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Save Document Uganda: Butaleja district warned against misuse of the early flood warning systemNew Vision, the25 Nov 2015
Save Document Uganda: JRC's early flood warning system triggers pre-disaster humanitarian actionJRC18 Nov 2015
Save Document Uganda: Field schools training farmers adapt to climate changeMonitor Publications Ltd, Nation Media Group11 Nov 2015
Save Document East Africa on alert for El Niño delugeTRF29 Oct 2015
Save Document Global Resilience Challenge unveils winning solutions to toughest development challengesRockefeller Fndn; USAID, United States of America - gov27 Sep 2015
Save Document Uganda: Beehives for a better life - UNDPUNDP23 Sep 2015
Save Document Uganda gets ready for El NiñoUNISDR AF18 Sep 2015
Save Document Tackling poverty and drought in UgandaUNISDR AF22 Jul 2015
Save Document Uganda: Harvesting water to build community resilience in Karamoja - WFPWFP10 Jul 2015
Save Document East Africa to boost risk governanceUNISDR AF26 Jun 2015
Save Document Uganda: Makerere embarks on disaster preparedness projectNew Vision, the16 Apr 2015
Save Document UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction: Panelists urge negotiators in Sendai to prominently address human mobility in the post-2015 FrameworkNansen Initiative, the16 Mar 2015
Save Document ITU: Saving lives through early warningITU1 Sep 2014
Save Document CDKN in conversation… with the global teamCDKN21 May 2014
Save Document The gender dimension to climate compatible development: VideoCDKN20 May 2014
Save Document Climate compatible development: Voices for changeCDKN13 May 2014
Save Document CDKN in conversation… with Dr. Revocatus Twinomuhangi, CDKN UgandaCDKN9 May 2014
Save Document The second drought resilience summit wraps up in KampalaIGAD27 Mar 2014
Save Document Getting to grips with the economics of climate change in UgandaCDKN24 Feb 2014
Save Document Uganda takes stock of new climate information serviceTRF6 Feb 2014
Save Document Climate change could crush East Africa’s agricultural economy – ReportRTCC23 Dec 2013
Save Document Climate change adaptation hit by funding droughtIRIN11 Nov 2013
Save Document Somebody call a plumber! Looking in the pipes of climate adaptation financeOxfam Intl6 Nov 2013
Save Document Uganda launches policy on disaster managementNew Vision, the18 Oct 2013
Save Document Uganda: Climate change centre opened at MakerereNew Vision, the6 Aug 2013
Save Document 'Uganda ill-prepared for a major earthquake'IRIN5 Jul 2013
Save Document Uganda: Activists want climate change budget increasedNew Vision, the4 Jun 2013
Save Document Government ministers call for support to disaster-proof schools and hospitals at Global PlatformUNISDR22 May 2013
Save Document Local communities plead for greater involvement in disaster risk reductionUN-DPI22 May 2013
Save Document Uganda: Regional disaster officers deployedNew Vision, the6 May 2013
Save Document Sierra Leone, Uganda and Mauritania poised to ramp up climate-resilient water sectors with $18.6 million from the Least Developed Countries FundAfDB5 Apr 2013
Save Document Ugandan communities plant trees to avert disasterBritish Red Cross19 Nov 2012
Save Document Women unsung heroines in rebuilding after disasterIPP15 Oct 2012
Save Document Primary school supports innovative approach to flood risk management in KampalaUN-HABITAT23 Aug 2012
Save Document UNISDR champion applauds African Union for decision on disaster insuranceUNISDR AF6 Aug 2012
Save Document Food: Price shock hotspotsIRIN6 Aug 2012
Save Document UNISDR appoints parliamentary champions for risk reductionUNISDR3 Jul 2012
Save Document Uganda: Learning lessons from lethal landslidesIRIN27 Jun 2012
Save Document Climate change: Cassava key to food security, say scientistsIRIN20 Jun 2012
Save Document East African Legislative Assembly speaker lays accent to disaster preparednessIPP10 Apr 2012
Save Document Uganda: IPU to mainstream disaster risk reductionUGPulse, Ultimate Media Consult4 Apr 2012
Save Document Horn of Africa: Drought warning prompts call for early actionIRIN29 Feb 2012
Save Document Uganda: British Red Cross Societies conduct assessment for disaster risk reduction interventionsUganda Red Cross Society20 Feb 2012
Save Document Climate conversations: Developing water-efficient maize for AfricaTRF23 Jan 2012
Save Document Uganda: 'Poor legislator-scientist relations to blame for drought'East African Business Week Ltd.8 Jan 2012
Save Document Climate change leaves Uganda on cliffhangerObserver, the4 Jan 2012
Save Document UNISDR and lawmakers agree on global advisory groupUNISDR21 Dec 2011
Save Document Uganda: Government warned of more disastersMonitor Publications Ltd, Nation Media Group19 Dec 2011
Save Document Strengthening impact of cities campaignUNISDR14 Dec 2011
Save Document From Cairo to the Cape, climate change begins to take hold of AfricaGuardian, the1 Dec 2011

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