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Local HFA Self-Assessment Tool
Second cycle


The ‘Local HFA: Local Government Self-Assessment Tool’ is an online tool developed by UNISDR and its partners to assist local governments to assess their progress in building resilience to disaster. It is part of a series of tools for measuring the progress of nations and communities towards meeting the objectives of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA), which is the world’s universally-accepted guide for reducing disaster risk.

The Local HFA is an important element of UNISDR’s work with local governments. In 2010, UNISDR and its partner organizations launched the global campaign Making Cities Resilient – "My City is Getting Ready!" The objectives of the campaign are to increase understanding and encourage commitment by local and national governments to make disaster risk reduction and resilience a policy priority and to bring the global Hyogo Framework closer to local needs.

At the end of each assessment, local governments will have enough information to:

  • Map and understand existing gaps and challenges in disaster risk reduction in their locality.
  • Enhance understanding among stakeholders in the local community on disaster risk reduction.
  • Set a baseline and develop a status report on their progress in fulfilling the Ten Essentials for making cities disaster resilient, in the context of the Making Cities Resilient campaign.
  • Benefit from interactions with their national government in cases where the national government has undergone a similar review using the National HFA Monitor.

The online system and template were developed by UNISDR, in consultation with partner organizations and local and national government representatives. The system enables:

  • Specific searches and analyses of local government reports that have been made public; and
  • Customized search and analysis of all public domain material that accompanies these reports, including legal documents, studies, reports and weblinks.

All designated focal points are assigned a login name and password by UNISDR to access the Local HFA Tool.

Recommended steps for the review process

The Local HFA calls for a self-assessment involving multiple stakeholders. For additional guidance on how to conduct a multi-stakeholder self-assessment, please refer to UNISDR’s Practical Guide to Local Self-Assessment in Disaster Risk Reduction and UNISDR’s Guidance on Stakeholder Consultations.

Phase I is focused on addressing the 41 Key Questions listed in the Local HFA Tool through stakeholder consultations and compiling the data into a draft report. Phase II is centred on giving participating stakeholders an opportunity to review draft reports and holding follow-up consultations where needed. Phase III is geared towards obtaining a decision from a competent authority to make the report ‘final’ and making the report public.

Phase I: Preparation
Step 1: Identify stakeholders for the self-assessment process.
Step 2: With stakeholders, agree on a completion date for the process.
Step 3: Convene stakeholder dialogues.
Step 4: Record the findings of stakeholder dialogues.
Step 5: Enter findings from stakeholder dialogues in your Local HFA page.

Phase II: Review information and validate
Step 6: Create a ‘Preview Report’ based on findings from Phase I.
Step 7: Share ‘Preview Report’ with stakeholders and ask for feedback.
Step 8: Review feedback from stakeholders, if any, and revise report accordingly.
Step 9: Enter revisions in your Local HFA page.
Step 10: Repeat last two steps as needed until report is complete.

Phase III: Finalize and make report public
Step 11: Obtain endorsement for report from competent authority
Step 12: Make the report public by clicking ‘Submit’

Offline Reporting Form

The offline reporting form replicates the online Local HFA. You may download it at any time to familiarize yourself with the 41 Key Questions. You may find the offline form useful when you conduct multistakeholder dialogues.

The offline Local HFA Tool is currently available in the following languages.


The FIRST CYCLE of the Local HFA began in March 2012, allowing any registered local government to start the self-assessment. Assessments by local governments completed by April 30, 2013 will be considered, upon discretion of their national governments, for inclusion in their country’s National HFA Report for the biennium 2011-2013. All assessments completed by April 30, 2013 are public.

The SECOND CYCLE of the Local HFA is currently in progress. It began in May 2013 and will close on 19 December 2014.

Key Documents

Further Guidance and Contacts

For further guidance and queries on the Local HFA self-assessment and online tool, please contact the UNISDR regional office nearest you:

We hope the Local HFA Tool will be of assistance to your mission in making cities resilient!

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