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Save Document WB: Challenge fund winners to support disaster resilienceDFID, United Kingdom - gov; GFDRR; WB18 Nov 2015
Save Document 'Tuku' leads African musicians rallying for billions in climate fundsTRF13 Nov 2015
Save Document UN: East Africa braces for worsening El Niño conditions - AudioUN6 Nov 2015
Save Document East Africa on alert for El Niño delugeTRF29 Oct 2015
Save Document Women in Parliament back SendaiUNISDR22 Oct 2015
Save Document Climate change and conflict: it’s complicatedIRIN20 Oct 2015
Save Document East Africa states join group to tackle global warmingEastAfrican, the; Nation Media Group Limited18 Oct 2015
Save Document UK: Preparing for El Niño - DFIDUnited Kingdom - gov16 Oct 2015
Save Document WEF: How smart cities will help us meet the Global GoalsWEF25 Sep 2015
Save Document Kenya: Sh15.5bn/USD149 million required to deal with effects of El Niño rainsNation Media Group21 Sep 2015
Save Document Why mixing it up on the farm is key for climate change adaptationTRF17 Sep 2015
Save Document Irrigation risks spreading invasive pests across AfricaAcclimatise11 Sep 2015
Save Document Kenya: Relocations due ahead of El Nino – Deputy President RutoCapital FM News8 Sep 2015
Save Document Kenyan fishing town swaps boats for mangroves and maricultureTRF28 Aug 2015
Save Document Kenya ramps up support for DRR legislationUNISDR AF20 Aug 2015
Save Document East Africa to boost risk governanceUNISDR AF26 Jun 2015
Save Document Kenyan festival drums up appetite for climate adaptationTRF17 Jun 2015
Save Document Kenya: Mombasa draws up master plan to combat worsening floodingTRF16 Jun 2015
Save Document Kenya: Cholera highlights urban risk factorsUNISDR AF10 Jun 2015
Save Document In Northern Kenya, age old traditions combat climate change and help minimise conflictNation Media Group3 Jun 2015
Save Document Managing urban risk in AfricaUNISDR AF21 May 2015
Save Document Scaling up urban disaster management and risk reduction measures more critical than ever, said Red Cross Red CrescentIFRC4 May 2015
Save Document To sustain climate adaptation, integrate it with local economies - expertsTRF30 Apr 2015
Save Document Kenya's drought-hit herders lose out in cut-price land salesTRF13 Apr 2015
Save Document Community radio brings forecasts to Kenya's most climate vulnerableTRF9 Apr 2015
Save Document Kenya: President Kenyatta - Let’s increase disaster reduction effortsPSCU, Kenya - gov14 Mar 2015
Save Document Index-Insurance: Protecting women farmers against weather riskWB6 Mar 2015
Save Document Kenya: State to stop famine in arid areas by 2022Star, the25 Feb 2015
Save Document Ghana: CARE International holds review meeting in TamaleGhanaWeb3 Feb 2015
Save Document Baling hay helps drought-hit Kenyan pastoralists cut lossesTRF7 Jan 2015
Save Document EU-backed study to explore climate and migration linksClimate News Network; RTCC29 Dec 2014
Save Document World Bank supports water security and climate resiliency for Kenya’s coastal communitiesWB16 Dec 2014
Save Document Protecting mangroves can lower disaster risks, offer cash - Experts at COP20TRF11 Dec 2014
Save Document After animals die, northern Kenyan pastoralists turn to farmingTRF11 Nov 2014
Save Document Northern Kenyans adopt nocturnal life to escape extreme heatTRF30 Oct 2014
Save Document Islamic Relief Worldwide: International Day for Disaster ReductionIslamic Relief Worldwide13 Oct 2014
Save Document Caritas funds will help those most vulnerable to disastersCaritas Australia13 Oct 2014
Save Document Satellite tracking system puts Africa on map of space-based climate surveillanceTRF4 Sep 2014
Save Document 'Sand dams' bank water for dry season in semi-arid KenyaTRF20 Aug 2014
Save Document UNOSAT encourages the DRR community to use technology to build resilienceUNITAR15 Jul 2014
Save Document Coral reef restoration can save lives, livelihoodsIRIN24 Jun 2014
Save Document Kenya can lead on climate change adaptationIRIN21 May 2014
Save Document Kenya's drought insurance helps Islamic herdersCornell Univ21 Apr 2014
Save Document Youth in disaster risk reduction and resilience ambassadorsSOFADECCA28 Mar 2014
Save Document With their forests vanished, Kenya's Maasai adaptTRF15 Mar 2014
Save Document Drought-hit East African farmers turn to growing twineTRF10 Mar 2014
Save Document Climate change could crush East Africa’s agricultural economy – ReportRTCC23 Dec 2013
Save Document Climate change research, capacity building in Kenya face challengesTRF13 Dec 2013
Save Document Helping small farmers adapt to climate change could pay for itself - ReportTRF13 Nov 2013
Save Document Arid parts of Kenya could get more rain as climate shifts - ReportTRF1 Nov 2013

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