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Disaster Risk Reduction Private Sector Partnerships (DRR-PSP)

DRR-PSP is a global partnership between UNISDR and members of the private sector seeking to mobilize action to reduce the risk of disaster. The Workspace serves to host an interactive exchange among partners representing a breadth of key sectors including financial services, telecommunications, construction and materials, and support services. Members of the initiative work among four DRR-PSP Working Groups to leverage resources for key UNISDR activities.

PSP meeting

View DRR-PSP member profiles to find out what they're doing to reduce the risk of disaster.
Signatories to the Call for Action commit to the efforts of disaster risk reduction and engage to make the world safe from disasters.
Your participation will help highlight the crucial role of the private sector in bringing knowledge of risk anticipation, management and business initiatives in disaster mitigation and advance the mission of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.
The Private Sector Advisory Group (PSAG) to the UNISDR facilitates the needs of the wider private sector for Disaster Risk Reduction and serves as a bridging function between Private Sector and Public Sector which may lead to public/private partnerships to address critical issues and needs.

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  • Making Cities Resilient Campaign
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UNISDR and Public-Private Partners aim to reduce disaster risk and promote solutions for managing risk