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Save Document Amadora Making Cities Resilient CampaignCâmara Municipal da Amadora, Portugal - gov2017
Save Document India: Beat the heatCDKN2017
Save Document Global Green and National Grid create Climate Resilient Disaster Preparedness Hubs in New YorkGCI2017
Save Document Aromar Revi: Cities can save us - TEDxPlaceDesNationsTED2014
Save Document Margareta Wahlstrom in Cairns to talk about disaster resilience and risk reductionABC; UNISDR2010
Save Document Power and poverty in disaster-prone urban contextsCA2013
Save Document Construir en zonas de riesgo es una bomba de tiempoUNISDR AM2013
Save Document Urban Dreams, urban realities; 10 Recommendations for a safer Agra, IndiaCURE; Cities Alliance2013
Save Document Making Cities Resilient: Getting construction professionals involved - WebinarsCIB; UNISDR2012
Save Document Thematic debate on disaster risk reductionUNGA; UNISDR NY2012
Save Document Haiti, 2 ans aprèsCRF2012
Save Document Counting disaster: Who's dying where?BBC2011
Save Document From risk to resilience - UNISDR's international day for disaster reduction 2011SEEDS2011
Save Document Safer schools campaignAIDMI2011
Save Document Maldives strategic national action plan for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptationUNISDR AP2009
Save Document Briefing on 'UNISDR - Mid-term review of the HFA and preparations for the third session of the Global Platform for DRR'UN2011
Save Document BBC interviews Margareta Wahlström on disaster reductionBBC2011
Save Document Gestión de riesgos en vivienda, urbanismo y saneamientoPGT, Peru - gov2010
Save Document BBC World Debate: ‘Prevent or React’BBC2009
Save Document ProVention Consortium YouTube channelProVention Consortium
Save Document UNISDR YouTube channelUNISDR2007
Save Document 2007 Disasters in numbersCRED; UNISDR2008