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Save Document Africa analysis: The need for flood forecasting systemSciDevNet16 Feb 2015
Save Document Africa can't ignore climate changeAfriquejet.com7 Aug 2013
Save Document Africa celebrates the International Day for Disaster Reduction 2013UNISDR AF17 Oct 2013
Save Document Africa climate adaptation costs could soar to USD $350 billion annually by 2070 if warming hits 3.5-4°C UN - reportUNEP19 Nov 2013
Save Document Africa Climate Change Fund bears fruit to boost climate resilienceAcclimatise10 Sep 2015
Save Document Africa disaster reduction fund is major new stepUNISDR14 Jul 2015
Save Document Africa launches global Sendai Framework driveUNISDR AF20 Jul 2015
Save Document Africa meets on post-HFA agendaUNISDR AF14 May 2014
Save Document Africa meets to align with Sendai FrameworkUNISDR AF2 Jul 2015
Save Document Africa moves for climate change adaptationTimes of Zambia, Times Printpak Ltd.28 Nov 2011
Save Document Africa must be bolder in climate talksIRIN5 Dec 2013
Save Document Africa must earn its climate change adaptation financeIPS27 Jul 2012
Save Document Africa must prioritize risk reductionUNISDR AF17 Sep 2012
Save Document Africa needs $600bn for climate changeTimes Live30 Nov 2011
Save Document Africa needs substantially scaled-up finance, technology and capacity-building to combat climate changeUNEP29 May 2009
Save Document Africa seeks united position on disaster risk reductionUNISDR AF13 Feb 2013
Save Document Africa speaks out on climate changeOxfam GB5 Oct 2009
Save Document Africa stakes out its position on HFA and the post-2015 development agendaUNISDR AF15 Feb 2013
Save Document Africa to address post-2015 disaster resilience agendaUNISDR AF24 Jan 2013
Save Document Africa to take a 'quantum leap' in forecasting climate change impactIRIN23 Nov 2010
Save Document Africa urged to adopt new poverty modelNation Media Group14 Apr 2010
Save Document Africa urged to pursue homegrown climate change solutionsTRF31 Oct 2013
Save Document Africa urged to speak ‘as one’ to tackle disasters and climate changeUNISDR AF30 Jun 2011
Save Document Africa views - disaster risk reduction is a priority in East AfricaTRF1 Aug 2011
Save Document Africa warned on climate changeKBC27 Mar 2010
Save Document Africa weather information network launched by UN, public-private partnershipUNNC18 Jun 2009
Save Document Africa's best hope of combating climate change is to share knowledgeGuardian, the27 Nov 2013
Save Document Africa's farmers 'need urgent climate-proof investment'BBC25 Sep 2015
Save Document Africa's medicine men key to halting Ebola spread in GuineaTRF2 Mar 2015
Save Document Africa: 'Rapid urbanization a major challenge' UN-HABITATUN-HABITAT16 Feb 2010
Save Document Africa: AfDB extends Horn of Africa drought mitigation project to Djibouti and SudanAfDB18 Jun 2015
Save Document Africa: AU calls for solutions to 'climate migrants'IRIN29 Oct 2009
Save Document Africa: Changing technologies to keep up with climate changeIRIN10 May 2010
Save Document Africa: Coastal populations at risk as climate changesIRIN20 May 2009
Save Document Africa: Consultation on new ACCRA adaptive capacity frameworkCI; ODI; Oxfam GB; SCI; WVI12 Oct 2010
Save Document Africa: Digesting a 'mouthful' of climate changeIRIN27 Oct 2009
Save Document Africa: disaster preparedness is inadequate, say specialistsIRIN6 May 2009
Save Document Africa: Eyeing the wealth of the Guinea SavannahIRIN6 Jul 2009
Save Document Africa: Funding boost for local think tanksIRIN2 Jul 2009
Save Document Africa: Improve coordination, funding for disaster risk reduction, governments urgedIRIN12 May 2009
Save Document Africa: Invest more in irrigation to boost food security, urge expertsIRIN11 Sep 2009
Save Document Africa: Local governments tackle climate adaptation and urban resilienceUNISDR; UNISDR AF2 Mar 2011
Save Document Africa: Millennium Development Goals must be met, UN Secretary-General saysUNNC16 Mar 2010
Save Document Africa: New technologies allow better planning for natural disastersWB4 Jul 2012
Save Document Africa: Partnership agreement to strengthen the Sahel’s most vulnerable communitiesCILSS; OCHA22 Jun 2015
Save Document Africa: Providing options to respond to climate change in coastal areasIOC13 Jun 2012
Save Document Africa: Rio+20 summit - UN refugee chief calls for joint approach to urban refugees, displacedUNHCR21 Jun 2012
Save Document Africa: Scientists sound storm warning on African climate change, man-made factors increase danger riskAFP; M&G Africa17 Feb 2015
Save Document Africa: Sendai Framework starts movingUNISDR AF21 Jul 2015
Save Document Africa: Shining the spotlight on the displacedIRIN15 Oct 2009

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