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Save Document Groundswell International selected as a Global Resilience Challenge winnerGroundswell Intl1 Oct 2015
Save Document What are the 3 keys to building real resilience to climate change?TRF17 Sep 2015
Save Document UNEP: Countries turn to ecosystems to reduce risk amid concerns over more disastersUNEP16 Mar 2015
Save Document Burkina Faso’s poorest farmers leading fight against climate change: New reportODI8 Oct 2014
Save Document Préparation et réponse aux catastrophes : Le Burkina s’assure de son dispositif14 Jul 2014
Save Document Lack of cash ‘foiling African disaster risk reduction’SciDevNet27 Feb 2014
Save Document West Africa hopes new hydropower dams will cut poverty, climate riskTRF17 Dec 2013
Save Document West Africa 'must take action to tackle water loss' - StudyTRF27 Aug 2013
Save Document West Africa: Latest Volta River Basin needs new water strategy - StudyTRF22 Jul 2013
Save Document Analysis: Short-term fixes - The bane of West African agricultureIRIN5 Jul 2013
Save Document Government ministers call for support to disaster-proof schools and hospitals at Global PlatformUNISDR22 May 2013
Save Document Helping nature help us: Conserve ecosystems, reduce the risk of disastersIUCN15 Jan 2013
Save Document Improving communication first step to enhance climate change adaptation in West AfricaCGIAR7 Jan 2013
Save Document Oroukia and the Red Cross create an oasis of hope in the SahelIFRC4 Oct 2012
Save Document UNISDR champion applauds African Union for decision on disaster insuranceUNISDR AF6 Aug 2012
Save Document Food: Price shock hotspotsIRIN6 Aug 2012
Save Document Sahel: Looming disaster that's hard to see - Australian Red CrossSMH18 Apr 2012
Save Document UNEP backs ecosystem-based approaches for disaster risk reduction ahead of Rio+20UNEP13 Apr 2012
Save Document Climate change: Farmers and forecastsIRIN2 Apr 2012
Save Document 'A new drumbeat in the Sahel' - Groundswell InternationalGroundswell Intl27 Mar 2012
Save Document CIDA launches the Canada Fund for African Climate ResilienceCIDA, Canada - gov13 Feb 2012
Save Document Sahel: Donors learning funding lessons - slowlyIRIN6 Feb 2012
Save Document Expert warns of food crisis in West and Central AfricaIOL3 Feb 2012
Save Document Strengthening Africans' ability to adapt to climate change: seven projects receive Canadian fundingCNW25 Nov 2011
Save Document Climate change: How rivers will behaveIRIN14 Nov 2011
Save Document Increased awareness of risk management boosts self relianceWMO12 Oct 2011
Save Document Seven low-income countries move towards climate resilienceWB1 Jul 2011
Save Document 42 million displaced by sudden natural hazards in 2010 - studyIDMC; NRC6 Jun 2011
Save Document Simple tools help a drying African region cope with climate changeDW5 Oct 2010
Save Document Africa: UN launches 'Making Cities Resilient' campaignUNISDR15 Sep 2010
Save Document Burkina Faso: AfDB soutient la lutte contre la pauvreté et les innondationsAfDB22 Jul 2010
Save Document West Africa: ECOWAS forum seeks disaster-free regionToday Newspaper23 Jun 2010
Save Document Burkina Faso: Farmers act on climate changeIRIN20 Jan 2010
Save Document Senegal and Burkina Faso: Building safer housesIFRC13 Oct 2009
Save Document Africa: Eyeing the wealth of the Guinea SavannahIRIN6 Jul 2009