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Disaster Risk Reduction Private Sector Partnerships (DRR-PSP)

Call for Action: Five Essentials

Five Essentials for Business in Disaster Risk Reduction

Signatories to the Call for Action commit to the efforts of disaster risk reduction and engage to make the world safe from disasters. The Statement and Call for Action is the foundation for Private Sector Partnerships and engages members to integrate five aspects of disaster risk reduction in their business by contributing to develop mechanisms for reducing the risk of disaster.

1. Promote and develop public-private partnerships for disaster risk reduction to analyze the root causes of continued non-resilient activity.

2. Leverage sectoral private sector expertise and strengths to advance disaster risk reduction and mitigation activities, including enhanced resilience and effective response.

3. Foster a collaborative exchange and dissemination of data: Share information on assessment, monitoring, prediction, forecasting and early warning purposes and action between the public and private sectors.

4. Support national and local risk assessments and socio-economic cost-benefit analyses and capacity-building, and demonstrate opportunities where resilience building and disaster risk reduction is a sound economic strategy, with attractive returns and competitive advantages.

5. Support the development and strengthening of national and local laws, regulations, policies and programmes that enhance disaster risk reduction and improve resilience.

Business and disaster risk reduction: good practices and case studies

This publication contains 14 good practices and case studies that have been compiled by the Private Sector Advisory Group of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR). Each of the 14 examples applies one or more of the five essentials for business in their pursuit of disaster risk reduction. It presents the various types of collaboration and cooperation, core to the all five essentials, that are positioned as critical in minimizing or potentially eliminating disasters as well as disasters' effects on people, property and ultimately, the health, economy and resilience of workers, communities, regions and nations.

This publication is an evolving document. The UNISDR-Private Sector Advisory Group will continue to expand the portfolio of good practices and case studies to give readers relevant concepts, practical guidance and inspiration to contribute to disaster risk reduction through core-business practice.

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