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Regional Policy, Plans & Statements

Total number of documents: 13
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Pacific community strategic plan 2016-2020SPC 2016
Save Document Framework for resilient development in the Pacific: An integrated approach to address climate change and disaster risk managementSPC 2016
Save Document Pacific Platform for Disaster Risk Management 2016: Outcome StatementUNISDR AP 2016
Save Document The seventh Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM7) leaders’ declaration: Fukushima Iwaki declaration - building prosperous future togetherPacific Islands Forum Sec 2015
Save Document 22nd annual meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum: resolution APPF22/RES15 - disaster risk reductionAPPF 2014
Save Document Bangkok declaration on disaster risk reduction in Asia and the Pacific 2014Thailand - gov; UNISDR AP 2014
Save Document 6th Asian Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction: Statement of voluntary commitments of mayors and local governmentsUNISDR AP 2014
Save Document 6th Asian Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction: Parliamentarians' statementUNISDR AP 2014
Save Document Strategy for Climate and Disaster Resilient Development in the Pacific (SRDP)SPC 2014
Save Document Statement of the joint meeting of the Pacific platform for disaster risk management & the Pacific climate change roundtableAmerican Samoa - gov, United States of America - gov; Cook Islands - government; Fiji - gov; French Polynesia, France - gov; Guam - gov, United States of America - gov; Kiribati - gov; Marshall Islands - gov; FSM; Nauru - gov; New Caledonia - gov, France - gov; Niue - gov; Palau - gov.; Papua New Guinea - gov; Samoa - gov; Solomon Islands - gov; Tonga - gov; Tuvalu - gov; Vanuatu - Gov; Wallis and Futuna - gov, France - gov 2013
Save Document Forty-first Pacific Islands forum communiquéPacific Islands Forum Sec 2010
Save Document The APEC Leaders' growth strategyAPEC 2010
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and disaster management: a framework for action 2005–2015 - An investment for sustainable development in the Pacific Island countriesSPC 2005