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Save Document UN develops innovative early warning tool for drought prone Asia-Pacific regionsESCAP29 Nov 2013
Save Document The climate loss and damage mechanism: Whys and why nots?IRIN28 Nov 2013
Save Document Progress on loss-and-damage and tech transfer at COP19SciDevNet25 Nov 2013
Save Document Tanzania to pioneer climate change adaptation schemeIPP22 Nov 2013
Save Document Africa climate adaptation costs could soar to USD $350 billion annually by 2070 if warming hits 3.5-4°C UN - reportUNEP19 Nov 2013
Save Document Provisional statement on status of climate in 2013: Continuing high temperatures globally and many climate extremes worldwideWMO13 Nov 2013
Save Document COP 19: Pastoralism to suffer most over rise in global heatASNS13 Nov 2013
Save Document Helping communities adapt to climate change in SamoaIFRC7 Nov 2013
Save Document SMS weather advice cushions Tanzanian farmers from droughtTRF4 Nov 2013
Save Document Pakistan's mountain farmers 'helpless' in face of erratic weather - OpinionTRF3 Nov 2013
Save Document US: New Obama order aims to prepare communities for severe weatherTRF1 Nov 2013
Save Document Arid parts of Kenya could get more rain as climate shifts - ReportTRF1 Nov 2013
Save Document St Jude's Day storm: The bad news is the long-term forecast’s no betterINM27 Oct 2013
Save Document Extreme weather can be the 'most important cause of poverty'BBC16 Oct 2013
Save Document Red Cross Red Crescent and AfDB enter pan-African partnership on food security and disaster risk reductionAfDB; IFRC3 Oct 2013
Save Document Traditional knowledge fuels climate change adaptation in Ghana – StudyCIFOR1 Oct 2013
Save Document Pour sa survie, le Vanuatu apprend à lutter contre la montée des eauxLe Monde27 Sep 2013
Save Document UN climate report bolsters case for helping poor adapt - Aid expertsTRF27 Sep 2013
Save Document Climate-hit Salvadoran farmers return to indigenous agricultureTRF27 Sep 2013
Save Document Business looks to UN report for clarity on climate risksTRF26 Sep 2013
Save Document Lao farmers need no ‘magic’ to adapt to climate changeMindaNews24 Sep 2013
Save Document Chinese government sees its own reflection in water crisisTRF23 Sep 2013
Save Document Ban, President Loeak discuss stronger partnership with Pacific Island nationsUNNC22 Sep 2013
Save Document India's small farmers turn hydrologists to battle droughtTRF20 Sep 2013
Save Document To deal with worsening drought, Pakistan turns to olivesTRF19 Sep 2013
Save Document UN official hails Namibia's drought risk management policyBernama18 Sep 2013
Save Document Analysis: When the water runs dry, the ideas flowIRIN13 Sep 2013
Save Document Rural Kenya harvests water from fogTRF9 Sep 2013
Save Document Analysis: Debating the best way to improve water and sanitation post-MDGsIRIN6 Sep 2013
Save Document Tanzania adopts irrigation law to help farmers battle climate changeTRF4 Sep 2013
Save Document New report reveals the ten US areas facing the highest climate-related risk of water shortagesAcclimatise3 Sep 2013
Save Document India must stop viewing disasters as acts of God – reportTRF29 Aug 2013
Save Document Jamaica: Public education on climate change effects remains priority - Minister PickersgillJIS29 Aug 2013
Save Document USA: How the Federal Crop Insurance Program should be reformed to encourage low-risk farming methods with high-reward environmental outcomes - OpinionNRDC27 Aug 2013
Save Document In Ethiopia, NGOs promote family planning to cope with climate changeTRF23 Aug 2013
Save Document Climate change sends Africa's agricultural extension officers back to schoolTRF23 Aug 2013
Save Document UNOSAT: Geospatial technology has a role to play in climate resilienceUNITAR23 Aug 2013
Save Document UK: Planning by postcodeNewcastle University13 Aug 2013
Save Document Guatemala: Adapting to climate changeTico Times13 Aug 2013
Save Document Mozambique to upgrade flood protection systemTRF6 Aug 2013
Save Document Sri Lanka: Can people tackle climate change, when science remains uncertain?Sunday Times, the4 Aug 2013
Save Document Could Sri Lanka get irrigation boost from ancient reservoirs?IRIN1 Aug 2013
Save Document Scientists help African farmers battle pests in warming climateTRF30 Jul 2013
Save Document Sri Lanka: As extreme weather hits harvests, food buffers could help – ExpertsTRF24 Jul 2013
Save Document Climate shifts cut short girls' education in northeast IndiaTRF23 Jul 2013
Save Document Africans vulnerable to climate change due dependency on rain-fed agriculture - Malawi ministerNyasa Times23 Jul 2013
Save Document Changes afoot to ensure gender aware climate change policies in the Pacific Island countries and territoriesTRF22 Jul 2013
Save Document Philippines: Senator Legarda wants rainwater catchment facilities in schoolsSenate of the Philippines, Philippines - gov18 Jul 2013
Save Document Top Mali presidential candidates sign climate pledgeTRF18 Jul 2013
Save Document USA: After Yarnell, let’s get ready to fight the next fireBloomberg.com5 Jul 2013

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