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Regional HFA Monitor 2013-2015


The ‘Regional HFA monitor’ is an online tool to capture the information on the status and progress in disaster risk reduction efforts from a regional or sub-regional perspective. The main rationale behind the (sub-)regional HFA review process is to enhance the understanding of the trans-boundary issues of disaster risk and risk reduction; and inform the (sub-)regional planning and programming process on gaps and challenges in disaster risk reduction efforts.

The (sub-)regional review process is focusing on analysis of disaster risks and progress in risk reduction efforts from a (sub-)regional, trans-boundary perspective supported by the a synthesis of status and progress of HFA implementation at the national level; providing an account of projects and initiatives carried out by (sub-)regional organizations; and identifying gaps and challenges in HFA implementation from a sub/regional perspective.

Regional reporting begins online 14 March 2014

The tool has been designed by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR). Inputs to the regional HFA monitor will lead to the generation of comprehensive 'Regional HFA Progress Reviews' for the period 2013-2015.

Stakeholder accessibility

The Regional HFA Monitoring tool is accessible to designated focal points in the regional or sub-regional inter-governmental organizations. The designated focal points are assigned a User id and password to initiate the progress review process for 2013-2015. (Sub-)regional inter-governmental organizations are encouraged to involve multiple organizations within the region in the monitoring and review process.

Sample template

When working online is inconvenient, you may download the Microsoft Word ‘Regional HFA Monitor’ sample template attached below.

The sample template replicates, to the extent possible, the online Regional HFA Monitor tool. Please download it and familiarize yourself with the requirements in advance of accessing the Regional HFA Monitor online tool.

The regional focal points are encouraged to use this as a working format to undertake Regional multi-stakeholder consultation processes to review progress and challenges in the implementation of risk reduction and recovery actions. The template will help the regional coordinating authority to discuss and record inputs from various partners in a systematic manner.

The Regional HFA Monitor templates will be available to download from PreventionWeb in English.

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HFA Monitor Template

Regional, national and local reports on the progress of the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action.