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Save Document As Gaza heads for water crisis, desalination seen keyTRF26 Jun 2013
Save Document As glaciers melt, Bhutan faces increased risk of 'mountain tsunamis'Time16 Nov 2011
Save Document As Haiti death toll reaches 230,000, a call for strengthening government capacityMWC11 Feb 2010
Save Document As Irene approaches, so does challenge of heeding warnings about rare threatsNew York Times26 Aug 2011
Save Document As mountain snow fails and glaciers melt, Pakistan faces water threatsTRF23 May 2014
Save Document As risks from disasters rise, UN chief calls for better preparednessUNNC10 May 2011
Save Document As world convenes for first United Nations Environment Assembly, UN and world’s insurers unite to tackle natural disaster riskUNEP27 Jun 2014
Save Document As world faces interconnected threats, General Assembly focuses on human securityUNNC14 Apr 2011
Save Document As world goes urban, new focus on role of trees in citiesFAO Headquarters3 Oct 2011
Save Document ASEAN countries committed legally to reduce disaster risks in South East AsiaUNISDR16 Sep 2009
Save Document ASEAN day for disaster management, 13 October 2011ASEAN25 Sep 2011
Save Document ASEAN disaster-management centre officially inauguratedNation, the18 Nov 2011
Save Document ASEAN finance ministers warn of threats to economic growthToday, Mediacorp Press Ltd.8 Apr 2011
Save Document ASEAN forges stronger multi-stakeholder partnership for disaster managementASEAN20 May 2010
Save Document ASEAN hands over recovery projects to Nargis survivorsASEAN28 Jun 2010
Save Document ASEAN leaders sign Bali Concord IIIeTN20 Nov 2011
Save Document ASEAN members to cooperate in flood mitigation and reliefNation, the15 Nov 2011
Save Document ASEAN+6 to enhance disaster management cooperationChinaview.cn, Xinhua25 Oct 2009
Save Document ASEAN, UN and World Bank to collaborate in reducing disaster riskPhilstar.com18 May 2009
Save Document ASEAN: Children and disaster experts discuss disaster preventionASEAN13 Oct 2011
Save Document ASEAN: Regional disaster management agreement enters into forceASEAN24 Dec 2009
Save Document Aseguran que los desastres naturales causan el 90% de las muertes en AméricaLa Voz29 May 2014
Save Document Asia & Pacific: Launch of online Disaster risk reduction project portalTRF21 Oct 2010
Save Document Asia 'needs to learn' lessons of disasters' - ADPC directorBangkok Post25 Mar 2011
Save Document Asia and its floods: Save our citiesEconomist17 Mar 2012
Save Document Asia and Pacific countries receive $160 million for climate change actionADB7 Nov 2012
Save Document Asia and the economics of disasters: The 'Inside story'UNISDR19 Dec 2012
Save Document Asia can show the way in building disaster resilienceTRF; UNISDR20 Jun 2014
Save Document Asia continues to be hit hardest by disastersCRED; UNISDR18 Jan 2008
Save Document Asia meets on Post-2015 DRR frameworkUNISDR AP23 Jun 2014
Save Document Asia must increase investment in urban disaster risk management - Asian Development Bank seminarADB2 May 2012
Save Document Asia must prepare for climate-linked migration – or face crises: reportTRF10 Feb 2011
Save Document Asia Pacific: 'Most vulnerable to catastrophe' according to reportWSJ11 May 2012
Save Document Asia Pacific: Water disasters in the region - A clarion call for actionNation, the11 Nov 2011
Save Document Asia Parks Congress concludes with pledge for new era in protected area collaborationIUCN19 Nov 2013
Save Document Asia readies food security defences against El Nino threatTRF27 May 2014
Save Document Asia's first urban risk reduction training and education facilityUNISDR10 Aug 2009
Save Document Asia's next disasterBBC8 Nov 2011
Save Document Asia's top business leaders establish key disaster reduction partnershipUNISDR AP25 Sep 2012
Save Document Asia, most at risk for natural hazards, most vulnerable to cyclonesIRIN23 Sep 2010
Save Document Asia-Pacific adopts five year plan of action for the application of space technology for disaster risk reduction and sustainable developmentESCAP24 Dec 2012
Save Document Asia-Pacific countries adopt landmark strategy for building disability-inclusive societiesESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee5 Nov 2012
Save Document Asia-Pacific countries agree on ways to step up cooperation on disaster risk reductionESCAP1 Jul 2011
Save Document Asia-Pacific countries see the need to cooperate to reduce risk of disastersESCAP25 Mar 2009
Save Document Asia-Pacific countries set out course of action for disaster managementESCAP27 Mar 2011
Save Document Asia-Pacific fighting climate changeKorea Times Co.27 Feb 2012
Save Document Asia-Pacific governments adopt development agenda for inclusive and resilient growthESCAP2 May 2013
Save Document Asia-Pacific governments endorse agenda for sustainable and inclusive developmentESCAP25 May 2011
Save Document Asia-Pacific media must join 'final push' for MDGsUNISDR AP25 May 2012
Save Document Asia-Pacific most prone to natural disasters but lacks preparednessESCAP26 Oct 2010

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