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Pompiers de l’Urgence Internationale (PUI)

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"Close to You ... and the world ..."
Firefighter Emergency International (PUI) is a French humanitarian organization that works to bring relief and assistance to countries affected by natural disasters or humanitarian. Professionals or volunteers, the firefighters decided to volunteer their experience and expertise to serve populations in need.

Disaster Reduction Goal

International experience gained by the International Emergency Firefighters in the field of emergency allows us to offer an innovative program in the field of education for disaster reduction with the earthquake simulator.

Objective: To introduce new behaviors to seismic risk by setting individual situation.

Simulation and Education:
- Educate people and especially children to the effects and sensations felt during an earthquake.
- Raise awareness of the strength of the quake.
- Facilitate the preventive approach.
- Develop appropriate behavior (reflexes of survival and emergency rescue elementary gestures).
- Present the origin of natural phenomena.
- Educate stakeholders relief.

- The earthquake simulator.
- A training module.

- Information / animation school on the topic of seismic risk and tsunami.
- Passage of each student's calculator.
- Survey before and after the simulation experience of the school.
- Projection multimedia plasma screen or 3D glasses.
- Programming of new seismic sequences.

- Schools.
- Public places and private.
- Administrations.

Interests of the simulator for sequences of prevention:
- Transition of children in schools: a rate of 150 children / day (theoretical + simulation).
- Automatic sequences reprogrammable will according to the seismic events or manual demonstration.
- Projections multimedia spectacles on screen with support for teaching schoolchildren.
- An evolving concept, interactive.
- Educational module, complementing the formal education on natural phenomena.
- Easy transportation, food outlet on classic.
- Use simple, friendly, low maintenance cost.

Policies and Programmes in DRR

Sismo the tour is a traveling exhibition for public awareness of the risks associated with earthquakes and tsunamis, education for prevention. It may be supplemented by presenting information about public policy (Plan Earthquake, etc.). Sismo The tower is designed to raise awareness of the risks, understand the phenomenon earthquakes and tsunamis, to induce appropriate behavior and presents solutions to reduce vulnérabilité.Il informed on new regulatory measures in seismic Sismo The tower consists of several modules that help to develop a guided tour diversified

• An exhibition from the Palace of Discovery Living with Risk, earthquakes tsunamis (conducted with the support of ADEME ANDRA CEA, CSEM, the General Council of Martinique, the FFSA Foundation Orange GEMA and MESD) built around testimony rescue customizable, expert, people who experienced an earthquake or a tsunami and the presentation of experiences of prevention, with a quiz to test their behavior and reflexes.

• experimentation with interactive exhibits designed by the Palace of discovery to understand the basic mechanisms of earthquakes.

• discovery of a network of measuring and recording earthquake with a seismometer and a briefcase of animation developed by the network "Sismos to school."

• The simulation of earthquakes on a vibrating platform (for one) designed by the Firemen's international emergency.

Sismo The tower will be accompanied and facilitated by professional risks: Fire of international emergency.

Disaster Risk Reduction Focal Point(s)

Philippe BESSON
mobile phone : +33612224854



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Last updated on 21 Mar 2011

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