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Save Document 'We must reassess our sense of risk' - The AustralianAustralian, the21 Jan 2011
Save Document 'We need resilience' - UNDP headABC3 Mar 2011
Save Document 'We will succeed in these negotiations'DW22 Oct 2014
Save Document 'What if' planning still lacking: Floods expose business risks - ThailandBangkok Post10 Oct 2011
Save Document 'What we are seeing in every urban earthquake is a result of mostly avoidable errors.'...UNISDR15 May 2008
Save Document 'What you will hear from the UN is more and more requests to contribute to world affairs'Daily Star, the24 Apr 2012
Save Document 'When things turn to custard you need good governance'UNISDR AP21 Jun 2013
Save Document 'When volcanic ash gets in your way'IRIN26 Apr 2010
Save Document 'Why I'm part of the conversation on climate change' - UNICEFUNICEF UK20 May 2013
Save Document 'Women must get their fair share of climate finance' - GenderCCTRF28 Apr 2011
Save Document 'Women with disabilities need to be included in the 2015 development agenda' - Forum toldIBI10 Apr 2013
Save Document 'Women's role vital in disaster prevention' - Margaret ArnoldKorea Times Co.1 Mar 2012
Save Document 'World may have to suck gases from air to meet climate goals' - UNReuters16 Jan 2014
Save Document 'Zimbabwe ill-prepared for climate change challenges' - expertsTRF12 Apr 2012
Save Document 'الدفاع المدني' ينظم حملة توعية للحد من الكوارث في نابلسGen Dir of Civil Defense, Min of Interior, State of Palestine - gov; Nablus TV1 Oct 2012
Save Document (Climate) change is in the airForbes Media LLC18 Jun 2012
Save Document 10 years after Indian Ocean tsunami, Asia-Pacific region better prepared: UNUNNC22 Dec 2014
Save Document 10 Years after the tsunami: Is Sri Lanka better prepared for the next disaster?WB23 Dec 2014
Save Document 10 years on, lessons of Asian tsunami hit by 'disaster amnesia'Economic Times, the23 Dec 2014
Save Document 10 years on, tsunami warning stumbles at the 'last mile'TRF21 Dec 2014
Save Document 100 mln to die by 2030 if world fails to act on climate - ReportTRF27 Sep 2012
Save Document 100 Resilient Cities Challenge: second application period opens today!Rockefeller Fndn23 Jul 2014
Save Document 100 years preventing debris flows in JapanUNISDR Hyogo; UNISDR AP16 Nov 2015
Save Document 100,000 people in China's Three Gorges Dam area facing relocationCNA18 Apr 2012
Save Document 11 more Pakistani students graduate from AIT in BangkokAPPC22 Jan 2012
Save Document 11th Session of the Regional Coordination Mechanism: Simplification and harmonization of the UN in AfricaUNISDR AF12 Nov 2010
Save Document 12 ways communities will have to adapt to handle climate changeGuardian, the29 Oct 2014
Save Document 14.9 million uprooted by natural disastersNRC19 Jun 2012
Save Document 2-degree global warming limit is called a 'prescription for disaster'Scientific American, a Division of Nature America, Inc.6 Dec 2011
Save Document 20 nations call to strengthen 2 degrees climate goalCVF1 May 2015
Save Document 20 years after Kobe quake, world rethinks disaster riskTRF; UNISDR13 Jan 2015
Save Document 20-year review shows 90% of disasters are weather-related: US, China, India, Philippines and Indonesia record the mostUNISDR23 Nov 2015
Save Document 200 years after Tambora, Indonesia most at risk of deadly volcanic blastLiveScience, TechMediaNetwork10 Apr 2015
Save Document 2004 tsunami and the fight against disaster amnesiaJakarta Post, the26 Dec 2012
Save Document 2007 UN Sasakawa Award selects two laureatesUNISDR5 Oct 2007
Save Document 2009 Development marketplace awards recognize innovative ‘ideas to save the planet’WB5 Jan 2010
Save Document 200th anniversary of Tambora eruption a reminder of volcanic perilsUC Berkeley31 Mar 2015
Save Document 2010's world gone wild: Quakes, floods, blizzardsManila Bulletin, the20 Dec 2010
Save Document 2011 a year of unprecedented losses - MunichReMunich Re12 Jul 2011
Save Document 2011 es el año más costoso en desastres naturalesDinero, Semana20 Jul 2011
Save Document 2011 Human Development Report: Environmental trends threaten global progress for the poorUNDP2 Nov 2011
Save Document 2011 hurricane season demonstrates the power of a single stormIBHS2 Dec 2011
Save Document 2012 Flood disaster, worst in 40 Years - Red CrossDTN5 Aug 2013
Save Document 2012 least deadly for natural disasters in 10 years, but lack of resilience leaves key growth economies at ‘extreme risk’ – MaplecroftMaplecroft7 Mar 2013
Save Document 2013 disaster losses lower than decade average - ReinsurersTRF15 Jan 2014
Save Document 2013 Floods 'a turning point' says UNISDRUNISDR25 Jun 2013
Save Document 2014 ND-GAIN results show that Norway is most prepared for climate changeND-Gain; Univ of Notre Dame5 Nov 2014
Save Document 2014 Pacific Platform for Disaster Risk ManagementJET, the30 May 2014
Save Document 2015 presents historic opportunity to improve people’s lives, says UN Assembly PresidentUNNC14 Jan 2015
Save Document 2015 – a year of opportunity on climateUNISDR17 Mar 2015

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