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Save Document Marine Exploration joins UN Disaster Risk Reduction Private Sector PartnershipIn Ovations Holdings; PR Newswire Association LLC.14 Jan 2013
Save Document Market report on climate change adaptation reveals new business opportunitiesEBI25 Jul 2014
Save Document Maroc : Inondations meurtrières dans le SudJeune Afrique24 Nov 2014
Save Document Maroc : lancement d'un site web sur les risques majeursEnvironment Ministry, Morocco - gov4 Jan 2010
Save Document Maroc pour abriter la 22ème Conférence des Nations Unies sur le changement climatique, qui aura lieu en décembre 2016.Morocco - gov13 Dec 2014
Save Document Maroc: Création d'un observatoire sismique à AgadirLibération15 Sep 2011
Save Document Maroc: Une nouvelle stratégie de gestion des risques en préparationLe Matin29 Aug 2012
Save Document Maroc: Une stratégie pour gérer les risquesL'Economiste16 Nov 2011
Save Document Marsh colabora con la ONU para mejorar la resistencia de las empresas privadas en casos de desastreRRHH Press30 Oct 2011
Save Document Marshall Islands to gather experts at climate conference in New YorkYokwe3 May 2011
Save Document Marshall Islands water crises underlines Pacific's drought riskUNISDR AP20 Jun 2013
Save Document Martinique: Assembly for knowledge sharing on seismic issues in CaribbeanDIREN, France - gov26 Jan 2009
Save Document Mary Fran Myers award 2008 for DRR deadline extendedGDN1 Apr 2008
Save Document Mary Fran Myers Gender and Disaster Award 2011 - call for nominationsGDN4 Apr 2011
Save Document Mary Fran Myers Gender and Disaster Award: 2015 nominees soughtGDN25 Feb 2015
Save Document Maryland, USA: Governor O’Malley signs executive order helping state prepare for climate change and extreme weatherState of Maryland - gov, United States of America - gov28 Dec 2012
Save Document Maryland, USA: Sea level initative inkedDispatch, the4 Jan 2013
Save Document Más de 100 representantes de siete municipios iniciaron el diplomado en gestión de riesgosMaking Cities Res Camp Cities, Partners and Task Forces18 Jul 2013
Save Document Más de 900 chicos visitaron la 'Ruta del Agua' and Santa Fe, ArgentinaGob de Santa Fe, Argentina - gov3 Jan 2014
Save Document Massive China tremor made waves around the worldCanada.com12 May 2008
Save Document Massive cuts risk England's ability to deal with floods, MPs sayGuardian, the7 Jan 2014
Save Document Massive evacuation of residents against disastersVNA2 Sep 2008
Save Document Massive groundwater pumping in Asia may poison millions - StudyIRIN12 Sep 2013
Save Document Maurice: Dayal annonce que son plan pour la gestion des catastrophes est 'prêt'ION News30 Mar 2015
Save Document Mauritania’s trailblazer for women and resilience / Mauritanie, pionnier pour les femmes et la résilienceUNISDR AF13 Dec 2012
Save Document Mauritius: A Climate Change Bill to better address effects of climate change is in the pipelineMauritius - gov31 Mar 2015
Save Document Mauritius: Early warning system for storm surge set up before next cyclonic seasonMauritius - gov21 Jan 2015
Save Document Mauritius: Environment Minister announces series of measures in case of natural disastersMauritius - gov22 Dec 2014
Save Document Mauritius: Environment ministry to organise several activities to mark World Environment Day 2015Mauritania - gov6 May 2015
Save Document Mayor Al's resilience road trip in Central AmericaUNISDR AM7 May 2013
Save Document Mayor says Venice will be an icon of resilienceUNISDR EUR28 Mar 2012
Save Document Mayors and children lead fight against climate change in the PhilippinesUNISDR13 Dec 2010
Save Document Mayors call for protection of heritage sites from disastersUNISDR12 Nov 2015
Save Document Mayors will talk climate finance ahead of UN Bonn climate talksICLEI - Local Gov for Sust19 May 2011
Save Document MCEER sets foundation for rebuilding Haiti, one engineer at a timeUB10 Jan 2012
Save Document MdM UK: New disaster risk reduction project in HaitiMedecins du Monde - UK20 Nov 2009
Save Document Medalla al Mérito para Jefe de la UNISDR en las Américas, por parte de SINAPROCSINAPROC, Panama - gov20 Nov 2013
Save Document Media advisory: Global assessment report on disaster risk reduction launch in BahrainUNISDR8 May 2009
Save Document Media invited to NASA Airborne hurricane mission media dayNASA, United States of America - gov20 Aug 2012
Save Document Media’s role in times of natural hazardsJakarta Post, the3 Jun 2011
Save Document Mediterranean: Launch of PPRD South web portalPPRD South14 Apr 2010
Save Document Meet the next generation of disaster respondersUSAID, United States of America - gov26 May 2015
Save Document Mega-disasters and urbanization spur spike in displacement: ReportTRF12 Mar 2015
Save Document Megadisasters: Why learning mattersWB10 Jul 2014
Save Document Mekong prime ministers agree to prioritise climate change as summit endsMRC5 Apr 2010
Save Document Mekong River commission to establish climate change adaptation demonstration site in Lao PDRGEF2 Feb 2010
Save Document Member States react swiftly to Bulgaria’s request for assistance for fighting floods and harsh winter conditionsEMG9 Feb 2012
Save Document Members of the European Parliament call for 'a holistic approach' to disaster preventionEP22 Jun 2010
Save Document MENA at risk of 'natural' disasters, says reportDNE18 Sep 2011
Save Document Mensaje especial para todos los actores relacionados con la reducción del riesgo de desastres en las Américas. Asunto: Oportunidad de participación en la Conferencia Mundial de las Naciones Unidas sobre Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres.UNISDR AM2 Sep 2014

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