7 Apr 2014
Save Document INFORM tool aims for objective disaster risk assessmentSciDevNet22 Dec 2014
Save Document Innovative NASA-JAXA partnership benefits global earth scienceNASA, United States of America - gov12 Apr 2010
Save Document Insight - After disaster, the deadliest part of Japan's nuclear clean-upTRF14 Aug 2013

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