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Save Document UNESCO: Reinforcing the resilience of indigenous peoples and sharing knowledge to address climate changeUNESCO26 Nov 2015
Save Document Indigenous people ignored in climate plans, seek voice at UN talksTRF18 Nov 2015
Save Document UNDP: Indigenous people take steps to have a voice in COP21UNDP - Regional Cent18 Nov 2015
Save Document In home-grown innovation, Pakistani village rises above flood woesTRF16 Nov 2015
Save Document 100 years preventing debris flows in JapanUNISDR Hyogo; UNISDR AP16 Nov 2015
Save Document As floods hit, Pakistan's Kalasha people fear for their way of lifeTRF9 Nov 2015
Save Document Tokelau: Resilience two metres above sea-levelUNISDR AP30 Oct 2015
Save Document Women in Parliament back SendaiUNISDR22 Oct 2015
Save Document Tajikistan: Sharing knowledge for seismic shifts in disaster risk reductionDevex22 Oct 2015
Save Document Co-creating knowledge of resilience principles through local storiesUniv of Colorado20 Oct 2015
Save Document Knowledge for life among Colombia’s Nasa peopleUNISDR AM20 Oct 2015
Save Document Malawi launches National Recovery Disaster FrameworkNyasa Times19 Oct 2015
Save Document Dominica observes International Day for Disaster ReductionDominica - gov15 Oct 2015
Save Document International day for disaster reduction: the Haiti caseCOOPI15 Oct 2015
Save Document Documenting local community knowledge on disaster risk reduction in CameroonGEADIRR15 Oct 2015
Save Document Rep of Korea: Local knowledge reduces fire riskUNISDR ONEA-GETI14 Oct 2015
Save Document USAID helps Viet Nam improve disaster responseVGP News, Viet Nam - gov14 Oct 2015
Save Document Nigeria: NEMA underscores need to harmonise modern, traditional knowledge in disaster risk managementGuardian Newspapers Ltd.14 Oct 2015
Save Document Sudan: Local knowledge saves Nile islandersUNISDR ROAS14 Oct 2015
Save Document Protecting communities: UNISDR and EU regions join forces on International Day for Disaster ReductionCoR14 Oct 2015
Save Document International Day Message from the Secretary-GeneralUNISDR13 Oct 2015
Save Document Keeping it local to curb risk in CameroonUNISDR AF13 Oct 2015
Save Document UN chooses eight communities as Champions of Disaster Risk ReductionUNISDR13 Oct 2015
Save Document ECHO: International Day for Disaster Reduction 2015 - Helping to save lives and livelihoodsECHO13 Oct 2015
Save Document IDDR2015 Champion: Tuti Island - SudanUNISDR ROAS13 Oct 2015
Save Document EU: DEVE members on disaster risk reduction - 'We need stronger reliance on local knowledge'EP13 Oct 2015
Save Document Italy’s ‘Network of Resilience’ recognizedUNISDR EUR13 Oct 2015
Save Document Bangladesh: Substantial indigenous knowledge makes community resilienceConcern Worldwide13 Oct 2015
Save Document Gambia: Gov’t committed to provisions of disaster risk reduction framework - PresidentDaily Observer13 Oct 2015
Save Document Viet Nam: Traditional knowledge and experience in natural disaster prevention - UNDPUNDP Viet Nam13 Oct 2015
Save Document OPS: Integrar los conocimientos indígenas con la experiencia científica puede contribuir a mitigar los riesgos de desastresPAHO13 Oct 2015
Save Document US: Scientists harness indigenous knowledge to combat Arctic disastersTRF13 Oct 2015
Save Document BVI observes International Day for Disaster ReductionBVI13 Oct 2015
Save Document UNDP: Advocating role of communities as first-hand disaster responders - BhutanUNDP Bhutan13 Oct 2015
Save Document Australia: International Day for Disaster Risk ReductionMin for Justice, Min Assisting the PM on Counter-Terrorism, Australia - gov13 Oct 2015
Save Document The disaster risk reduction genius of the indigenousRappler12 Oct 2015
Save Document Local knowledge battles floods in IndiaUNISDR AP12 Oct 2015
Save Document Philippines: Tribe honoured by UNUNISDR AP9 Oct 2015
Save Document Knowledge recovery in NicaraguaUNISDR AM9 Oct 2015
Save Document Knowledge for life on the Bangladesh coastUNISDR AP8 Oct 2015
Save Document Diagnóstico de conocimientos ancestrales, contribuye a la resiliencia comunitaria en NicaraguaUNISDR AM7 Oct 2015
Save Document WVI: Vietnam's children tie traditional knowledge into modern disaster preparationWorld Vision Intl - South Asia & Pacific Regl Office6 Oct 2015
Save Document Guatemala: Banking seeds in a brutal climateUNISDR AM2 Oct 2015
Save Document Técnicas artesanales y conocimiento local de las comunidades de Mérida en Venezuela, al servicio de la gestión del riesgo de desastresUNISDR AM28 Sep 2015
Save Document Needs of outer islands top climate change lessons learned at Pacific meetingSPC9 Sep 2015
Save Document Pacific islands are not passive victims of climate change, but will need help - OpinionConversation Media Group, the8 Sep 2015
Save Document UNISDR Regional Office for Africa: Call for papersUNISDR AF7 Sep 2015
Save Document International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR): Call for blog contributionsUNISDR27 Aug 2015
Save Document Indigenous knowledge key for DRRUNISDR NY12 Aug 2015
Save Document 'Knowledge for Life': UN launches search for communities good at managing the risk of disastersUNISDR28 Jul 2015

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