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Save Document Uganda: JRC's early flood warning system triggers pre-disaster humanitarian actionJRC18 Nov 2015
Save Document Malaria Early Warning System established in Solomon IslandsSPREP22 Jul 2015
Save Document Strengthening epidemic preparedness key focus of Pacific health surveillance networkSPC20 Jul 2015
Save Document Nepal: Monsoons pose serious health and sanitation threat to quake-affected children - PlanPlan Intl29 Jun 2015
Save Document Guatemala: Garbage and waste in Las Vacas River increasing flood riskFloodlist10 Jun 2015
Save Document Kenya: Cholera highlights urban risk factorsUNISDR AF10 Jun 2015
Save Document UN health agency draws lessons from Ebola to prepare roadmap for future epidemicsUNNC12 May 2015
Save Document WHO and the African Union Commission are working to establish the African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in 2015WHO11 May 2015
Save Document WHO welcomes Sendai focus on healthUNISDR29 Apr 2015
Save Document USAID: Moving beyond Ebola - Rebuilding Liberia’s health care systemUSAID, United States of America - gov6 Apr 2015
Save Document Australia: Keep a weather eye on biosecurityLand, the, Fairfax Media26 Mar 2015
Save Document Psychologist connects disaster-affected children around the worldJapan Times Ltd., the23 Mar 2015
Save Document Gambia makes positive strides in achieving HFA priorities, says Environment MinisterPoint, the19 Mar 2015
Save Document 'Health at very center of disaster risk reduction' - UN agency officials in SendaiUNNC15 Mar 2015
Save Document Daily report of the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR) - Monday, 16 March 2015IISD15 Mar 2015
Save Document Disasters have same human impact as tuberculosis - UNTRF4 Mar 2015
Save Document Africa's medicine men key to halting Ebola spread in GuineaTRF2 Mar 2015
Save Document Vaccines are one of our best weapons against global warmingMJ11 Feb 2015
Save Document US: Charting Colorado’s vulnerability to climate changeCSU; Univ of Colorado5 Feb 2015
Save Document World Bank Group President: World is ‘dangerously unprepared’ for future pandemicsWB27 Jan 2015
Save Document After Ebola: What next for West Africa’s health systemsIRIN26 Jan 2015
Save Document Ebola: Most African countries avoid major economic loss but impact on Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone remains cripplingWB20 Jan 2015
Save Document Building community resilience to disasters: legacy of the Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeJapan Times Ltd., the17 Jan 2015
Save Document Global Risks 2015WEF15 Jan 2015
Save Document World Bank Group to support Cote d’Ivoire’s health systems strengthening and Ebola preparednessWB25 Nov 2014
Save Document Second session of the Preparatory Committee for the Third United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction: summary of the discussion (part 2)UN17 Nov 2014
Save Document International football stars unite in the fight against EbolaWB17 Nov 2014
Save Document To stop Ebola's spread in West Africa, target funerals - studyTRF30 Oct 2014
Save Document Exporting Ebola - who's really at risk?IRIN22 Oct 2014
Save Document Tanzania to pioneer climate change adaptation schemeIPP22 Nov 2013
Save Document 'Climate shifts linked to rise in animal diseases in people'TRF2 Jul 2013
Save Document Analysis: Which technology to use for disaster management?IRIN30 May 2013
Save Document UNICEF: Children bear brunt of climate health impactsRTCC30 May 2013
Save Document Nepal: Disaster risk - the challenges of dealing with itHimalayan Times15 Apr 2013
Save Document Atlas of health and climate launches new collaboration between public health and meteorological communitiesWHO29 Oct 2012
Save Document Philippines: President signs People's Survival Fund lawPIA, Philippines - gov22 Aug 2012
Save Document Climate migrants risk more harm in new surroundingsUNISDR21 Aug 2012
Save Document UNISDR champion Legarda seeks to reduce flood damage in PhilippinesUNISDR AP7 Jun 2012
Save Document Community drills part of Cuba’s top-notch disaster response systemIPS22 May 2012
Save Document Fungus threat rises for food, wildlifeNews2412 Apr 2012
Save Document Announcing the launch of PLoS Currents: DisastersPLoS27 Mar 2012
Save Document A model for improving climate services in AfricaIRI5 Mar 2012
Save Document Maplecroft Global Risks Atlas 2012: 'No improvement in BRICs capacity to withstand shocks from global risks despite economic growth'Maplecroft20 Feb 2012
Save Document Horn of Africa crisis results in effort to improve action on early warningsUNISDR AF13 Feb 2012
Save Document Pakistan: Coordination needs to be enhaced to manage disasters, say expertsPakistan Today27 Jan 2012
Save Document ACTED: '2 years on Haiti still needs attention'ACTED12 Jan 2012
Save Document Haiti: taking the time to make recovery sustainableBritish Red Cross12 Jan 2012
Save Document EU: Rebuilding homes for Haitians - Two years on, Europe continues to deliver on its promises to HaitiEU10 Jan 2012
Save Document American Red Cross helping Haiti recover and rebuild at two-year anniversary of earthquakeAmerican Red Cross5 Jan 2012
Save Document Disaster reduction critical to HIV/AIDS reductionUNISDR1 Dec 2011

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