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Epidemic & Pandemic

A disease affecting or tending to affect a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time. A pandemic covers a wider geographical area than an epidemic. An epidemic is specific to one city, region or country, while a pandemic goes much further than national borders. The social disruption, economic loss, and general hardship caused by a pandemic are higher. sources: GLIDE, Medical News Today

Pakistan predicts dengue cases with helpline data

12 Jul 2016, SciDevNet

Phone calls to a health helpline are being used to forecast dengue fever outbreaks up to three weeks in advance in Lahore, capital of Pakistan’s Punjab province. Previous methods predicted infectious diseases but rarely utilized front-end ways to access the predictions. Since the helpline was first set up dengue cases have dropped from 21,000 in 2011 to under 500 a year.

Number of epidemic occured (reported)

Source of data: OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database

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