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Save Document Le microzonage pour définir les risques de séisme dans le Grand NordMINUSTAH2 Jul 2012
Save Document UN Rio+20 conference : Japan thankful for world help after earthquakeDaily Times26 Jun 2012
Save Document Taiwanese University, AECOM join hands in disaster-prevention researchCNA25 Jun 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: Community volunteers for urban risk reductionNew Age25 Jun 2012
Save Document Preparing for disasters and reducing risk in AzerbaijanECHO21 Jun 2012
Save Document Caribbean islands earn hurricane insurance rebateUNISDR AM15 Jun 2012
Save Document The EU and China launch joint project for managing disaster risksEU15 Jun 2012
Save Document Rio+20 feature: Seven issues, seven experts – DisastersUNNC15 Jun 2012
Save Document Lessons learnt about small and medium enterprises recovery from natural disastersScoop Media Ltd14 Jun 2012
Save Document Disasters: Insuring against dry days in AfricaIRIN12 Jun 2012
Save Document Switzerland prepares for an earthquakeUNISDR EUR12 Jun 2012
Save Document Philippines: Disaster council urges local government, schools to be prepared for calamitiesPIA, Philippines - gov11 Jun 2012
Save Document Caribbean urged to prepare for a tsunamiUNISDR AM8 Jun 2012
Save Document Peru: Villarán deberá informar al Congreso sobre planes de prevención de sismosDiario Correo8 Jun 2012
Save Document UNISDR champion Legarda seeks to reduce flood damage in PhilippinesUNISDR AP7 Jun 2012
Save Document Christchurch on the road to resilienceUNISDR AP6 Jun 2012
Save Document Make communities more disaster resilient: WHOWHO6 Jun 2012
Save Document Italy: Can an earthquake bring about the fall of Rome?Time4 Jun 2012
Save Document USTDA hosts disaster preparedness workshop for ASEANPIA, Philippines - gov4 Jun 2012
Save Document Pérou: La capitale se prépare à un tremblement de terre géantLe Monde1 Jun 2012
Save Document Terremoto, 'il 60% delle scuole italiane non ha la certificazione del collaudo statico'Fatto Quotidiano31 May 2012
Save Document Terremoto in Italia: Geologi Campania, regione avanti in prevenzione con 'microzonazione'La Repubblica30 May 2012
Save Document Italia: Terremoto, tremila controlli l'anno sulle nuove case - Progetti al setaccioMessaggero, Il30 May 2012
Save Document Italia: Sisma, la procura di Modena apre un'inchiesta Napolitano: 'Prevenzione inadeguata'Corriere della Sera30 May 2012
Save Document Italy: Cluster quakes and new risksCorriere della Sera30 May 2012
Save Document Campaign city Arborg adopts Jericho City as resilience 'twin'UNISDR EUR30 May 2012
Save Document Anticipating the world’s most expensive natural disasterAEI29 May 2012
Save Document Sri Lanka: New disaster resistant measures targeting schools, highrisesDaily News29 May 2012
Save Document Better warnings for the consequences of earthquakes: Bringing seismic hazard and risk assessments to policyEarth29 May 2012
Save Document Peru launches cities campaignUNISDR AM25 May 2012
Save Document Switzerland: Preparing for a seismic disasterswissInfo.ch22 May 2012
Save Document Community drills part of Cuba’s top-notch disaster response systemIPS22 May 2012
Save Document Italia: 2 mila terremoti all’anno, 3 milioni di cittadini in zone ad alto rischio sismicoRomagna Gazzette21 May 2012
Save Document Italia: Sisma - L'Aquila 6.3, Emilia 6 'Eventi molto diversi'La Repubblica21 May 2012
Save Document Italy quake highlights need to educate the public, says expertUNISDR21 May 2012
Save Document Italy earthquake: modern buildings, not ancient ones, pose biggest threatcsmonitor.com21 May 2012
Save Document Natural hazard: sleepwalking into tragedyGuardian, the20 May 2012
Save Document Italia: Protezione Civile, facciamo il tagliando ai fabbricatiEdil Tecnico19 May 2012
Save Document Education for disaster risk reduction: SEAMEO - Japan education for sustainable development award - call for entriesMEXT, Japan - gov; SEAMEO16 May 2012
Save Document Portugal: Canal Lisboa - Meio de informação e divulgação de mensagens de carácter preventivoLisbon Municipality, Portugal - gov15 May 2012
Save Document Participatory 3D mapping: A tool for disaster risk reductionCliff Hague World View15 May 2012
Save Document China’s first disaster reduction themed animated film ‘Today, Tomorrow’ now in cinemasWenhui Daily14 May 2012
Save Document 'Central America cannot continue to rebuild disaster risk'UNISDR AM11 May 2012
Save Document Wharton duo propose steps to reduce catastrophes' lossesOH&S8 May 2012
Save Document Enhancing local capacities for disaster preparedness in Colombia: Plan Germany starts new projectPlan Germany7 May 2012
Save Document Albania to prepare for disaster risk to World Heritage propertiesUNESCO - IIEP7 May 2012
Save Document Opinion from the Philippines: Are we ready for a disaster?Philstar.com6 May 2012
Save Document Seychelles: 'Disaster preparedness and alert is not a joke' says Minister PayetPeople, The4 May 2012
Save Document Philippines: Business continuity planning vital for disaster-prone ManilaUNISDR AP4 May 2012
Save Document Japanese experts: Indonesians ‘should think twice’ before going nuclearJakarta Post, the3 May 2012

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