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Save Document FAO warns that recent torrential rains and cyclones could favour locust surgeFAO Headquarters11 Nov 2015
Save Document Irrigation risks spreading invasive pests across AfricaAcclimatise11 Sep 2015
Save Document US: Guidelines for regenerating southern pine beetle spotsUSDA, United States of America - gov23 Jul 2015
Save Document US: Wine grape growers vote to continue assessment for insect warCVBT18 Jun 2015
Save Document Australia: Keep a weather eye on biosecurityLand, the, Fairfax Media26 Mar 2015
Save Document Canada: 'Not all fires are worth fighting'Vancouver Sun15 Oct 2014
Save Document How pine beetles can predict the future of climate changeGreenBiz2 Jul 2014
Save Document Video: Invest in prevention - Save money, save lives, save livelihoodsFAO Headquarters12 May 2014
Save Document Impacts of climate change in Switzerland: Adaptation and climate change mitigation must go hand in handWSL14 Mar 2014
Save Document Strong El Nino years to double, scientists sayTRF18 Feb 2014
Save Document Why climate change is very bad for your healthConversation Media Group, the11 Feb 2014
Save Document US polar vortex brings Big Chill to forest pests - ScientistsTRF8 Jan 2014
Save Document India caterpillar attack flags risk of climate-linked farm pestsTRF10 Oct 2013
Save Document Climate-hit Salvadoran farmers return to indigenous agricultureTRF27 Sep 2013
Save Document Warming helps crop pests spread north, south-studyTRF1 Sep 2013
Save Document Scientists help African farmers battle pests in warming climateTRF30 Jul 2013
Save Document 'Climate shifts linked to rise in animal diseases in people'TRF2 Jul 2013
Save Document USA: Beetles to blame for Colorado's fires? Blame climate change insteadMSNBC25 Jun 2013
Save Document UNICEF: Children bear brunt of climate health impactsRTCC30 May 2013
Save Document 'Super-fly' threatens 'Rambo' cassava, food securityIRIN7 May 2013
Save Document Nepal: Farmers' adaptation to climate changeHimalayan Times6 May 2013
Save Document USA: Wildfires, naturally occurring forest fires and climate changeAllvoices3 May 2013
Save Document Europe must adapt to stay ahead of a changing climateEEA29 Apr 2013
Save Document British Columbia, Canada: West Kootenay climate change study - local scientists say time for action is nowCastlegar Source, the25 Feb 2013
Save Document Locust invasion threatens underfunded MadagascarIRIN13 Feb 2013
Save Document US farmers face fraught futureClimate News Network7 Feb 2013
Save Document World Bank supports climate change resiliency and improved health and nutrition in MozambiqueWB24 Jan 2013
Save Document Canada would rather adapt to climate change than lead on cutting greenhouse gasesVancouver Sun5 Dec 2012
Save Document Canada: Pine beetles contributing to climate change - studyVancouver Sun25 Nov 2012
Save Document USA, California: Climate consortium to help crop growers plan for future impactsCali Dept of Food and Agr Off of Public Affairs, United States of America - gov2 Aug 2012
Save Document Mali-Niger: Locusts spawning disasterIRIN24 Jul 2012
Save Document China announce ten-point technology plan to tackle climate changeClimate Change Org, the16 Jul 2012
Save Document Climate Conversations: Indigenous knowledge 'invaluable' for Andean adaptationTRF12 Jul 2012
Save Document USA: West's wildfires a preview of changed climate-scientistsTRF29 Jun 2012
Save Document Red zone: Policies put more Coloradans at riskKUNC27 Jun 2012
Save Document Mali: Locusts could spread in rebel-held northIRIN26 Jun 2012
Save Document Climate change: Cassava key to food security, say scientistsIRIN20 Jun 2012
Save Document Rio+20: The climate challenge listLloyd's19 Jun 2012
Save Document Niger, Mali on alert to desert locust risk - Insecurity and conflict hinder control effortsFAO Headquarters5 Jun 2012
Save Document York researchers evaluate impact of climate change on biodiversity and habitats in East AfricaUni of York21 May 2012
Save Document Caucasus region facing climate change problemsFinancial24 Apr 2012
Save Document Sahel: Looming disaster that's hard to see - Australian Red CrossSMH18 Apr 2012
Save Document Suisse: Changements climatiques: le Conseil fédéral adopte les objectifs d’adaptation / Svizzera: Il Consiglio federale adotta gli obiettivi per l’adattamento ai cambiamenti climaticiSwitzerland - gov2 Mar 2012
Save Document Morocco to create National Platform for Disaster Risk ReductionUNISDR ROAS28 Feb 2012
Save Document India: Centre of excellence on climate change research launchedFnBnews15 Feb 2012
Save Document Bangladesh: Farmers bet on climate-proof cropsIPS5 Jan 2012
Save Document Timor-Leste: UN disaster risk reduction chief commends efforts to tackle disastersUNMIT22 Nov 2011
Save Document Namibia's satellite centre to warn of disaster threatsSciDevNet27 Jul 2011
Save Document Philippines: Quezon City mayor stresses flood preparednessManila Bulletin, the4 Jul 2011
Save Document 42 million displaced by sudden natural hazards in 2010 - studyIDMC; NRC6 Jun 2011

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