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Save Document Pakistan: Villagers hit by 2010 flood feel abandoned by govtNews Intl, the18 Aug 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Workshop on flood fore-warning system seeks media roleNews Intl, the3 Nov 2011
Save Document Pakistan: Workshop participants offer support on DRRNews Intl, the3 May 2011
Save Document Pakistan: World Bank review mission visits ErraNews Intl, the30 Dec 2010
Save Document Pakistani wheat farmers confounded by erratic weatherTRF6 Feb 2013
Save Document Pakistanis should live away from flood areas: UNISDRAFP21 Aug 2010
Save Document Pakistan’s glaciers: Data-sharing needed to mitigate disastersIRIN12 Aug 2014
Save Document Palau first to start work on national broadcasters' climate and disaster resilience planSPREP7 Jul 2014
Save Document Palestine establishes disaster loss databaseUNISDR ROAS25 Feb 2013
Save Document Palestine: 'Is your city prepared?'NNU3 Nov 2011
Save Document Palestine: A training course on the Arab and International Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy is successfully concludedNNU5 Oct 2011
Save Document Palestine: An-Najah University and the Engineering Association conclude a training course in earthquake-proof buildings / الجامعة ونقابة المهندسين تختتمان دورة تدريبية في المباني المقاومة للزلازلNNU17 Jan 2012
Save Document Palestine: An-Najah University launches disaster risk mitigation project (SASPARM) funded by European UnionNNU26 Feb 2013
Save Document Palestine: Seismic monitoring and earth science studies station opensNNU23 Oct 2012
Save Document Palestine: The Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction Center at An-Najah participates in a seminar in Jericho / مركز التخطيط الحضري والحد من مخاطر الكوارث يشارك في ندوة بعنوان التخطيط الاستراتيجي للحد من مخاطر الكوارث في أريحاNNU11 Jan 2012
Save Document Palestine: Workshop on disaster risk reduction in Hebron calls for 'practical steps'NNU4 Jan 2011
Save Document Pamela Cox appointed as new World Bank Vice President for East Asia and the PacificWB3 Jan 2012
Save Document Panama Canal expert joins regional fight for risk reductionUNISDR AM9 Feb 2012
Save Document Panamá participará del Sistema Mesoamericano de Información Territorial Sobre DesastresSINAPROC, Panama - gov12 Jun 2009
Save Document Panamá y Naciones Unidas lanzan campaña mundial para prevenir desastresGrupo EPASA29 May 2013
Save Document Panamá: Información ambiental, esencial para el desarrollo humanoPL19 Sep 2011
Save Document Panamá: Lanzamiento de Fondos para Pequeños Proyectos de Adaptación y Mitigación al cambio climático en la Cuenca del río TabasaráEcoticias10 Aug 2011
Save Document Panamá: Maíz y frijol en riesgo por cambio climáticoEcoticias13 Jul 2011
Save Document Panamá: Se entregó carta de la niñez de reducción de riesgo de desastres a ministros de educaciónPlan Intl17 Oct 2011
Save Document Panamá: SINAPROC entrega normas y decretos legales en materia de reducción de riesgos en II reunión de CEPREDENACSINAPROC, Panama - gov25 Jun 2009
Save Document Panama: UNISDR y AMUPA suscriben marco de colaboración para la reducción del riesgo de desastresAlcaldía de Panamá, Panama - gov18 Jan 2013
Save Document PanGeo case history from Rome, ItalyCGG NPA20 Mar 2014
Save Document PanGeo enabling access to geological information in support of global monitoring for environment and securityCGG NPA1 Nov 2012
Save Document Panic is the main risk when disaster hitsTelegraph Media Group Ltd22 Mar 2011
Save Document Papua New Guinea government improves disaster preparedness fundingIRIN18 Jul 2013
Save Document Papua New Guinea: Experts assist with tsunami warning and mitigation systemPacific Magazine27 Oct 2008
Save Document Papua New Guinea: International day for disaster reduction, making children and youth partners in disaster risk reduction (DRR)SPC7 Nov 2011
Save Document Papua New Guinea: Keeping watch on volcanic activityIRIN20 Dec 2010
Save Document Papua New Guinea: Seismic monitoring gets a boostIRIN15 Oct 2008
Save Document Papua New Guinea: Storms set to intensifyIRIN30 Apr 2010
Save Document Papua New Guinea: Training young and old in disaster preparednessIRIN9 Oct 2008
Save Document Paraguay lanza plan frente a desastresMetro Intl19 Jul 2011
Save Document Paraguay participa de foro internacional sobre reducción de desastresABC Digital16 Mar 2011
Save Document Paraguayan government implements early warning system for natural disastersEurasia Review26 Jun 2013
Save Document Parliamentarians approve declaration for risk reduction and climate change adaptationParlatino24 Mar 2010
Save Document Parliamentarians call for a fair, equitable climate dealCommonwealth Sec16 Dec 2009
Save Document Parliamentarians focus on risk reduction at RioUNISDR AM18 Jun 2012
Save Document Parliamentarians urged to take action on disaster reductionUNISDR7 Oct 2010
Save Document Participatory 3D mapping: A tool for disaster risk reductionCliff Hague World View15 May 2012
Save Document Partnership research project to address the challenges of urban housing reconstruction after disastersHFHI3 Apr 2013
Save Document Partnerships for disaster risk reductionTRF30 Sep 2013
Save Document Passing on Japan’s disaster experienceYomiuri Shimbun10 Feb 2014
Save Document Past weather sheds new light on climateMet Office, United Kingdom - gov13 Sep 2011
Save Document Pasto, Colombia: resilience to disasters demands a cultural change / Pasto, Colombia: la resiliencia ante los desastres hace parte del cambio culturalMunicipality of Pasto, Colombia - gov; UNISDR AM1 Apr 2013
Save Document Paulson, Bloomberg backing study of US climate impactsTRF1 Oct 2013

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