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What is the ISDR Partnership?

ISDR is a system of partnerships.
These partnerships are composed of a broad range of actors, all of which have essential roles to play in supporting nations and communities to reduce disaster risk.

These partners include governments, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, international financial institutions, scientific and technical bodies and specialized networks as well as civil society and the private sector.

A secretariat - the UNISDR Secretariat - supports and assists the ISDR System in implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action.

Purpose of the ISDR Partnership

The overall objective of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction( ISDR) partnership is to generate and support a global disaster risk reduction movement to reduce risk to disasters and to build "a culture of prevention" in society as part of sustainable development.

In pursuit of this objective, the ISDR Partnership supports nations and communities to implement the Hyogo Framework for Action through widened participation of Governments and organizations in the ISDR; raising the profile of disaster reduction in the priorities and programmes of organizations; and building a stronger, more systematic and coherent international effort to support national disaster reduction efforts.

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