NASA Goddard Space Center CC BY 2.0 https://www.flickr.com/photos/gsfc/4976450597

Water wars? Think again: Conflict over freshwater structural rather than strategic


One of the principal ways to build resilience and adaption is to forge partnerships among various groups and interested actors. Not only does it promote responsible water management, it also leads to interactions that highlight the shared risks communities face from degraded water quality and diminishing water quantity...

  • Australia: How building codes save homes from cyclones, and how they don't

    Brisbane Times

    1985 was the year that building regulations changed to require new houses in cyclone-prone areas to be able to withstand higher winds. But how were these regulations determined, what do they mean for modern homes, and why do regulators always seem to wait until after a severe storm before updating the codes?...

  • Canadian cities top climate resiliency ranking


    'There's no perfect city, and they all have threats,' said Richard Barkham, global research director of Grosvenor, a real estate investment group, 'but I think there's a really enlightened approach to urban planning that you see in Canada,' A new report published by Grosvenor ranks cities' resiliency to climate change...

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