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Save Document Africa: Changing technologies to keep up with climate changeIRIN10 May 2010
Save Document Africa: Coastal populations at risk as climate changesIRIN20 May 2009
Save Document Africa: Consultation on new ACCRA adaptive capacity frameworkCI; ODI; Oxfam GB; SCI; WVI12 Oct 2010
Save Document Africa: Digesting a 'mouthful' of climate changeIRIN27 Oct 2009
Save Document Africa: disaster preparedness is inadequate, say specialistsIRIN6 May 2009
Save Document Africa: Eyeing the wealth of the Guinea SavannahIRIN6 Jul 2009
Save Document Africa: Funding boost for local think tanksIRIN2 Jul 2009
Save Document Africa: Improve coordination, funding for disaster risk reduction, governments urgedIRIN12 May 2009
Save Document Africa: Invest more in irrigation to boost food security, urge expertsIRIN11 Sep 2009
Save Document Africa: Local governments tackle climate adaptation and urban resilienceUNISDR; UNISDR AF2 Mar 2011
Save Document Africa: Millennium Development Goals must be met, UN Secretary-General saysUNNC16 Mar 2010
Save Document Africa: New technologies allow better planning for natural disastersWB4 Jul 2012
Save Document Africa: Partnership agreement to strengthen the Sahel’s most vulnerable communitiesCILSS; OCHA22 Jun 2015
Save Document Africa: Providing options to respond to climate change in coastal areasIOC13 Jun 2012
Save Document Africa: Rio+20 summit - UN refugee chief calls for joint approach to urban refugees, displacedUNHCR21 Jun 2012
Save Document Africa: Scientists sound storm warning on African climate change, man-made factors increase danger riskAFP; M&G Africa17 Feb 2015
Save Document Africa: Shining the spotlight on the displacedIRIN15 Oct 2009
Save Document Africa: Stepping up to the HornFAO Headquarters; Oxfam GB; WFP8 Jul 2011
Save Document Africa: Strategies for adapting to climate changeIRIN9 Aug 2010
Save Document Africa: Thinking big on climate change modellingIRIN13 Oct 2010
Save Document Africa: UN country teams look at DRR integration into developmentUNISDR16 Sep 2010
Save Document Africa: UN launches 'Making Cities Resilient' campaignUNISDR15 Sep 2010
Save Document Africa: Unique 'natural laboratory' studies natural hazard mitigationSchool of Earth Environ25 Jun 2010
Save Document Africa: Water and climate change negotiationsIPS8 Aug 2010
Save Document Africa: What have we learnt from famine in region?BDAfrica2 Sep 2011
Save Document Africa: WHO AFRO boss proposes framework for public health adaptation to climate changeAfriquejet.com2 Sep 2011
Save Document African cities gather in Swaziland and agree on five recommendations on disaster risk reductionUCLGA7 Oct 2011
Save Document African islands meet to address climate change and disaster risk challengesClimDev-Africa8 Apr 2015
Save Document African ministers adopt the Nairobi Declaration on ClimateUNEP2 Jun 2009
Save Document African ministers meet to adopt Programme of Action to reduce disaster riskUNISDR14 Apr 2010
Save Document African officials urge use of IT for disaster managementNetwork World21 Jul 2008
Save Document African parliamentarians agree on concrete actions to reduce the impact of climate disastersUNISDR20 Oct 2009
Save Document African states need grassroots help to spend climate funds well - ExpertsTRF8 Aug 2013
Save Document African Union and Red Cross Red Crescent launch world disaster reportAU17 Jan 2013
Save Document African Union celebrates 'Africa Environment Day' focusing on climate change resilienceCLI3 Mar 2010
Save Document African Union Commission and European Commission meet to bring new impetus to the EU-Africa partnershipEC21 Apr 2015
Save Document African Union pushes the envelope on 'climate migrants'IRIN29 Dec 2009
Save Document African Union: disaster risk reduction strategy in processAU25 May 2008
Save Document African Union: Erastus Mwencha 'The time to act is now'AU22 Oct 2009
Save Document African universities reach out to local disaster managersUNISDR ROAS4 Oct 2013
Save Document African water facility grant helps Kenyan pastoralists build resilience to climate change in drought prone areasAfDB12 Oct 2012
Save Document African Working Group agrees to implement regional strategy for disaster risk reductionUNISDR AF6 Apr 2011
Save Document African youth commit to reduce disaster risksUNISDR AF15 Jan 2015
Save Document Africans vulnerable to climate change due dependency on rain-fed agriculture - Malawi ministerNyasa Times23 Jul 2013
Save Document Africa’s stake in the climate-change debate2 Dec 2009
Save Document Afrique de l'Ouest: Huit ONG pour l’implication des jeunes et enfants dans la lutte pour la réduction des risques de catastrophesSousLeManguier13 Oct 2011
Save Document After a disaster, what defines a country's resilience?Time16 Mar 2011
Save Document After a flood is really just before the next flood - Zurich researchZurich12 Jun 2014
Save Document After animals die, northern Kenyan pastoralists turn to farmingTRF11 Nov 2014
Save Document After deadly earthquake, New Zealand stresses disaster preparedness at UNUNNC27 Sep 2011

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