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Save Document Analysis: Coping with climate changeIRIN25 Jan 2012
Save Document Analysis: Coping with volatile weather in LaosIRIN30 Sep 2013
Save Document Analysis: Debating the best way to improve water and sanitation post-MDGsIRIN6 Sep 2013
Save Document Analysis: Disasters waiting to happenIRIN7 Dec 2012
Save Document Analysis: Evidence for climate extremes, costs, gets more localReuters27 Jul 2012
Save Document Analysis: Getting governments to cough up for DRRIRIN9 May 2013
Save Document Analysis: How effective is Pakistan's disaster authority?IRIN3 Apr 2014
Save Document Analysis: How to make disasters less deadly for the disabledIRIN16 Sep 2013
Save Document Analysis: Italy quake shows rich nations must do more to prevent disastersTRF9 Apr 2009
Save Document Analysis: Mexico’s vulnerability to hurricane riskClimatico7 Feb 2010
Save Document Analysis: Next climate test - how to adaptTRF12 Dec 2010
Save Document Analysis: Preparing for urban disasters - Challenges and recommendationsIRIN10 Jan 2013
Save Document Analysis: Scaling up accountability to communitiesIRIN10 Apr 2014
Save Document Analysis: Short-term fixes - The bane of West African agricultureIRIN5 Jul 2013
Save Document Analysis: The UN in 2023IRIN31 Jul 2013
Save Document Analysis: When lack of early warning becomes manslaughterIRIN4 Dec 2012
Save Document Analysis: When the water runs dry, the ideas flowIRIN13 Sep 2013
Save Document Analysis: Which technology to use for disaster management?IRIN30 May 2013
Save Document Anchor climate change policies on protecting poorBDAfrica2 Dec 2011
Save Document Ancient tsunami uncoveredNPG29 Oct 2008
Save Document Andean community presents 1st 'natural' disaster atlasChinaview.cn, Xinhua24 Oct 2009
Save Document Angola at Global Platform for Disaster Reduction 2009ANGOP19 Jun 2009
Save Document Angola: governo cria condições para atender emergênciasAngola - gov9 Oct 2008
Save Document Angola: National programme for climate adaptation presented this yearANGOP19 Jan 2009
Save Document Angola: Strengthened coordination for natural hazards requestedANGOP20 Oct 2010
Save Document Anguilla commemorates international disaster risk reduction dayCDEMA7 Oct 2011
Save Document Anguilla hosts regional risk reduction initiativeAnguilla News26 Jan 2011
Save Document Announcement and call for papers for PLoS Currents: DisastersPLoS15 Jul 2011
Save Document Announcement: Africa drought adaptation forum - Online discussion launchedUNDP DDC; UNISDR AF1 Feb 2013
Save Document Announcing the launch of PLoS Currents: DisastersPLoS27 Mar 2012
Save Document Anpassung an den Klimawandel: Experten diskutieren auf der acqua alta internationale Strategien und lokale KonzepteInnovations Report3 Aug 2011
Save Document Anti-erosion effort stops Pakistani farmers abandoning mountain fieldsTRF14 Aug 2014
Save Document Anticipating the world’s most expensive natural disasterAEI29 May 2012
Save Document Antigua & Barbuda: National Office of Disaster Services looks to complete disaster plansDaily Observer, Observer Publications Ltd25 May 2012
Save Document Antigua and Barbuda: Expert warns of building too close to coastDaily Observer, Observer Publications Ltd26 Mar 2012
Save Document Antigua and Barbuda: IDDR Day 2012NODS, Antigua and Barbuda - gov12 Oct 2012
Save Document Antigua: NODS congratulates two schoolsCaribarena Antigua14 Oct 2011
Save Document Antigua: Seismic activity prompts call for preparednessDaily Observer, Observer Publications Ltd25 Oct 2011
Save Document Any new disaster could spell the end of nuclear industry – OECD economistEngineering News, Creamer Media1 Dec 2011
Save Document Aon Benfield Natural Hazard Centre works to reduce disaster risk in AfricaABUHRC2 Feb 2011
Save Document AP: Disaster experts praise Chilean quake responseAP10 Mar 2010
Save Document AP: India - Delhi ignores own quake peril warningsAP25 Jan 2012
Save Document AP: Long, hot summer of fire, floods fits predictionsAP12 Aug 2010
Save Document AP: Mayan village in Mexico adapting to climate changeAP5 Dec 2010
Save Document APCICT holds regional workshop on disaster risk management and climate change abatementUN-APCICT; ESCAP23 Feb 2011
Save Document APEC agrees on framework on combating disastersChinaview.cn, Xinhua12 Aug 2008
Save Document APEC backs incentives for business disaster planningAPEC25 Jun 2015
Save Document APEC calls for heightened action to build disaster resilient communitiesAPEC15 May 2015
Save Document APEC Efforts to support emergency and disaster preparedness, recovery, and resilienceUnited States of America - gov; White House, United States of America - gov11 Nov 2014
Save Document APEC receives funding from the Russian Federation for climate change, disastersAPEC20 Nov 2008

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