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Wild Fire

An unplanned, unwanted wildland fire including unauthorized human-caused fires, escaped wildland fire use events, escaped prescribed fire projects, and all other wildland fires where the objective is to put the fire out. source: GFMC

Dousing the flames: The new normal - People who overcome trauma following a disaster don’t always return to ‘normal’ and that can be a good thing - Opinion

27 Jan 2016, Univ of Melbourne

Recovering from a traumatic event for some can mean finding a new appreciation of life – for others it is a slow process fraught with negativity. 'Having more close emotional ties is generally related to better mental health and personal wellbeing several years after a disaster. Involvement in local community groups and organisations is also associated with more positive outcomes,' says Associate Professor Gibbs, from the Centre of Health Equity, one of the chief investigators on the Beyond Bushfires project..,

Number of wild-fire occured (reported)

Source of data: OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database

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