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Cold Wave

Marked cooling of the air, or the invasion of very warm air, over a large area. It is an extended period of above normal cold temperatures, a drop of atmospheric average temperature well above the averages of a region, with effects on human populations, crops, properties and services. sources: GLIDE; WMO

Hard-hit herders move to reduce their disaster risk

8 Jan 2014, UNISDR AF

Herders whose livestock was devastated by a cyclone are taking steps to reduce their vulnerability and exposure to future disasters - some by finding areas that afford better protection from extreme weather events for themselves and their livestock. In a video interview, one herder told ICRC: 'After the floods we needed a clean place with more trees. The ground here is higher and harder. We chose higher ground for fear of more rain and floods.'..

Number of cold-wave occured (reported)

Source of data: OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database

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