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Hyogo Framework

In January 2005, 168 Governments adopted a 10-year plan to make the world safer from natural hazards at the World Conference on Disaster Reduction, held in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan.

The Hyogo Framework is a global blueprint for disaster risk reduction efforts during the next decade. Its goal is to substantially reduce disaster losses by 2015 - in lives, and in the social, economic, and environmental assets of communities and countries.

The Hyogo Framework offers guiding principles, priorities for action, and practical means for achieving disaster resilience for vulnerable communities.

HFA progress reports assess national strategic priorities in the implementation of disaster risk reduction actions and establishes baselines on levels of progress achieved in implementing the HFA's five priorities for action.
The Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) Monitoring and Progress Review process facilitates monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the implementation of disaster risk reduction measures at the national, regional and global levels.
Follow the development of the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction.
The Report provides hard-hitting evidence to demonstrate how, where and why disaster risk is increasing globally and presents key findings from a global analysis of disaster risk patterns and trends, including where high mortality and economic loss is concentrated.
With disaster risk increasing globally due to increasing vulnerability to natural hazards, it has become obvious that the SDGs will require a risk-sensitive approach to ensure their accelerated achievement and sustainability
The main forum for continued and concerted emphasis on disaster reduction, providing strategic guidance and coherence for implementing the Hyogo Framework, and for sharing experiences and expertise among all its stakeholders
A nationally owned and nationally led forum or committee for advocacy, coordination, analysis and advice on disaster risk reduction
Regional platforms are multi-stakeholder forums that reflect the commitment of governments to improve coordination and implementation of disaster risk reduction activities while linking to international and national efforts.
Including guidelines for implementing the Hyogo Framework, reporting on the progress of HFA implementation, establishing and strengthening National Platforms, and others

A contribution towards the development of policy indicators for the post-2015 framework on disaster risk reduction 

Integrating disaster risk reduction (DRR) into the Common Country Assessment (CCA) and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF)

A global blueprint for disaster risk reduction efforts with a ten-year plan, adoped in January 2005 by 168 governments at the World Conference on Disaster Reduction