Photo by Flickr user USAID Kenya CC BY-NC 2.0 https://flic.kr/p/akD8LA

As droughts worsen, Kenyan herders revive ancient grazing system


Arid Isiolo County is battling increasingly frequent and longer droughts, which can wipe out communities' entire herds. That poses serious challenges for a region where pastoralism is the main source of income. But loss of livestock among the Borana is now being reduced, thanks to the reintroduction of a centuries old but abandoned traditional grazing management system.

  • Holland is relocating homes to make more room for high water


    Dikes once protected an area near Nijmegen from flooding, but under a new policy for managing rising water levels due to climate change, the dikes have been moved back to allow a branch of the Rhine River to broaden out into its historic floodplain. The "room for the river" policy is meant to allow flooding in some areas in order to prevent worse flooding elsewhere.

  • India: Gurgaon to get NCR's first quake warning system

    Times of India, the

    An earthquake early warning system, designed to detect seismic waves and blare a warning precious seconds before the temblor strikes, will be installed in Gurgaon next week, making it the first city in NCR to be equipped with such a device. But it will take some more time for it to act as a public warning system because the government is yet to procure public alarms.

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