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Save Document Asia Parks Congress concludes with pledge for new era in protected area collaborationIUCN19 Nov 2013
Save Document Asia's first urban risk reduction training and education facilityUNISDR10 Aug 2009
Save Document Asia's next disasterBBC8 Nov 2011
Save Document Asia's top business leaders establish key disaster reduction partnershipUNISDR AP25 Sep 2012
Save Document Asia, most at risk for natural hazards, most vulnerable to cyclonesIRIN23 Sep 2010
Save Document Asia-Pacific adopts five year plan of action for the application of space technology for disaster risk reduction and sustainable developmentESCAP24 Dec 2012
Save Document Asia-Pacific countries adopt landmark strategy for building disability-inclusive societiesESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee5 Nov 2012
Save Document Asia-Pacific countries agree on ways to step up cooperation on disaster risk reductionESCAP1 Jul 2011
Save Document Asia-Pacific countries see the need to cooperate to reduce risk of disastersESCAP25 Mar 2009
Save Document Asia-Pacific countries set out course of action for disaster managementESCAP27 Mar 2011
Save Document Asia-Pacific fighting climate changeKorea Times Co.27 Feb 2012
Save Document Asia-Pacific governments adopt development agenda for inclusive and resilient growthESCAP2 May 2013
Save Document Asia-Pacific governments endorse agenda for sustainable and inclusive developmentESCAP25 May 2011
Save Document Asia-Pacific media must join 'final push' for MDGsUNISDR AP25 May 2012
Save Document Asia-Pacific most prone to natural disasters but lacks preparednessESCAP26 Oct 2010
Save Document Asia-Pacific region launches initiative to strengthen space technology use to reduce disaster risksESCAP4 Oct 2012
Save Document Asia-Pacific: Space-based information to help reduce the risk of disastersESCAP13 Dec 2008
Save Document Asia: 'Invest in integrating disaster risk reduction in development planning' - UNBangkok Post20 Jun 2011
Save Document Asia: 'Showcase' of natural hazards - expertBusiness Mirror15 Jun 2010
Save Document Asia: 'Water is a good servant but a bad master'IRIN4 Aug 2010
Save Document Asia: ABU works to improve disaster warningsNewBay Media24 May 2011
Save Document Asia: Children can play their role in climate and disaster reduction says researchPeople's Daily Online20 Nov 2009
Save Document Asia: Cities key to disaster risk reductionIRIN12 Oct 2010
Save Document Asia: Coping with natural disastersHindu Times, the19 Apr 2011
Save Document Asia: Disasters make it the year of living dangerouslyChina Daily16 Dec 2011
Save Document Asia: Disasters underline urgent need for more groundworkIRIN2 Oct 2009
Save Document Asia: Earthquakes highlight need for regional preparedness, say expertsIRIN31 Mar 2011
Save Document Asia: Goverments agree to commit more resources to disaster risk reductionUNISDR4 Dec 2008
Save Document Asia: IFRC urges greater commitment to risk reductionIFRC17 Dec 2009
Save Document Asia: Joint efforts needed to reduce disaster damage and casualtiesJakarta Post, the23 Aug 2013
Save Document Asia: Making the most of disaster experienceIRIN30 Aug 2010
Save Document Asia: Natural disasters becoming costlier than everIRIN30 Dec 2011
Save Document Asia: New report looks at engaging businesses in climate change adaptationCSR Asia13 Jul 2011
Save Document Asia: Remaining vigilant for Japan aftershock - IRINIRIN14 Mar 2011
Save Document Asia: Space tech centre to manage natural hazardsBernama5 Mar 2011
Save Document Asia: Ten deadliest quakesIRIN25 Aug 2010
Save Document Asia: Twenty-one countries pledge to strengthen regional disaster early warning systemESCAP22 Jun 2012
Save Document Asia: Unquantifiable damage caused by wildfires - expertsIRIN11 Oct 2010
Save Document Asia: Voice of the indigenous 'must be heard'IRIN25 Mar 2010
Save Document Asia: WB and ADRC sign to strengthen partnership on disaster risk reductionUNOOSA11 Apr 2011
Save Document Asia: When hospitals become casualitiesIRIN26 Aug 2010
Save Document Asian children want greater involvement in disaster risk reductionUNISDR24 Oct 2012
Save Document Asian cities reaffirm commitment to mainstreaming disaster risk management in urban development and governanceEMI10 May 2009
Save Document Asian cities to join UN in disaster risk reduction campaignUNISDR7 Jun 2010
Save Document Asian film festival on disaster risk reductionBNPB, Indonesia - gov10 Jul 2012
Save Document Asian leaders call for a global program to invest in disaster-resilient schools and hospitalsWB25 Oct 2012
Save Document Asian mayors meet in Manila to talk resilienceUNISDR AP21 Mar 2012
Save Document Asian ministerial conference to discuss disaster risk reduction action plansUNISDR1 Dec 2008
Save Document Asian ministers meet in Indonesia to discuss impact of disasters on economic growthUNISDR AP19 Oct 2012
Save Document Asian parliamentarians agree to push for 1% of budget for DRRInquirer.net28 Nov 2010

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