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Save Document 20-year review shows 90% of disasters are weather-related: US, China, India, Philippines and Indonesia record the mostUNISDR23 Nov 2015
Save Document Dalai Lama says climate change destroying Tibet's 'roof of the world'TRF20 Oct 2015
Save Document South Africa greets spring with a heatwaveAl Jazeera7 Oct 2015
Save Document Karachi’s heat wave a sign of future challenges to Pakistan’s fragile democracyECSP8 Jul 2015
Save Document WMO, WHO issue guidance on heat health warning systemsWMO1 Jul 2015
Save Document ADB $220 million aid to help Pakistan build hazard-resilient infrastructureADB30 Jun 2015
Save Document India's next weapon against climate change? The heat-tolerant dwarf cowTRF29 Jun 2015
Save Document India’s heatwave a lesson for Sendai FrameworkUNISDR12 Jun 2015
Save Document Heatwave in India: Lessons for implementing Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia - Q&A with Mihir R. BhattAIDMI; UNISDR11 Jun 2015
Save Document Heat and drought pose threat to US power suppliesAcclimatise5 Jun 2015
Save Document Indian state eases compensation rules for heat wave deathsReuters2 Jun 2015
Save Document India: Here’s what happens to your body in a heat waveQuartz1 Jun 2015
Save Document India: Labourers, homeless hit hardest by heatwaveTimes of India, the31 May 2015
Save Document Indian city offers way to beat the heat as 1,786 killed in heat waveTRF29 May 2015
Save Document NRDC: Surviving India's deadly heat waveNRDC27 May 2015
Save Document India heatwave kills 800 as capital's roads meltAFP26 May 2015
Save Document Australia: Drought danger as El Niño officially returnsTelegraph, Daily, Sunday, the - Australia12 May 2015
Save Document Indian city launches first-ever heat wave preparation and warning systemNRDC16 Apr 2015
Save Document Putting heat adaptation plans into action: Ahmedabad shares lessons with leading Indian citiesNRDC15 Apr 2015
Save Document WMO: Global Climate in 2014 marked by extreme heat and floodingWMO23 Mar 2015
Save Document Opinion: 'Global accord on climate won’t be enough'Japan Times Ltd., the9 Feb 2015
Save Document US: Charting Colorado’s vulnerability to climate changeCSU; Univ of Colorado5 Feb 2015
Save Document Development goals at stake in new UN disaster risk dealRTCC23 Jan 2015
Save Document FAO: Genetic diversity a hidden tool in coping with climate changeFAO Headquarters19 Jan 2015
Save Document NASA, NOAA find 2014 warmest year in modern recordNASA, United States of America - gov16 Jan 2015
Save Document Hottest year in recorded history a mixed blessing for businessReuters; TRF16 Jan 2015
Save Document German heart disease deaths from heatwaves to rise fivefoldRTCC8 Jan 2015
Save Document Last decade sees dramatic increase in chance of extreme hot European summersMet Office, United Kingdom - gov8 Dec 2014
Save Document Climate change means 2014 could be warmest year ever - But London can copeTelegraph Media Group Ltd3 Dec 2014
Save Document WMO: 2014 on course to be one of hottest, possibly hottest, on recordWMO3 Dec 2014
Save Document 'New climate normal' poses severe risks to development: World Bank reportWB23 Nov 2014
Save Document Australia: Victorians face increased bushfire fears as phone problems remain unfixedShanghai Daily20 Nov 2014
Save Document Northern Kenyans adopt nocturnal life to escape extreme heatTRF30 Oct 2014
Save Document 12 ways communities will have to adapt to handle climate changeGuardian, the29 Oct 2014
Save Document Reuters summit: Australian agriculture needs to adapt, not simply shift, to meet climate changeReuters; TRF15 Oct 2014
Save Document Silicon to spinach: Japan tech helps farmers cope with climate shiftsReuters; TRF19 Aug 2014
Save Document Climate change will widen the social and health gapConversation Media Group, the14 Aug 2014
Save Document Pakistan’s glaciers: Data-sharing needed to mitigate disastersIRIN12 Aug 2014
Save Document Russia's top cities wake up to need for climate change adaptationTRF15 Jul 2014
Save Document Heat waves are replacing drought as the deadliest climate disasterVox14 Jul 2014
Save Document Climate change threatens your cup of coffee as soon as 2020TRF2 Jul 2014
Save Document Global warming threatens more deadly Everest-like avalanches: ReportTRF20 May 2014
Save Document Hidden Greenland canyons mean more sea level riseNASA, United States of America - gov19 May 2014
Save Document CDKN in conversation… with Maria Paz Cigaran, CDKN PeruCDKN13 May 2014
Save Document NASA-UCI study indicates loss of West Antarctic glaciers appears unstoppableNASA, United States of America - gov; Univ. of California, Irvine12 May 2014
Save Document Hotspots of climate change impacts in Africa: Making sense of uncertaintiesPIK6 May 2014
Save Document Mt. Everest avalanche: Is climate change to blame?LiveScience, TechMediaNetwork18 Apr 2014
Save Document WMO urges governments to translate research findings into actionable information through climate servicesWMO31 Mar 2014
Save Document 'Nobody on this planet' will be untouched by climate change - IPCC headTRF31 Mar 2014
Save Document How climate change will brew a bad-tasting, expensive cup of coffeeGuardian Newspapers Ltd.28 Mar 2014

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