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Arab Towns Organization (ATO)

Organization Profile


ATO is an Arab apolitical, non-religious and non-governmental regional organization. It was founded in the city of Kuwait on March 15th, 1976, and is specialized in the affairs of towns and municipalities. Main goals are the preservation of the identity of the Arab city, the reinforcement of the Arab local authorities and encourage decentralization by raising the level of municipal services and utilities in Arab cities. ATO fosters cooperation and exchange of expertise between Arab cities by the adoption of a comprehensive plan to guide the activities and services a city needs on the basis of their economic, social, cultural and environmental. ATO’s aspiration is to achieve sustainable development in the Arab cities, sustainable development and modernization of municipal and local institutions and to promote the development and standardization of legislation and municipal systems. ATO helps municipalities member cities to achieve development projects by extending soft loans.

Making Cities Resilient Campaign Activities

ATO contributed to the launch of the campaign during its General Assembly, 3-5 October 2010. ATO promotes the “Making Cities Resilient” campaign in the Arab region.

General contact information

  • URL: http://www.ato.net
  • Address: P.O. Box 68160
  • Postal Code: 71962
  • City: Kaifan
  • Country: Kuwait
  • Fax: +965 4849705/6/8, +965 24849319
  • Head of the organization: Abdulaziz Yousef Al-Adsani

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Last updated on 13 Sep 2013

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