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Save Document Argentina: Pautas para un plan sísmico preventivoDiario de Cuyo5 Sep 2011
Save Document Argentina: Recibieron a expertas en comunicación social en estrategia internacional para la reducción de desastresSanta Fe Ciudad, Argentina - gov26 Apr 2013
Save Document Argentina: Riesgos y vulnerabilidad ante desastres naturalesEl Tribuno15 Nov 2011
Save Document Argentina: Vera tendrá una estación meteorológicaFM Activa Vera17 Oct 2011
Save Document Argentina:Se presentó en Santa Fe el sistema Municipal de 'comunicaciones seguras' VHFSanta Fe Ciudad, Argentina - gov22 Dec 2010
Save Document Arid parts of Kenya could get more rain as climate shifts - ReportTRF1 Nov 2013
Save Document Arkansas: hospitals put to the test during disaster drillNWA24 Jul 2008
Save Document ARkStorm: California’s other 'big one'USGS, United States of America - gov14 Jan 2011
Save Document ARL SURA como parte del sector privado de Colombia y UNISDR avanzan hacia una posible alianza en la reducción del riesgo de desastres para desarrollo de la resiliencia a nivel empresarialUNISDR AM23 Jul 2014
Save Document ARLSURA muestra su interés en la Alianza del Sector Privado para la Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres (ASP-RRD) auspiciado por UNISDRUNISDR AM23 Jul 2014
Save Document Armenia marks international day for disaster reductionUNDP Armenia13 Oct 2010
Save Document Armenia: 'Natural' disasters cause 10 billion drams worth of damage every yearArka News Agency14 Dec 2009
Save Document Armenia: Children, teachers learn to prepare for disastersUMCOR13 Oct 2014
Save Document Armenia: How to prepare airports for disasters?Public Radio of Armenia7 Oct 2013
Save Document Armenia: Increased interest and commitment to disaster risk reduction in 2010NEWS.am30 Dec 2010
Save Document Armenia: Predicting the unpredictable - OxfamOxfam GB13 Oct 2010
Save Document Armenia: Quake tragedy drives advocate for safe schoolsUNISDR AP6 Aug 2014
Save Document Armenia: Reducing the risk of 1988Armenian Reporter29 Dec 2013
Save Document Armenia: UN marks the international day for disaster risk reductionUNDP Armenia13 Oct 2011
Save Document Armenia: UNDP, MES to discuss strategy for disaster riskAysor.am17 May 2010
Save Document Armenia: World Bank report offers recommendations for a comprehensive national disaster risk reduction agendaWB14 Dec 2009
Save Document Armenian emergencies ministry and South Caucasus railways sign cooperation memorandumArka News Agency6 Dec 2011
Save Document As climate change makes weather more unpredictable, improving forecasting is vital to crops, disaster mitigationWBI6 Dec 2008
Save Document As coasts rebuild and US pays, repeatedly, the critics ask whyNew York Times18 Nov 2012
Save Document As disasters increase, risk reduction should a be a concern for all – UN chiefUNNC13 Oct 2011
Save Document As Gaza heads for water crisis, desalination seen keyTRF26 Jun 2013
Save Document As glaciers melt, Bhutan faces increased risk of 'mountain tsunamis'Time16 Nov 2011
Save Document As Haiti death toll reaches 230,000, a call for strengthening government capacityMWC11 Feb 2010
Save Document As Irene approaches, so does challenge of heeding warnings about rare threatsNew York Times26 Aug 2011
Save Document As mountain snow fails and glaciers melt, Pakistan faces water threatsTRF23 May 2014
Save Document As natural disaster threats around the world increase, so do risks to businesses’ customers, suppliesMiami Herald, McClatchy Company8 Aug 2014
Save Document As risk of drought rises, Australian farmers struggle to investTRF19 Aug 2014
Save Document As risks from disasters rise, UN chief calls for better preparednessUNNC10 May 2011
Save Document As volcano awakens, Philippines 'zero casualty' record faces testTRF20 Oct 2014
Save Document As world convenes for first United Nations Environment Assembly, UN and world’s insurers unite to tackle natural disaster riskUNEP27 Jun 2014
Save Document As world faces interconnected threats, General Assembly focuses on human securityUNNC14 Apr 2011
Save Document As world goes urban, new focus on role of trees in citiesFAO Headquarters3 Oct 2011
Save Document ASEAN countries committed legally to reduce disaster risks in South East AsiaUNISDR16 Sep 2009
Save Document ASEAN day for disaster management, 13 October 2011ASEAN25 Sep 2011
Save Document ASEAN disaster-management centre officially inauguratedNation, the18 Nov 2011
Save Document ASEAN economic integration should be climate-resilientRappler22 Sep 2014
Save Document ASEAN finance ministers warn of threats to economic growthToday, Mediacorp Press Ltd.8 Apr 2011
Save Document ASEAN focuses on ‘resilience’ during Day for Disaster ManagementASEAN12 Oct 2014
Save Document ASEAN forges stronger multi-stakeholder partnership for disaster managementASEAN20 May 2010
Save Document ASEAN hands over recovery projects to Nargis survivorsASEAN28 Jun 2010
Save Document ASEAN leaders sign Bali Concord IIIeTN20 Nov 2011
Save Document ASEAN members to cooperate in flood mitigation and reliefNation, the15 Nov 2011
Save Document ASEAN+6 to enhance disaster management cooperationChinaview.cn, Xinhua25 Oct 2009
Save Document ASEAN, UN and World Bank to collaborate in reducing disaster riskPhilstar.com18 May 2009
Save Document ASEAN: Children and disaster experts discuss disaster preventionASEAN13 Oct 2011

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