Photo by UNISDR Dr. Ahmad Sadeghi Dr. Ahmad Sadeghi, the head of the Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization presenting the head of UNISDR, Ms. Margareta Wahlstrom, with a copy of the Sendai Framework translated into Farsi.

Iran acts on Sendai Framework


Implementation of the Sendai Framework received another boost this week with the announcement in Tehran that the text has now been translated into Farsi, a language used by some 100 million people in Iran and neighbouring countries. The head of UNISDR, Margareta Wahlström, said: 'Iran’s example is one that I hope will be emulated by many other countries'...

  • At UN, Canada urges focus on financing for climate change mitigation, adaptation


    Speaking on the issue of climate change, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Daniel Jean said 'For Canada, an effective UNFCCC agreement must address both mitigation and adaption.' He noted that financing would be key, with Canada having pledged $300 million to the Green Climate Fund, in addition to $1.2 billion which has supported climate related projects in over 70 developing counties...

  • Nature thrives in Chernobyl, site of worst nuclear disaster


    'When humans are removed, nature flourishes - even in the wake of the world's worst nuclear accident,' said Jim Smith, a specialist in earth and environmental sciences at Britain's University of Portsmouth. 'It's very likely that wildlife numbers at Chernobyl are now much higher than they were before the accident'...

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