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Note: This position is listed for reference purposes only. Applications for this position are no longer being accepted.

CLOSED: Consultant: support to UNDP climate change mitigation portfolio development and implementation in the Arab States region

Job description


Through its climate change mitigation portfolio UNDP provides technical assistance to countries in the Arab States Region in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable urban transport. The main goal of UNDP’s climate change mitigation efforts in the region is to help countries identify and realize most cost-effective greenhouse gas reduction opportunities while at the same time contributing to sustainable development and achievement of MDGs.

The portfolio is currently worth US$ 129M and is expected to grow further in response to heightened concerns over global climate change and national energy security in the Arab States. UNDP mitigation action is financed through multiple sources of funds, with the Global Environment Facility (GEF) being a major one.

Objective of the consultancy

Support UNDP Environment Finance Group (EFG) Regional Coordination Unit (RCU) for Arab States and UNDP Country Offices (COs) in developing and implementing a portfolio of UNDP climate change mitigation projects. Geographically, the consultancy will cover in priority Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Syria and Tunisia.

Duration of the consultancy

The total duration of the consultancy is approximately 50 days inclusive of travel in the period between March and July 2009 with a possibility of extension.

Duties and Responsibilities
Scope of work to be performed by the consultant

1. Project Identification and Development (75%)

- Under the supervision of UNDP Climate Change Mitigation Regional Technical Advisors, work with UNDP Country Offices, national and international partners to consolidate project proposals for entry to the UNDP and source of fund pipeline within the overall strategic priorities for the region identified by UNDP, the RCU and in line with the global strategic priorities articulated by the source of fund;

- Facilitate preparation, submission and approval of project proposals (PIFs and PPGs request) for project development financing in accordance with the latest GEF guidelines in particular:

- Promotion of Energy Efficiency in construction and buildings in Algeria and Syria;

- Promotion of Energy Efficiency Appliance Standards & Labels in Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and possibly Tunisia.

- Identify and source technical expertise and support to preparatory phases including assistance with the preparation of terms of references, identification and evaluation of experts and review of PPG reports;

- Identify opportunities for cofinancing UNDP-GEF projects either within the country or through bilateral, multilateral donors and the private sector.

2. Project Implementation Oversight and Support (25%)

- Facilitate the preparation of the inception phase of new UNDP/GEF projects (Morocco, Algeria, Egypt), typically preparation of inception workshops, provision of training for project teams on GEF logical framework, establishment of indicators, benchmarks and work plans;

- Support UNDP COs and project teams with the implementation of a portfolio of on-going energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, including monitoring, troubleshooting, advising on mid-term and (final) evaluations as applicable, identification of technical expertise and provision of technical advice where needed.

- Provide technical support to country offices and the regional coordination unit in relation to climate change mitigation policy, programming and implementation.

3. Missions

A tentative mission schedule has been developed as follows; the consultant shall be responsible for own travel arrangement in accordance with UNDP rules and regulations and will be reimbursed for travel according to these rules and regulations.

- Syria - approximately 4 days - Support to completion of PPG & CEO endorsement submission

- Algeria - approximately 6 days - Completing submissions and attending MN meetings

- Egypt - approximately 4 days - Meeting CO and support to preparation of new submissions

- Morocco - approximately 8 days - Completion of submissions to GEF and support to Territorial approach

Output of the consultancy

Project Identification and Development

- Finalize and submit 2 GEF PIFs for Algeria (one $4.3M on energy efficiency buildings, the second one $2M on appliance energy efficiency Standards & Labels)

- Finalize and submit 2 GEF PIFs in Morocco ($2.5 M on Appliance & Lighting energy efficiency Standards & Labels, $2M on Sustainable Urban Transport)

- Oversee and supervise the preparation phase for a full size project in Egypt ($4.5 M on Improving the energy efficiency of lighting and building appliances)

- Oversee and supervise the preparation phase for a full size project in Syria ($3.5 M on Energy Efficient Building Codes)

Project Implementation Oversight and Support

- Support the initiation and technically backstop two full size projects in Egypt (Biomass and Sustainable Transport)

- Support the conclusion of negotiations with the government for the Tunisia “Private sector Led Development of On-grid Wind Power in Tunisia”

- Ensure the implementation of pre-evaluation recommendations for Egypt Energy Efficiency and Lebanon LCECP and initiate their final evaluations.

- Ensure the operational and financial closure of Tunisia Energy Efficiency in Building and Morocco Solar Water Heaters.

Terms and conditions for the provision of the consultancy services

- The consultant will liaise with the UNDP Regional Technical Climate Change Advisor (RTA) based in Dakar, with UNDP/GEF Regional Team Leader (RTL) for the Arab States based in Bratislava, and the UNDP Energy and Environment Programme Officer (PO) in respective country offices and will coordinate the exact timing of his/her activities with them in the beginning of the assignment.

- The consultant will adhere strictly to all deadlines agreed upon with the RTA and RTL upon commencement of the assignment.

- The consultant will be available for travel to the priority countries as needed to support the development and implementation of the portfolio.

- The consultant shall conduct him/herself in a professional and ethical manner, and will ensure that none of his/her actions have an adverse effect on UNDP.

Payment terms for the consultancy

- The consultant shall be paid in three tranches according to the following schedule

  First payment: upon completion and agreement on a three-months workplan: 20%
  Second payment: upon delivery of initial outputs agreed in the workplan
  Third payment: upon final and timely delivery of agreed outputs in the workplan

- In addition, the consultant shall be reimbursed for travel in accordance with UNDP rules and regulation; additional travel not foreseen in the present TORs will be arranged for and paid for by the RCU for Arab States.

Required Skills and Experience
Qualifications required

- Extensive practical experience with GEF projects in the area of energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable transport (design, monitoring and evaluation, implementation);

- Prior experience with Arab States and in Mediterranean countries;

- He/she should have excellent English speaking and drafting skills;

- He/she should have excellent communication skills in French and if possible in Arabic;

- The Consultant should have great analytical skills and must have substantial working experience in climate change mitigation interventions and preferably GEF experience.

Contract type

50 days between April and July 2009.

Additional information



  • Themes:Climate Change
  • Countries/Regions:Africa, Asia, Slovakia

  • Short URL:http://preventionweb.net/go/8690

Note: This position is listed for reference purposes only. Applications for this position are no longer being accepted.

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