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Save Document 100 years preventing debris flows in JapanUNISDR Hyogo; UNISDR AP16 Nov 2015
Save Document Magnitude 7 earthquake rattles southern coast of JapanTech Times14 Nov 2015
Save Document Mayors call for protection of heritage sites from disastersUNISDR12 Nov 2015
Save Document Philippines: JICA backs integration of disaster preparedness to school curriculumManila Bulletin, the11 Nov 2015
Save Document Rising seas menace 280 mln people even with 2C warming - scientistsTRF9 Nov 2015
Save Document Japan, China, South Korea vow enhanced ties for disaster managementJapan Times Ltd., the28 Oct 2015
Save Document New research explains why disaster law lags behindPenn12 Oct 2015
Save Document Japan: Tokyo’s disaster prevention manual enjoys extraordinary popularityJapan News, the8 Oct 2015
Save Document Shinzo Abe: Lessons learned for a better worldCNN25 Sep 2015
Save Document What are the 3 keys to building real resilience to climate change?TRF17 Sep 2015
Save Document ESCAP-Japan partnership to strengthen disaster early warning systems in PacificESCAP17 Sep 2015
Save Document UNDP takes part in the fourth regional technical group meeting on disaster managementUNDP Pakistan9 Sep 2015
Save Document Japan: Measures need to be reexamined to prepare for major disastersYomiuri Shimbun1 Sep 2015
Save Document IAEA releases director general’s report on Fukushima Daiichi accidentIAEA31 Aug 2015
Save Document Japan: Reactivation of nuclear reactor major step in securing stable supply of powerBakken13 Aug 2015
Save Document Government of Japan and UNDP announce launch of initiative to help South Sudan respond to food insecurity and floodsJapan - gov; UNDP27 Jul 2015
Save Document A new climate for peace: taking action on climate and fragility risks - Report launchECSP9 Jul 2015
Save Document WFP shifts focus to recovery after Nepal earthquake with cash, porters and clinicsWFP24 Jun 2015
Save Document Japan to boost medical preparedness for nuclear disastersKyodo News24 Jun 2015
Save Document Japan: Document shows Tokyo Electric Power Co recognized risk of huge tsunami at Fukushima plant in 2008Asahi Shimbun18 Jun 2015
Save Document JICA: 'Build back better reconstruction seminar for Nepal' held to help country with post-quake reconstructionJICA, Japan - gov10 Jun 2015
Save Document New tools to increase resilience of Pacific Island countries to natural disastersSPC9 Jun 2015
Save Document G7 to support climate insurance for poor, finance disappointsTRF8 Jun 2015
Save Document Japan: Government adopts volcanic disaster evacuation bill, eyes caution zonesJapan News, the29 May 2015
Save Document How to build global coastal resilience: Past, present and future challengesDevex14 May 2015
Save Document Japan: Supercomputer reduces disaster riskNikkei12 May 2015
Save Document Japan: New technology to predict sediment disasters 40 minutes in advanceJapan News, the19 Apr 2015
Save Document World Vision: Young leaders in the makingWVI18 Apr 2015
Save Document G7 stresses climate risks to fragile statesRTCC16 Apr 2015
Save Document UNU: The Sendai framework and lessons from Fukushima - OpinionUNU10 Apr 2015
Save Document Japan: Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, public forum ‘Step forward for building disaster resilience in the Philippines: Emerging strategies for disaster risk reduction and financing’JICA, Japan - gov9 Apr 2015
Save Document Japan: Disaster the mother of emergency innovation, Sendai U.N. expo showsJapan Times Ltd., the8 Apr 2015
Save Document CBM: Importance of inclusive disaster risk reduction - InterviewCBM8 Apr 2015
Save Document Prevention pays: Japan’s private sector leads the wayUNISDR Hyogo; UNISDR AP7 Apr 2015
Save Document RMS commends Tokyo’s '50 percent initiative' for setting targets to reduce disaster casualtiesRMS7 Apr 2015
Save Document Japan: International journalists impressed by resilience of Tohoku disaster survivors (Part 2 of 2)JICA, Japan - gov6 Apr 2015
Save Document Japan: One of the world's leading supporters of ‘mainstreaming disaster risk reduction’ sending messages during the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk ReductionJICA, Japan - gov6 Apr 2015
Save Document Japan: Fukushima’s fish industry yet to recoverUNISDR Hyogo; UNISDR AP31 Mar 2015
Save Document Children and youth and disasters: Victims or 'agents of change'?Devex31 Mar 2015
Save Document 200th anniversary of Tambora eruption a reminder of volcanic perilsUC Berkeley31 Mar 2015
Save Document Royal Society: Systems integration of human, ecological systems and economics in taking action on disasters, development and climate change - OpinionRoyal Society31 Mar 2015
Save Document IIRR and Give2Asia affirm commitment to advance local disaster risk reduction actions in AsiaGive2Asia; IIRR30 Mar 2015
Save Document New US-Japan collaborations bring Big Data approaches to disaster responseNSF30 Mar 2015
Save Document Japan makes a start on sharing lessons from nuclear crisisTRF27 Mar 2015
Save Document Japan: WCDRR public forum drew crowdsUNISDR27 Mar 2015
Save Document Japan: Students think outside the bowl with designs for emergency toiletsJapan Times Ltd., the26 Mar 2015
Save Document Innovation helps Japan's tsunami-hit farmers bounce backTRF26 Mar 2015
Save Document APEC: Women lead way in disaster risk reduction in vulnerable Asia-Pacific - Press releaseAPEC25 Mar 2015
Save Document Philippines, Japan sign agreements on six official development assistance projectsDFA, Philippines - gov25 Mar 2015
Save Document IIED: Keep it simple - Helping local governments reduce the risk from the next disasterIIED25 Mar 2015

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